Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surgery update

Just going to post this real quick. Not sure I should be on yet.

I got home yesterday about 4:30 p.m. so from the time I arrived at the hospital until arriving back home again was about 7 hours. I was 1/2 hr. early getting there, was admitted, prep was done 1/2 ahead of schedule, so then I had to wait about 1/2 hr. from doc.

Anesthesiologist talked to me about anesthesia. I mentioned anesthesia and extreme nausea ran in my family and it was an issue, but he said it was common and wasn't too concerned. He said they'd put a tube down my throat and the only way I would know would be a bit of a raspy throat. Maybe it wasn't that easy, however. I have a small bit of a fat top lip (not really visible except to me, but I can feel it) and my bottom lip feels like I bit it or something.

I was told by hubby that surgery went well, though he's always way to sketchy on details. It's like pulling teeth. Ugh!!! When I came to in recovery, it wasn't long before I felt some really bad abdominal pain. The nurse seemed a bit surprised because the pains were lower, not where the surgery was. She gave me morphine in my iv, but ended up giving a little more because it was still bad. It took the edge off most of it. It was still there a little, but mostly gone when I left. At any rate, I managed to get my gown off, and asked for the kidney basin. I missed with part of it, so I had to be cleaned up. Then I gingerly got dressed. On the way out I tried to go to the bathroom, and just ended up filling the little kidney basin twice.

I did make it home, to find out my name wasn't on the pain med prescription, and they couldn't call it in, so hubby took me home and then went back to the hospital.

As it turned out, I took it one more time, had lots of nausea and finally when the meds wore off I decided it was tolerable pain (mainly if I move) and the nausea was worse. I took one more nausea pill, waited a bit and had something to eat. I have managed to keep all food down. This afternoon, I am quite groggy, but o.k. I feel like someone kicked my sides in rather like some tv detective that gets to close and gets the stuffings kicked out of him. LOL But it's mostly when I move, especially turning to the sides. In fact, I need to get off here because I don't think typing is helping!

Anyway, I've been on here to long. I am doing well, just recovering. Thanks to those who prayed for me! I appreciate it greatly!!


Allison said...

Glad you survived it...welcome to the club :)

AJ said...

hey darlin! :) stopping by & just now seeing you had surgery. praying for a swift & peaceful recovery for you...you'll be back to your concert adventures soon i'm sure! hugs :)