Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A farewell of sorts... so long gallbladder

At 1:45 p.m., I had an appointment with the surgeon. We were discuss the fate of my gallbladder. The verdict was that I have a gallstone (a 2 cm gallstone, to be exact, which I was told was a rather large stone - as well as the fact that even though it's the only one on the ultrasound, it could have "friends") and there were three treatment options given to me. The first is to basically wait it out with a pretty good chance of it recurring within 2 years, or to try to break it up with medication, and most of the time surgery ends up being necessary down the road, and the third option is to remove it (with is not without possible side effects.) I opted for removal. I figure surgery is better now than later, and since the gallstone incident on December 26, I've been queasy off and on. I've also cut out all but a really, really small amount of fat and while I need to cut my fat intake, it's ridiculously low right now. Anyway, I did ask for a copy of my blood work info. from the hospital, and when he saw that my white blood cell count was 13.5 (ref. 3.6-10.6), and he said he probably would have kept me. He was on call that day, so if I had seen him I probably would have been admitted.

Anyway, I was concerned about having to go back to work soon, and having to wait a long time to get into have the surgery done, but I am able to have it done this Monday!!! It's a relief that I don't have to wait too long.

So, come Monday, my gallbladder will be history. Prayers welcome. :)

Peace out,


Anonymous said...

Good luck. Hope everything goes smoothly. Keep in touch. I'll say my prayers.

Allison said...

Let me tell you, that I bid mine farewell with a smile :) I have not had ANY pain or other issues I was having when it was in...Good luck Monday! It really is a quick, easy procedure and my scars are nearly invisible already!

I'll be praying!