Monday, January 28, 2008

Love Many, Trust Few?

I was on myspace a night or two ago and someone had the following posted:

Love Many
Trust Few

My first instinct was to believe that this was a wonderful citation, and one with much truth in it; and in fact, it is the reality of this world we live in. We are forced to love within the constraints of reality at times. :(

On the other hand another question came to my mind -
how can you love completely and freely without trust?

I am pretty much a person that tries her best to trust until given a reason to do otherwise. Once that trust is violated, it is a bit of a road to earn it back. Given the sinful nature of man, and the real world, I suppose that is how it has to be for this day, but it's really sad.

How much more easily and freely we could love if we could trust. How much more unhindered would love be if we could live without cynicism.

And while I was pondering the implications of this and thinking about what it means to truly love, it also struck me that fear hinders our ability to love freely as well. I suppose the distrust that we have has some basis in fear (real or imagined)
and fear hinders love. Perhaps that is why perfect love casts out fear. The two have a difficult time co-existing. With perfect love (the kind only that God gives or inspires) fear must be cast out or love will be swallowed up by it. To be without fear, one cannot be self-centered or motivated. Fear has, at it's root, concern for one's own self. Love that would be perfect would be without fear which makes one free to just love without reservation.

That is the sort of love I long to experience. It is the love I hope that others can experience as well.

God's blessings,

Note: Hopefully, I didn't go in too many circles there. Lord help me to be free to just love you, and through you love others without fear.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Now I'm part of the entertainment

I'm sitting here trying to think of a way to give you a window into the time since I last posted a blog without writing yet another mini novel. I don't suppose it is any accident that the two vocabulary words that really stuck with me from high school were garrulous and loquacious. See, I'm already getting long-winded!

Friday the 18th, I headed out to Kilby Court to see We Shot the Moon. If you are not familiar with them, it is Jonathan Jones of Waking Ashland's band. The recorded version of the band includes Joe and Dan of Sherwood. If you are totally lost at this point, I can only suggest checking out myspace. Kilby Court is a small venue reminiscient of a large garage. I guess there is new ownership and they recently upgraded the sound. Let me tell you, it was the best thing anyone has done for shows here in a while. The sound was amazing. No struggling to make out words because of bad or distorted vocals. I don't know if I would have known the great sound was in part due to an upgrade, except Jonathan mentioned it. Let's just say that I had a great time at the show and the music was fantastic. I got to talk to everyone, since it's pretty difficult to avoid artists at Kilby, and enjoyed that as well. The show on Friday was an early show starting at 5:30 p.m. and ending by 8 p.m. Then there was a second concert. The downside to this was that there was no hanging out by the fire making s'mores. :(

Saturday, I made the drive to Sandy to the Solid Ground Cafe to see Brighten with Number One Gun, Sever Your Ties, S.A.W. and Larusso. Shortly after I arrived one of the bands got out of their van and had a snowball fight. I captured a great shot of one of them in the act, but unfortunately I didn't give the camera enough time to focus (in which case there would have been no pic. That was a bummer. Once the show started, all of the bands played well, although Sever Your Ties was too screamy for me for the most part. I have to say they have one of the better stage presentations, though and they were really fun to watch. I met and talked to the lead singer, Justin, after the show and he is just such a nice, fun person! Brighten was outstanding, as they were last time I saw them at the same venue. I was able to chat with Justin a bit (yea, too many Justin's - it gets confusing sometimes) and got a few good photos to show for it. After the show I bought a tee from Brighten, an ep from Larusso along with a stretchy shirt with hood. I wore it the next day and got several compliments. I also bought a cd from Number One Gun. In other words, I overspent. LOL It was a long drive home, but I had a good time.

Monday, I went to yet another concert to see Sound the Alarm open for Finch. The first band that played, Mury wasn't too bad. Their second song song was a little rough with the vocals at the beginning, but everything else had a pretty good sound.
Second, the band I came to see, Sound the Alarm played and put on a great show. I think they impressed some Finch fans that had never heard them before. After STA, some band played for an excruciatingly long time. Their music had no clear melody and one song droned into another. It was painful. I'll die if they read this, as I usually try to find good things to say, but seriously, I just wanted their set to end. I wish I could say I was alone in this feeeling, but I wasn't. Then Finch played. I have to say I liked the first two songs, but then they got screamy. SO, I went to the back to talk to STA and buy merch (a tee.) I watched Finch from the back. I did like the last song they played. IT wasn't screamy. LOL I didn't get a lot of great pics since the lighting wasn't exactly the best (story of the week), but I do think I have a few. Thanks to Savannah, I have a pic with the STA guys. The biggest downside, was dropping one of my 50mm lenses solidly on the cement flooring and breaking it in two. Not a happy moment. It isn't an overly expensive lens, and I have a back up, but I don't think the back up is quite as sharp for some reason. C'est la vie!

Tuesday I had just got a few things done, tried to work on some photos, and I got my hair cut. :)

The last night, Wed., the 23rd, I went to lunch with my husband and to the paint ball gun store (or whatever you call it) to get him something for his birthday. Yea, I ditched him on his birthday to go see Melee. It's o.k. He didn't seem to mind at all. He had a nice quiet time to work on his new toy! LOL Usually he is asleep pretty early anyway. I was supposed to have a meet & greet, which was funny since Kilby is so small. So, I headed for SLC and arrived at Kilby Court at about 4:05 p.m. As I am pulling into the alley, a white van was pulling out, and I thought I saw Ryan driving. I pulled over to let them drive by and saw Ricky in the passenger seat. He waved at me and I waved back. (Later I was told they were on their way to a radio interview.) When they finally arrived back at the venue, I saw Chris and gave him the C.S. Lewis book I had for him. He loved it. :) Then I talked to Chris for a while until I saw Mike by the fire pit (yes, Kilby has a fire pit) and took him some Pirate's Booty. He was pretty excited about it. That made my night. I didn't get much of a chance to see Ricky before the show and I didn't really talk to Ryan until later. I had something for Ricky, which he loves, but everyone else didn't. LOL And I had a birthday gift for Ryan. Matt White played first, and I enjoyed his set a lot. I met him before the show and gave him a hand warmer because he had no gloves and it was making me cold looking at him. LOL So, from the stage, he thanked me for it. AFterwards, I had the planned meet & greet, but since Until June wasn't playing at our show, Melee was kinda busy setting up for theirs. I had a place to the side of the stage where I thought I could get some pics. This time I should have been on the other side. I never seem to get the right spot with them. LOL
Anyway, they did set up, and the show was great! The sound was simply amazing and I think this is the first time I could really hear Ryan's background vocals well. I had hoped for Can't Hold On as part of the set, but it didn't happen. Chris told me he'd try to put in in next time (and I will do my best to hold him to that.) ;) I had the best time during their set. It was so fun and energetic. After the show I talked to all of the guys again and to Ryan and gave him his birthday gift. We talked about the Beatles, among other things. Someone came up to me and told me I was adorable. I told her that I don't think that is usually what most people think of when they see me, but she reiterated it and said that she was watching me as much as the band. LOL... so now I'm part of the entertainment. ;) I'm still not sure what to think of that. Melee is just too much fun to watch - much more fun than this semi-old lady acting silly while watching Melee. :) I hated to leave so early, but Melee was packing up, and then heading to Park City to open for Josh Groban. They were totally excited about it. :) I was excited for them!!!
Anyway, I got lots of hugs, which I love. I'm a hugging sort of person at heart. I finally walked to my car with Lauralee and her sister, and gave them a chocolate bar since s'mores didn't work out. Then I headed for home.

I figured my husband might be asleep, but I called him to tell him I was heading home and he was still up, so I stopped at Smith's and bought him a chocolate cake. I knew it had to be chocolate for him, but since I don't eat chocolate, I noticed that Smith's had individual pieces of white cake, so I bought one, so we could have cake together, and we did. :) I even sang Happy Birthday.

Peace out,

Friday, January 18, 2008

Murphy's Law?

Murphy's law was in full effect today. The funny thing is that things worked out, timing worked out well, and considering, I didn't get overly stressed. I started to at one point, but it's amazing how well a little prayer works. I was probably bargaining a little as well... not that it works, but it's definitely human nature.

I woke up this morning. And although it took me a while to awaken fully, waking up and getting out of bed are usually good starts. It took a long while to finally feel like I was among the living. I let the dogs out of their crates, and got ready to leave. Now, I had a few chores I wanted to accomplish before I left, and just as I was finishing one of them up, my youngest daughter called. She wanted to know if she could have me transfer money to her friend for something she owed her and she would bring it over in a bit. I thought, I'll never get out of here, but I agreed. After all, everything in God's perfect timing, right? I will NOT stress about time! ;) I went to get my cell phone so I could get a message she sent with account info., and I see the words "No Service" displayed prominently on the screen. I thought it odd since, the same words were in the same place last night. I changed location -- still no service. So had to call T-Mobile. There were no service outages, so it must be the phone. I needed to take the sim card out. I was unsuccessful in that endeavor. I put the phone back together and got info. on the nearest store in Salt Lake City. The phone started working. So now I was leaving an hour later than planned, but I assured myself that God's timing was perfect and that I had plenty of time. I still needed to stop at Smith's to pick up my Nexium, so after loading the car with camera gear, etc., I headed for Smith's. As I was turning into Smith's the car suddenly got very hard to steer. I thought it had died, so I tried to restart the car -- only it was running after all. I had no power steering. I tried to call my husband to no avail. I went in got my prescription, picked up a few items and went to the car. I tried again. So, what's a girl to do. This crazy girl drove to SLC with the power steering cutting in and out. I went to Graywhale to run an errand for the Melee Street team, and saw a Tesoro across the street. I figured I'd go to the Tesoro and see if they could put in power steering fluid. My husband (when we finally connected) figured that the most likely cause. But first I thought maybe I'd get something to eat. I found a bagel place and bought a salad and a blueberry bagel with honey butter and some decaf tea. As it turned out, there was no decaf, only herbal (not a fan of hibiscus) so I got a refund for the tea. I sat down to eat, and when I went to take a piece off the bagel I got a little of the spread on my finger and licked it off. It tasted like garlic, and the texture was pretty odd for butter. I went back up to the counter and I asked what the spread was. "Honey butter," came the response. "It tastes like garlic, and it has a really weird texture for butter," I said. So, then another gal asked what I had on the bagel and I showed it to her. She said, "Oh, that's hummus." LOL So I had another bagel made with honey butter. Sorry, but blueberry and humus are not a match! At least I've tasted hummus now. LOL It's not bad, unless it's on a blueberry bagel, of course. So I decided to head to the Tesoro,
so I used my great muscular strength (tee hee) and made it across the street. There was a note on the door saying, back in 20 minutes. I wanted to get to Kilby Court, so I didn't want to wait andI headed out. Along the way I spotted a Jiffy Lube and stopped to ask if they could put in power steering fluid and asked how much it cost. I was told that they could, and then I realized that the guy never told me the price. LOL

The mechanic pulled my car into the bay and after waiting a few minutes in the lobby, he came over to say that he "hated to be the bearer of bad tidings. He checked the fluid which was full, and the belt which was fine and he thought it was the pump. Then Murphy's law took a little break -- he said he filled up the washer fluid and then told me that there would be no charge. Now, how often does that happen? LOL

Anyway, to make a short story long, I made it to Kilby about the same time as the band, about 15 minutes earlier than I had originally planned (although I had hoped to find a few coffee shops to put up promo along the way.) I read, waited in the car, and listened to Jon Foreman's acoustic ep, Winter, until around 5 and got out of the car. I had a little chat with some young ladies I knew from previous concerts and members of the band. Finally it was show time. Let's just say that We Shot the Moon put on an excellent show, and I had a great time. Pictures to follow soon. :) I put off driving home as long as possible, but I finally bit the bullet and headed out. The hardest part was really pulling out of the parking space, as it took all my strenght. Paulie (from the band) made a comment about it really being hard when you were going slow, and that helped a little on the way home. It was definitely true. It was easier to steer if I was going a little faster. Just a tidbit if you ever have to drive without your power steering. I made it home and my daughter was there. We visited a short time and she left.

Wish me luck... tomorrow I head for Sandy, UT. The chance of the power steering being fixed by then are slim to none. LOL

Peace out,

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some people don't know when... come in from out of the cold. The plan today was to head out to Orem, about 70 miles from home, to see One Republic. They are probably my mom's favorite band at present, and she absolutely loves Apologize. I have to agree with her that it's a great song. As a result during my visit, we (my mom, sister and I) saw One Republic as the main opener for Avril Lavigne at Jingle ball in Stockton. I was definitely impressed with Ryan's vocals. Stop and Stare is the one that hooked me and made me really want to go, however. The floor "seating" was general admission, so my plan was to get there insanely early. It figures that some cold air from Canada decided to pay us a visit. The weather reports, in all fairness, did warn me that it was coming, so I dressed warmly. The directions to the McKay Events center that linked from the website didn't work out so well. I ended up in Orem just fine, only I was at the dead end of a residential street behind the hospital. Something told me I wasn't going to see a concert there. SO I drove down the road and found a place to ask for directions. The place was Apple Spice something or other.. I think Junction? Anyway, it was a small restaurant. I walked in and they had a rack at the front with loaves of day old bread for $1, so I picked one up and asked directions. They worked out perfectly! I arrived at the McKay Events Center at 1 p.m. The concert started at 7:30 p.m. I was in for a long day. I read, listened to my Zune, paced, and waited for someone besides me to show up. People went in and out of the building until it was finally locked somewhere between 1 and 2 p.m. I ended up being the bearer of bad tidings (yes, the door is locked) to quite a few people. Finally about 3:30 p.m. three young ladies showed up to keep me company. I handed out little flyers for Melee's concert on the 23rd. One of the gals had a speaker, so we plugged it into my Zune and played Melee. Hopefully they'll come. The battery on my Zune died, which was odd as it usually lasts much longer. So, the gal with the speaker (did we get names.. I'm so forgetful anymore!) hooked up her iPod and played One Republic. Then her iPod died. We decided it must have been the cold. Brrrrrrr.....

After a rather long wait where no one could remember what it was like to feel their toes anymore, it was finally time to go in and enjoy the show. I was able to get in the front just left of center. It was a pretty good spot overall. I almost didn't make it to the front as I really ended up with a little scrutiny at the security table. I put everything in the car except a little wallet with a handle, my phone and gloves. The guy even opened my coin purse. That was weird. Then the wrist band guy got real slow on my wrist band and stood where I couldn't go around him. I'm still trying to figure out how that all happened! LOL But I made it anyway.

I'll skip the rest of the "gory" (well, not so gory, really) details and get to the show. I didn't look at the time, but it seemed like things started pretty much on time. The first band The Ivy League was pretty good. I particularly liked their song Hold On, and the part of their set where they set out barrels and each of them did percussion, stood on and generally entertained everyone with their showmanship. Next up was a band by the name of The Daylights. Let me tell you that I really was impressed with them. Two of the guys sang vocals and alternated. Their vocals were the first thing to impress me. I also happened to love the music, especially the song "Outsider". I decided that I would definitely pick up their cd. I also managed to snag their setlist. I love setlists. :) Then Eric Hutchinson played, and the very first thing I noticed was that he is 1,000 x's better live than what I heard on myspace. He sounded great. Not only that, but he was funny and a lot of fun as well. At the end of his set, it was time for One Republic to set up and finally take to the stage. One Republic was very polished in their stage presentation. About the third song in, they played Stop and Stare (their 2nd single) and I was a happy camper. LOL Their set, from the setlist was "Intro, Say, Mercy, Stop and Stare, All Fall Down, Tyrant, Goodbye Apathy, Won't Stop, Apologize, Prodigal, Someone to save..." Then there was raucous applause, hooting and hollering and chanting for an encore, and then Last Goodbye, and All We Are. It was a great concert!

Then I went back to the merch table, and bought too much stuff, met and talked to The Ivy League, and The Daylights. All in all I ended up with a tee shirt, an Ivy League cd autographed, and an autographed Setlist from the Daylights as well as their cd. Someone took a pic of me with The Daylights, with my phone, but it's really fuzzy. :( I didn't take my cameras because last time I was at that venue I was told that the venue policy was no cameras. I often take it anyway and leave it in the trunk, just to be safe, but this time I decided not to because it was so cold out. This time, they let point and shoots in. I could have had amazing shots even with a point a shoot, this time I think, but I was stuck with a camera phone that doesn't know how to focus well. But I have a ton of blurry pics to go through later. Hopefully there will be something I can at least look at from time to time. And next time I'll know. LOL

After chatting everyone's ear off at the merch table, I finally headed for home. I made one pit stop at Wendy's for a burger, and another to pick up my P.O. Box mail. Kevin Max's cd, The Blood was waiting for me as well as my ticket to see Sherwood on the 19th of March! So, in spite of nearly freezing to death and nearly frostbitten toes, I managed to have a pretty good time.

Friday, We Shot the Moon will be here. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Peace out,

Monday, January 14, 2008


This is rather how I'm feeling lately.

Do you ever feel like you really don't belong anywhere? Sigh...

Hmmmm.... feelings I hate:

I hate feeling like I'm being tolerated rather than liked. How do you know?
I hate feeling that I'm a pest, even if I am.
I hate that I can't just trust that maybe someone might actually like me.
Again, how do you know?
I hate that I don't know what to do most of the time lately. I thought I had all this settled so long ago... I hate feeling unsettled and uncertain so often.
I hate that I know lots of people, but hardly anyone comes to my house. Yea, it's messy. I know that isn't the reason, since someone would have to be here to know that. LOL. I mean how many people do I really invite? I'm not really upset with anyone over it. I just feel isolated sometimes.
I hate it when I feel like I overstayed my welcome. I need clear good-byes and I never feel like I have the timing quite right.
I hate that I feel like crying for no reason whatsoever - usually a good sign that my hormones have gone completely whacko. Hopefully, this too, shall pass.
I really hate feeling patronized.
I hate feeling stupid - a feeling I have a real struggle with lately.

I love feeling accepted, and sometimes a little guilty that it's important.

O.K. so that's out of the way... for Christians, do you ever wonder if anyone really is making it at all out there - or even coming close? I'd love to know since it would give me hope. I know people will always let me down. God doesn't, but I want to see people really making it - whatever that means.

American Dream has been on my mind a lot...
This ain't my American Dream
I want to live and die for bigger things

I just don't know what or how. God, please show me.


P.S. I know this is risky to post, but maybe someone else can relate

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Song of Solomon and Other True Tales

Yesterday was a rather slow day. I was determined to catch up on sleep, although I didn't want to sleep too late as I need time to shower, dress, get my camera gear in order and head over to see Bryan Magana at 6 p.m. I didn't sleep quite as long as I had hoped and woke up more than an hour before my alarm clock went off. I went to sleep at 5:30 a.m. I woke sometime between 12:15 and 12:30 p.m. At least it was almost 7 hours. I was tired, but not really sleeping and the dogs needed out of their crate so I just got out of bed and started the day. It took me a long time to fully wake up, though. I was able to work on cleaning out the refrigerator, fold a few clothes, and still be ready in plenty of time. Ed came home and I made him listen to a little of the music and we chatted a little. I took my shower, dressed and it was 4 p.m. by the time I sat down to put on my shoes. I wasn't rushing. I decided to leave between 4:30 and 5 p.m. because I needed to get gas and some cash to purchase a cd before I left. Just before I went out the door, I decided to check the church website before I left. Even though I was fairly certain that I had been there before, I wanted to double check that I wasn't thinking of the wrong place. I've done things like that in the past, and there is nothing like going to an event and not even being at the right place. As it turned out, I did have the right place, but the church site listed the concert date as Jan. 11. I tried to call the church, but since there was no answer I just took my chances. I was certain Bryan had told me the 12th, which was also the date on his myspace. So, I headed out the door, put some benzene in the car, stopped at Smith's briefly and headed for the church. Out of habit, I turned onto the wrong street and had to turn around and backtrack. So, it's probably a really good thing I left early. LOL Still, I made it to the church about 5:30 p.m. and there were a few cars there. I took that as a good sign. I walked around the building and tried a door or two. I started to walk back to my car and someone beckoned me to go ahead and come inside. I told him I needed to get something out of my car and I would be right there. I went back and grabbed my camera and gear and went into the church. Bryan was waiting at the door and greeted me by name. It was nice that he remembered who I was. Of course, posting messages on his myspace probably didn't hurt. ;) But it was still really nice to be greeted by name. We chatted a bit and then he went to greet other people who were slowly starting to arrive. I picked out a spot in the front row where I thought I might be able to see Bryan behind the keyboards. The closest person to me at first was 5 rows back. I finally went up and introduced myself and had a nice conversation for a bit. Then I went back up to my seat. I was the only person in the center front row. It was odd, but worked out well as I was able to move once or twice to take a photo without bothering anyone. I tried not to take too many pics as the camera seemed so loud. Later Bryan told me that he saw me taking pics, but he couldn't hear it. That was a relief. I was sure everyone in the place could hear it loud and clear.

Bryan's music is not raucous or loud. It's just beautiful, though. He has a very pleasing voice and the melodies have almost an ethereal feel to them. I find them very peaceful. The concert started off with prayer, which was as it should have been, and then we sang a few familiar songs along with him before he went into his original compositions. The majority of the songs were from his new cd, Song of Solomon. He did sing "My Story" which I absolutely loved. The concept of God writing "my story" was one that meant a lot and I really cherished the thought. You know, sometimes I try to stick my own lines into the story, and I need to just give the pen back to God (and hope the ink is eraseable some days.) LOL At the end of the concert we again sang along to an old hymn, beautfully done, I might add.

Afterwards I had a short chat with Bryan and went over and bought Song of Solomon as I had planned, but also picked up the cd with "My Story" on it. I am putting it on my Zune even now. I was able to meet Sarah who sang with Bryan on one of the songs (she has a really pretty voice, I might add) which was a real pleasure.

I had a very nice evening and I know it will help me to keep things in focus for the next week -- at least that's the plan. :)

God's blessings,


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Listening to beautiful music...

Tonight I'm going to see Bryan Magana. If you like really pretty, haunting melodies, piano driven music and beautiful singing, check him out. He's local. It's nice to see we have some really good talent close to home. :) I plan to pick up a new cd tonight.

Would love to hear what you think. Of course, if you just like heavy metal, I don't suppose this will be your cup 'o tea. But you never know. LOL

God's blessings,


Sunday, January 06, 2008

My busy January plus February concert news

So far January has been somewhat quiet, which is a good thing. I'm not sleeping enough... not too unusual. I have been going to sleep a little earlier, but I seem to wake up after 6-7 hours of sleep, and I always feel like I need 8. Such is my life. LOL

I have tickets for quite a few shows in January, and two shows planned that I don't have tickets for as of yet. I am supposed to be called back to work around
Jan. 21. I'm hoping to delay it, if possible to the 24th. I already put Jan. 23 as a requested day off, but I really want to see Sound the Alarm on the 21st, and I really don't want to use my leave for the 23rd. So, we'll see what happens.

Anyway, here is what things look like so far:
Jan. 12 Brian Magana in Layton, UT (local, not too far from home... beautiful voice, haunting melodies.)
Jan. 16 One Republic McKay Events Center in Orem
Jan. 18 We Shot the Moon at Kilby Court in Salt Lake
Jan. 19 Brighten (Number One Gun, et al.) Solid Ground Cafe in Sandy
Jan. 21 Sound the Alarm, et al. at The Avalon in S. Salt Lake City
Jan. 23 Melee at Kilby Court in Salt Lake
I need to move to Salt Lake City for about a week. LOL Gas prices are going to
kill me.

In February, I only have two concerts planned, and that's because one of them was postponed from December(Colbie Callait.) It just figures that the December show was moved to Friday, Feb. 15, which will be a bear to get off work. They hate it when anyone takes off on a Friday. The other date is Steven Curtis Chapman on Feb. 23. I will likely be working at that show. I'm still waiting for word on how that's going to work as I've never worked at that venue before.

Anyway, here is the info. on the Steven Curtis Chapman concert:

(click for larger view)

This is the first time Mr. Chapman has performed in this area. The nice thing is that it's a much easier/shorter commute than usual. That's always helpful. :)

If you know anyone in SLC, pass the info. along. I've seen him in concert before and he puts on a good concert. I think he is much, much better live than his cd's.

Should I even talk about March yet? Hey.. why not?
Angels & Airwaves, The Color Fred on March 4 at In the Venue (still need approval for time off work)
Mute Math with Alanis Morisette & Matchbox 20 on March 6 @ the E-Center
March 29, The Starting Line (yea for a Saturday show!)

You know... I almost hope no one comes in April. LOL I hate to miss a show I really want to see, but I may need a break. Yes, I think I am certifiable. LOL

Love, Peace, and a musical 2008,

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Some of my favorite cd's for 2007

I actually loved a lot of cd's this year. There are probably 20 honorable mentions, but I probably listened to these the most:

1. Five Score & Seven Years Ago - Relient K
2. Prelude to Arrows EP- The Myriad
3. Fall - Jon Foreman
4. A Different Light - Sherwood
5. Eat, Sleep, Repeat - Copeland
6. Singularity - Mae
7. Secrets Keep You Sick - The Fold
8. Combinations - Eisley
9. A New Hope - Minipop
10. The Polar Bear & Cougar EP - We Shot the Moon
11. Riot - Paramore
12. Good Night, Witness Light - Daphne Loves Derby
14. Devils & Angels - Melee
(O.K. so that's 13 - give me a day, the list will grow to 20 at least.) LOL
Wait is that bad luck? Just to be on the safe side... I won't designate the No. 13. LOL (Does that really work? It's kinda like buildings skipping the 13th floor.) ;)

They are not necessarily in any order - just basically the ones I probably listened to the most.

I wonder if I could come up with a Top 10 shows list.

1. Relient K/Switchfoot
2. Relient K/Mae/Sherwood
3. Mute Math/Eisley
4. Copeland/The Rentals
5. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
6. The Fold/Minipop at a small San Francisco Cafe called Cafe du Nord (not the best show, because it was too short, but it was my intro to Minipop, and I had the MOST fun! except for getting lost.)
7. Sherwood/The Fold/Sound the Alarm/Allred
8. This Providence, June, Paulson, A Change of Pace
Oh, and any show that Melee was a part of!

Will have to think hard about the rest. I'll probably end up adding them all. LOL

Have a very happy and blessed 2008!!!