Sunday, January 06, 2008

My busy January plus February concert news

So far January has been somewhat quiet, which is a good thing. I'm not sleeping enough... not too unusual. I have been going to sleep a little earlier, but I seem to wake up after 6-7 hours of sleep, and I always feel like I need 8. Such is my life. LOL

I have tickets for quite a few shows in January, and two shows planned that I don't have tickets for as of yet. I am supposed to be called back to work around
Jan. 21. I'm hoping to delay it, if possible to the 24th. I already put Jan. 23 as a requested day off, but I really want to see Sound the Alarm on the 21st, and I really don't want to use my leave for the 23rd. So, we'll see what happens.

Anyway, here is what things look like so far:
Jan. 12 Brian Magana in Layton, UT (local, not too far from home... beautiful voice, haunting melodies.)
Jan. 16 One Republic McKay Events Center in Orem
Jan. 18 We Shot the Moon at Kilby Court in Salt Lake
Jan. 19 Brighten (Number One Gun, et al.) Solid Ground Cafe in Sandy
Jan. 21 Sound the Alarm, et al. at The Avalon in S. Salt Lake City
Jan. 23 Melee at Kilby Court in Salt Lake
I need to move to Salt Lake City for about a week. LOL Gas prices are going to
kill me.

In February, I only have two concerts planned, and that's because one of them was postponed from December(Colbie Callait.) It just figures that the December show was moved to Friday, Feb. 15, which will be a bear to get off work. They hate it when anyone takes off on a Friday. The other date is Steven Curtis Chapman on Feb. 23. I will likely be working at that show. I'm still waiting for word on how that's going to work as I've never worked at that venue before.

Anyway, here is the info. on the Steven Curtis Chapman concert:

(click for larger view)

This is the first time Mr. Chapman has performed in this area. The nice thing is that it's a much easier/shorter commute than usual. That's always helpful. :)

If you know anyone in SLC, pass the info. along. I've seen him in concert before and he puts on a good concert. I think he is much, much better live than his cd's.

Should I even talk about March yet? Hey.. why not?
Angels & Airwaves, The Color Fred on March 4 at In the Venue (still need approval for time off work)
Mute Math with Alanis Morisette & Matchbox 20 on March 6 @ the E-Center
March 29, The Starting Line (yea for a Saturday show!)

You know... I almost hope no one comes in April. LOL I hate to miss a show I really want to see, but I may need a break. Yes, I think I am certifiable. LOL

Love, Peace, and a musical 2008,


Lauralee said...

You sound just as busy as me!

Hmm just to let you know ahead of time it wouldn't surprise me if The Rocket Summer are here sometime in March/April because they are co-headlining the Alternative Press tour with All Time Low. Also at that show will be Sonny and Forever the sickest kids.

I just bought tickets for these last night

Sea Wolf (jan 17)
Listener (jan18)
Number One Gun, Brighten (jan19)
Melee (x2) (jan23)
Cobra Starship (feb6)
MIKA (feb8)
Limbeck (Night 1 of 2!)(feb13)
Limbeck (Night 2 of 2!)(feb14)
Explosions In the Sky (march24)

and in a week or so I'm going to buy Jose Gonzalez (mar 22) tickets! (I'm so excited)

I also plan on seeing The Summer Set, Audrye Session and have a ticket for Linkin Park.

There are a few smaller shows that might be a last minute thing but it just depends since I'm trying to save my money.

I should just post my own blog

Lauralee said...

oh yeah sherwood march 19th

Melanie said...

Yea, I almost forgot about Sherwood, mainly because I can't find anything about tickets yet.
Also, Allred's cd release at Solid Ground on Feb. 9.

I bought my ticket for Brighten tonight.

Brittany said...


haha.. :D

Man, I want to go to that many shows..

Martine said...

Jan. 19 Brighten (Number One Gun, et al.) Solid Ground Cafe in Sandy

oh wow youre gonna have so much fun. The guys in brighten are great. take tons of pictures eh?:D

miss miller :) said...

I LOVE steven curtis chapman!!!
and the following.