Monday, January 28, 2008

Love Many, Trust Few?

I was on myspace a night or two ago and someone had the following posted:

Love Many
Trust Few

My first instinct was to believe that this was a wonderful citation, and one with much truth in it; and in fact, it is the reality of this world we live in. We are forced to love within the constraints of reality at times. :(

On the other hand another question came to my mind -
how can you love completely and freely without trust?

I am pretty much a person that tries her best to trust until given a reason to do otherwise. Once that trust is violated, it is a bit of a road to earn it back. Given the sinful nature of man, and the real world, I suppose that is how it has to be for this day, but it's really sad.

How much more easily and freely we could love if we could trust. How much more unhindered would love be if we could live without cynicism.

And while I was pondering the implications of this and thinking about what it means to truly love, it also struck me that fear hinders our ability to love freely as well. I suppose the distrust that we have has some basis in fear (real or imagined)
and fear hinders love. Perhaps that is why perfect love casts out fear. The two have a difficult time co-existing. With perfect love (the kind only that God gives or inspires) fear must be cast out or love will be swallowed up by it. To be without fear, one cannot be self-centered or motivated. Fear has, at it's root, concern for one's own self. Love that would be perfect would be without fear which makes one free to just love without reservation.

That is the sort of love I long to experience. It is the love I hope that others can experience as well.

God's blessings,

Note: Hopefully, I didn't go in too many circles there. Lord help me to be free to just love you, and through you love others without fear.


Anonymous said...

very deep Mel

and true!

Andrea said...

yup what april said.

love is such a strong word. It takes me a while to decide if I love someone or not and well about trusting.. hmm i can trust ppl easily but not with everything.