Friday, January 18, 2008

Murphy's Law?

Murphy's law was in full effect today. The funny thing is that things worked out, timing worked out well, and considering, I didn't get overly stressed. I started to at one point, but it's amazing how well a little prayer works. I was probably bargaining a little as well... not that it works, but it's definitely human nature.

I woke up this morning. And although it took me a while to awaken fully, waking up and getting out of bed are usually good starts. It took a long while to finally feel like I was among the living. I let the dogs out of their crates, and got ready to leave. Now, I had a few chores I wanted to accomplish before I left, and just as I was finishing one of them up, my youngest daughter called. She wanted to know if she could have me transfer money to her friend for something she owed her and she would bring it over in a bit. I thought, I'll never get out of here, but I agreed. After all, everything in God's perfect timing, right? I will NOT stress about time! ;) I went to get my cell phone so I could get a message she sent with account info., and I see the words "No Service" displayed prominently on the screen. I thought it odd since, the same words were in the same place last night. I changed location -- still no service. So had to call T-Mobile. There were no service outages, so it must be the phone. I needed to take the sim card out. I was unsuccessful in that endeavor. I put the phone back together and got info. on the nearest store in Salt Lake City. The phone started working. So now I was leaving an hour later than planned, but I assured myself that God's timing was perfect and that I had plenty of time. I still needed to stop at Smith's to pick up my Nexium, so after loading the car with camera gear, etc., I headed for Smith's. As I was turning into Smith's the car suddenly got very hard to steer. I thought it had died, so I tried to restart the car -- only it was running after all. I had no power steering. I tried to call my husband to no avail. I went in got my prescription, picked up a few items and went to the car. I tried again. So, what's a girl to do. This crazy girl drove to SLC with the power steering cutting in and out. I went to Graywhale to run an errand for the Melee Street team, and saw a Tesoro across the street. I figured I'd go to the Tesoro and see if they could put in power steering fluid. My husband (when we finally connected) figured that the most likely cause. But first I thought maybe I'd get something to eat. I found a bagel place and bought a salad and a blueberry bagel with honey butter and some decaf tea. As it turned out, there was no decaf, only herbal (not a fan of hibiscus) so I got a refund for the tea. I sat down to eat, and when I went to take a piece off the bagel I got a little of the spread on my finger and licked it off. It tasted like garlic, and the texture was pretty odd for butter. I went back up to the counter and I asked what the spread was. "Honey butter," came the response. "It tastes like garlic, and it has a really weird texture for butter," I said. So, then another gal asked what I had on the bagel and I showed it to her. She said, "Oh, that's hummus." LOL So I had another bagel made with honey butter. Sorry, but blueberry and humus are not a match! At least I've tasted hummus now. LOL It's not bad, unless it's on a blueberry bagel, of course. So I decided to head to the Tesoro,
so I used my great muscular strength (tee hee) and made it across the street. There was a note on the door saying, back in 20 minutes. I wanted to get to Kilby Court, so I didn't want to wait andI headed out. Along the way I spotted a Jiffy Lube and stopped to ask if they could put in power steering fluid and asked how much it cost. I was told that they could, and then I realized that the guy never told me the price. LOL

The mechanic pulled my car into the bay and after waiting a few minutes in the lobby, he came over to say that he "hated to be the bearer of bad tidings. He checked the fluid which was full, and the belt which was fine and he thought it was the pump. Then Murphy's law took a little break -- he said he filled up the washer fluid and then told me that there would be no charge. Now, how often does that happen? LOL

Anyway, to make a short story long, I made it to Kilby about the same time as the band, about 15 minutes earlier than I had originally planned (although I had hoped to find a few coffee shops to put up promo along the way.) I read, waited in the car, and listened to Jon Foreman's acoustic ep, Winter, until around 5 and got out of the car. I had a little chat with some young ladies I knew from previous concerts and members of the band. Finally it was show time. Let's just say that We Shot the Moon put on an excellent show, and I had a great time. Pictures to follow soon. :) I put off driving home as long as possible, but I finally bit the bullet and headed out. The hardest part was really pulling out of the parking space, as it took all my strenght. Paulie (from the band) made a comment about it really being hard when you were going slow, and that helped a little on the way home. It was definitely true. It was easier to steer if I was going a little faster. Just a tidbit if you ever have to drive without your power steering. I made it home and my daughter was there. We visited a short time and she left.

Wish me luck... tomorrow I head for Sandy, UT. The chance of the power steering being fixed by then are slim to none. LOL

Peace out,

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AJ said...

thank you so much for your sweet encouraging words. :) for some reason i'm not able to post them on my blog right now, but it could be because i'm using my friend's computer. anyway, just wanted to say "thank you." so funny...the psalms are exactly where i've been meditating as of late...very comforting to know all the trials that david went through & how God was faithful to meet his every need. :)