Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some people don't know when... come in from out of the cold. The plan today was to head out to Orem, about 70 miles from home, to see One Republic. They are probably my mom's favorite band at present, and she absolutely loves Apologize. I have to agree with her that it's a great song. As a result during my visit, we (my mom, sister and I) saw One Republic as the main opener for Avril Lavigne at Jingle ball in Stockton. I was definitely impressed with Ryan's vocals. Stop and Stare is the one that hooked me and made me really want to go, however. The floor "seating" was general admission, so my plan was to get there insanely early. It figures that some cold air from Canada decided to pay us a visit. The weather reports, in all fairness, did warn me that it was coming, so I dressed warmly. The directions to the McKay Events center that linked from the website didn't work out so well. I ended up in Orem just fine, only I was at the dead end of a residential street behind the hospital. Something told me I wasn't going to see a concert there. SO I drove down the road and found a place to ask for directions. The place was Apple Spice something or other.. I think Junction? Anyway, it was a small restaurant. I walked in and they had a rack at the front with loaves of day old bread for $1, so I picked one up and asked directions. They worked out perfectly! I arrived at the McKay Events Center at 1 p.m. The concert started at 7:30 p.m. I was in for a long day. I read, listened to my Zune, paced, and waited for someone besides me to show up. People went in and out of the building until it was finally locked somewhere between 1 and 2 p.m. I ended up being the bearer of bad tidings (yes, the door is locked) to quite a few people. Finally about 3:30 p.m. three young ladies showed up to keep me company. I handed out little flyers for Melee's concert on the 23rd. One of the gals had a speaker, so we plugged it into my Zune and played Melee. Hopefully they'll come. The battery on my Zune died, which was odd as it usually lasts much longer. So, the gal with the speaker (did we get names.. I'm so forgetful anymore!) hooked up her iPod and played One Republic. Then her iPod died. We decided it must have been the cold. Brrrrrrr.....

After a rather long wait where no one could remember what it was like to feel their toes anymore, it was finally time to go in and enjoy the show. I was able to get in the front just left of center. It was a pretty good spot overall. I almost didn't make it to the front as I really ended up with a little scrutiny at the security table. I put everything in the car except a little wallet with a handle, my phone and gloves. The guy even opened my coin purse. That was weird. Then the wrist band guy got real slow on my wrist band and stood where I couldn't go around him. I'm still trying to figure out how that all happened! LOL But I made it anyway.

I'll skip the rest of the "gory" (well, not so gory, really) details and get to the show. I didn't look at the time, but it seemed like things started pretty much on time. The first band The Ivy League was pretty good. I particularly liked their song Hold On, and the part of their set where they set out barrels and each of them did percussion, stood on and generally entertained everyone with their showmanship. Next up was a band by the name of The Daylights. Let me tell you that I really was impressed with them. Two of the guys sang vocals and alternated. Their vocals were the first thing to impress me. I also happened to love the music, especially the song "Outsider". I decided that I would definitely pick up their cd. I also managed to snag their setlist. I love setlists. :) Then Eric Hutchinson played, and the very first thing I noticed was that he is 1,000 x's better live than what I heard on myspace. He sounded great. Not only that, but he was funny and a lot of fun as well. At the end of his set, it was time for One Republic to set up and finally take to the stage. One Republic was very polished in their stage presentation. About the third song in, they played Stop and Stare (their 2nd single) and I was a happy camper. LOL Their set, from the setlist was "Intro, Say, Mercy, Stop and Stare, All Fall Down, Tyrant, Goodbye Apathy, Won't Stop, Apologize, Prodigal, Someone to save..." Then there was raucous applause, hooting and hollering and chanting for an encore, and then Last Goodbye, and All We Are. It was a great concert!

Then I went back to the merch table, and bought too much stuff, met and talked to The Ivy League, and The Daylights. All in all I ended up with a tee shirt, an Ivy League cd autographed, and an autographed Setlist from the Daylights as well as their cd. Someone took a pic of me with The Daylights, with my phone, but it's really fuzzy. :( I didn't take my cameras because last time I was at that venue I was told that the venue policy was no cameras. I often take it anyway and leave it in the trunk, just to be safe, but this time I decided not to because it was so cold out. This time, they let point and shoots in. I could have had amazing shots even with a point a shoot, this time I think, but I was stuck with a camera phone that doesn't know how to focus well. But I have a ton of blurry pics to go through later. Hopefully there will be something I can at least look at from time to time. And next time I'll know. LOL

After chatting everyone's ear off at the merch table, I finally headed for home. I made one pit stop at Wendy's for a burger, and another to pick up my P.O. Box mail. Kevin Max's cd, The Blood was waiting for me as well as my ticket to see Sherwood on the 19th of March! So, in spite of nearly freezing to death and nearly frostbitten toes, I managed to have a pretty good time.

Friday, We Shot the Moon will be here. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Peace out,

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Andrea said...

ahh you always have great times at shows! Lucky you!