Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Some of my favorite cd's for 2007

I actually loved a lot of cd's this year. There are probably 20 honorable mentions, but I probably listened to these the most:

1. Five Score & Seven Years Ago - Relient K
2. Prelude to Arrows EP- The Myriad
3. Fall - Jon Foreman
4. A Different Light - Sherwood
5. Eat, Sleep, Repeat - Copeland
6. Singularity - Mae
7. Secrets Keep You Sick - The Fold
8. Combinations - Eisley
9. A New Hope - Minipop
10. The Polar Bear & Cougar EP - We Shot the Moon
11. Riot - Paramore
12. Good Night, Witness Light - Daphne Loves Derby
14. Devils & Angels - Melee
(O.K. so that's 13 - give me a day, the list will grow to 20 at least.) LOL
Wait is that bad luck? Just to be on the safe side... I won't designate the No. 13. LOL (Does that really work? It's kinda like buildings skipping the 13th floor.) ;)

They are not necessarily in any order - just basically the ones I probably listened to the most.

I wonder if I could come up with a Top 10 shows list.

1. Relient K/Switchfoot
2. Relient K/Mae/Sherwood
3. Mute Math/Eisley
4. Copeland/The Rentals
5. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
6. The Fold/Minipop at a small San Francisco Cafe called Cafe du Nord (not the best show, because it was too short, but it was my intro to Minipop, and I had the MOST fun! except for getting lost.)
7. Sherwood/The Fold/Sound the Alarm/Allred
8. This Providence, June, Paulson, A Change of Pace
Oh, and any show that Melee was a part of!

Will have to think hard about the rest. I'll probably end up adding them all. LOL

Have a very happy and blessed 2008!!!


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Brittany said...


you purchased a lot of albums I wanted to get this year (that weren't on my list) haha maybe i'll get them eventually.. :)

You know, I've never even once heard of minipop. I think I'll go search them up now..