Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

The memory of the dream has faded some, but it's still there. I woke this morning to a dream about a show. I have no idea how I got there, but it felt like I had stumbled upon the show before it happened, and before it was too crowded, apparently. Switchfoot. I was at the barricade, waiting for Switchfoot, and it was getting crowded quickly. I realized that I had no camera. Okay, so if you know me, that won't do. I was going into camera withdrawals even in my dream. I called my mom to try and get her to bring my camera to me. The call went to a wrong number. I tried again, and it went to a wrong number, but I knew I was dialing correctly. Finally after a number of tries I reached my mom. I wanted her to please bring the camera and went to great lengths to tell her exactly where it was. I remember wondering how I would meet her to get it, but somehow I ended up with it. Now, I don't actually recall seeing my mom. And I haven't lived with my mom in years, for that matter. But she brought my imaginary camera in this imaginary scenario. Jon Foreman came on stage. Supposedly it was Switchfoot, but I only recall seeing Jon. He came out playing a song on the sax. Now, in reality, I had now idea he played the sax. LOL Maybe he doesn't know it yet either. ;) Then, I couldn't get the camera to work. I would push the shutter button and nothing. IT wouldn't take a photo. I aimed it towards the ground once, and then it snapped.. great, a photo of nothing. I would try to take a photo of Mr. Foreman, and it just refused. A stubborn thing, that camera. Then the stage crew was setting up for some sort of message song to get some sort of action. I can't recall the issue exactly at this point in time. But Jon needed some thread or ribbon or something. I went to me car to get it and somehow made it back, but then forgot what I went to the car for (a bit of realism in that part of the story. LOL) Then I figured out something that would work. Then the song started, and the guy involved with the issue was in a chair, and the rope was twisted at the side.. not exacly what I provided, but it somehow must have magically evolved. Dreams are like that... they magically evolve. Then when Jon sang, he held my hand part of the time. And then I woke up. Just for the record - I love Jon and all, but I don't live to hold his hand. I wouldn't want to freak him out or anything. I actually don't dream about musicians that much. Just a few times, and two of the 4 that I can remember were about missing something that was upcoming. Anyway, that's my story, my long twisted story about a musician, a ribbon, a broken camera and a show. The show must go on... even if my camera doesn't work. The end.