Thursday, October 25, 2007

How not to prepare for a concert?

My latest concert excursion was to Boise, ID, about a 5 hour drive from my home to see David Crowder Band, Phil Wickham, and The Myriad at The Big Easy. I had been to The Big Easy once before last February to see Relient K. The Big Easy doesn't allow any cameras in the venue although I had a photo pass from Relient K to shoot, so I wrote to Phil's management and DCB's management ahead of time to try and get a pass. DCB o.k.'d me to shoot pics without flash with my camera, but I wasn't sure if it was going to be set up as a pass because he merely granted permission. I mentioned it to someone with one of the sponsors of the event and he said he'd see what he could do. I just resolved to print the e-mail and take it with me. I spent some time working on photos so I could clear my compact flash cards, and succeeded. I packed the cf cards so I wouldn't forget them. Everything was going well - that is, except for one small detail. I always pack my ticket the day before so that I don't leave it behind; and it's not unusual for me to check before I hit the freeway just to be sure. I had 4 hours of sleep two nights in a row. I got everything ready and all I was thinking of was getting some sleep for the drive. I never gave it a thought.

I meant to leave at 5 a.m. but realized that I wouldn't have had enough sleep, so I kept moving the time up in my mind. By the time I hit the sack, I had set the alarm for 7:10 a.m. After all, everything was ready to go.

7:10 rolled around and I drug myself out of bed. I've never been a morning person. I showered, got dressed, loaded the car, fed the dogs and headed and was relieved to finally be getting out the door. I figured I'd be to the venue somewhere near 2 p.m. The drive was going well and I planned to make a pit stop at Burley. Just before I got to the exit, I called my friend. We talked about tickets. I hung up the phone. I thought about my ticket... MY TICKET!!! I pictured it sitting on the desk, exactly where I left it! I tried not to panic, and actually did rather well. I called my friend back and she looked up the ticketing outlet, Ticketweb. I called. They said, "No problem" just give us the card no. you purchased your ticket with. I did and they had no record. I remembered ordering presale tickets through KTSY for a concert, but wasn't sure which one, so I called and talked to Travis. He was very sweet and said not to turn around that they would work something out. I got back on the road.

Suffice it to say that I did make it to Boise, and I made it pretty close to 2 p.m. as predicted. I parked in a nearby public garage, and walked a couple of blocks to the venue and saw the KTSY van. Shortly after I saw Jerry and told him what had happened. He took me inside and introduced me to the promoter and he said they could put me on the list to get in and that when I came back I should be on the list. He also checked on my camera and said it was o.k. I said I wasn't really planning to go anywhere else, and he went off to do other things. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to stay or wait outside. I stayed and talked to people a bit and felt a little awkward.. but I did talk a lot. Still, I was relieved and very grateful.

I looked for a friend that was supposed to be here and had no luck. That was kind of a bummer. :( Maybe I'll catch up to him later and find out what happened. Another awkward moment, because I kept asking for him to search.

When it was almost time for the doors to open, I thought I'd better make sure everything was squared away so I wouldn't get into any trouble. I wasn't on any lists. I told them that I talked to the promoter, and to KTSY. They just kept saying they couldn't let me in without being on the list and finally I think they went to look for someone to help. Then I asked about the photo pass and one of the gals kinda jumped on me a bit about the venue having a no camera policy. I knew that, but I know they will give out a pass at the band's request because they had already done that for me before and for someone else I know. She just kept reiterating that point. Finally, the promoter got my entry squared away and she went to get me a wristband for a photo pass. She also kept telling me how I wasn't allowed to photograph the crowd, and then said I couldn't have access to the stage (which was o.k. - I wasn't planning to do either.) Finally I waited at the front door, and the gal asked to talk to the promoter and I felt like she was saying something to him about it.. so I felt badly. :( I hate that sort of thing.

I waited at the front door for the doors to open and someone came by to check id's (there is a bar upstairs.) They passed by me, so I tried to get their attention and was told I couldn't go in yet sort of abruptly. It would be nice if people wouldn't assume you want to make their life hard and just give you the benefit of the doubt. I said, "I know, I just asked if you were checking id's." LOL Anyway, after that, they were pretty nice and we joked a little.

I remembered I had towels in the car, as there was to be a towel and sock collection at the show. It was only 12 minutes until the doors opened so I figured I'd just run out and grab them after the show. (I did, but they had already taken them so another nice couple offered to take them to the shelter for me. I am very grateful to them!!!) I figure there must be a reason, there usually is.

Finally, the doors opened, and I had my camera, my photo pass, and my no flash policy. Meanwhile someone behind me with a digital SLR took pics with flash and I could not believe how many people still had cameras snapping away. LOL I followed the rules. Do I get brownie points? LOL (JK)

Throughout the day, I prayed for God's timing. I tend to stress over time and prayed that God would check my attitude if anything went wrong. I prayed that a lot. Then I was able to pray for the bands and the people coming. At least for my side, I was really calm through most everything. I know it wasn't me. I would normally have been a total basket case.

The concert itself was amazing. I hated the lighting on the first band, for the most part, but it wasn't too unusual. The lighting for Phil was dark and yellow.. and didn't change much. I'm not sure what I have yet photo-wise. For the first two songs of the DCB, they were almost completely in the dark. I joked with someone that it really wasn't David and they didn't want us to know. LOL But then on song 3, the lights came up and the lighting was better. I don't expect the lighting to be a photographer's dream, but I do like to see the stage, so I was glad the lights came up. LOL I said one of those check my attitude prayers towards the end of the second song.

At any rate, the music was all top notch. The Myriad was astounding. I totally loved their set. I talked with a couple of guys behind me about their music before the show because I heard it on myspace and liked it. By the end of The Myriad's set, they were shouting "Yea" and saying how awesome they were. Phil took the stage next, and did a rather acoustic set, but his voice was simply breathtaking. When he sang in the upper ranges it gave me goosebumps. I completly loved a few of the songs. I don't recall the title's off-hand, but I think one of them is track 10 on the cd. It's hard not to praise God in the presence of such beauty.

And DCB -- they just rocked the place as alway. They played a fairly long set, with great music, David's usual sense of humor, and a wonderful blend of praise, participation and just fun. They performed all but about 2 songs from the new cd, Remedy, and quite a few old favorites including "I Saw the Light". It was a foot-stomping time. The last song featured Mark on the strings and it was really breath-taking.

I am not one bit sorry I made the drive.

Afterwards, I met most of the artists (just three of the DCB), had pictures taken, took photos of other people with artists and chatted everyone's ear off. I ended up at a place called Old Chicago, which is a pizza joint. I think it was the only place around not a dedicated bar that was definitely open. I walked over with Adam who I met at a bar I was going to get a soft drink at, but I didn't feel comfortable when I went in, the drink glasses didn't look too big and I wanted a huge drink (non-alcoholic).) Adam was just standing inside the door waiting for the traffic in the garage to die down. So he recommended Old Chicago and walked me over to the pizza place. He had water, I had soft drinks. Then Adam left and I went over and talked to the gals who were next to me at the show who were there as well. They were a lot of fun.

Then there was the parking lot adventure - one of the ladies and I trying to find the payment drop box the envelope from the garage said we should put our payments in, but I'm sure doesn't really exist. I will have to mail it tomorrow. LOL

Finally I made it to my friend's place and a nice warm bed for much needed rest. It's odd going to someone else's place in the middle of the night when no one's awake. I felt like a burglar. I had this huge fear that I was going to walk into the wrong house. LOL Wouldn't that have been a trip? It was a long day, and very unusual, but I muddled through.

Today I drove back home, but made it as far as my daughter's place. My husband was there to put in her dishwasher. I decided to take some pics of the mountains which are practically in her front yard. I also tried to take photos of her dogs. When you get down to their level, they'd rather be in your lap. LOL It was a gorgeous day. I finally headed for home ahead of my husband and forgot I didn't have a key to the house. I did manage to get inside just the same. (No, I'm not telling you how!) ROFL

Another adventure comes to an end.

Pics to follow shortly.

An award goes to whoever reads this. I"m not sure what sort of award, but there must be one. ;)

Peace out,


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Featured Band of the Day

I have decided to post a regular bulletin on myspace that features a band that may not be quite so prominently known as the top 40 variety. There are plenty of well known bands I've barely heard of and lots of indie bands and lesser-known label bands that are rather well-known to me, but may be not so much to others.

At any rate, the band I am featuring today is Paulson. I saw Paulson when they opened up for This Providence at a small club in Salt Lake City, and I was very impressed. You can listen to Paulson here:

Let me know what you think. :)


Photo Blog

But if ya really want to see it you have to get on my myspace blog:

I'm too lazy to post it here, too. LOL O.K. I'll post ONE of them here.. a teaser. LOL

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

O.K. so one of me reasons to begin blogging in the first place was that I missed writing, and I figured it would be a good place to start. So here is a random thought I may someday rework into poetry... or maybe it will just be a random thought forever. But it's a another kick off point, perhaps. I am really feeling this now, though.

God is Good...
I am not.
I hate disappointing people
and I often do
Maybe I just want to be perfect
And that is God's place
He completes me, but I keep forgetting my other half
How can you be perfect if half of you is neglected or missing?

Random thoughts, part 2:

I love music... and I love musicians.
I can't tell you exactly why.
Well, that's partly true. Some people you just like, and others you know
exactly what it is you love about them. Take Roy of Mute Math. I like him a lot because he is so passionate about the things he loves, and it shows. He's also amazingly talented. (If he reads this I will be really embarassed.) LOL And Darren King... the wonder and fun of a child, yet not irresponsibly so (at least that I can see) and he seems to love people genuinely. He is compassionate. I like those things about him. Boyd (Eisley dad), loves to chat, really talented and also seems to be passionate about the things that interest him. He pays a lot of attention to details -- like making the set lists "pretty" because he knows fans may end up with them. Jon Schneck because his sense of humor is so like my husbands it's scary, plus he's just very nice and thoughtful.. at least to me. Sean (of This Providence) because he is so easy to talk to, loves to read and we know some of the same music - in other words, common interests; David of Daphne Loves Derby because he's friends with Sean (JK well, that has some bearing, it's just not why I like him) because we like some of the same things, we both love Olive Garden, Betos and good music, he can talk about anything, plus he has a killer smile. LOL Matt Thiessen because of his wonderful sarcasm, Dan Castady because he is so fun, funny, good with people; and can that guy hustle! You should have seen him at Boise Warped Tour! LOL Todd Agnew because he exhibits the peace of God, and strives more than anyone I know to be humble, Mark Lee, because he is so attuned to being creative and he has sparked that interest in me again. I keep thinking there is a reason I love artists so much... the creativity, for sure, but it seems to go beyond that. I love music, and I'm sure that's a part of it, but I just care about them, even the things that aren't so glamorous.

I love people in general. But getting to know a few artists (what parts they can or will share) has probably played a part in feeling a bit less intimatated by those who aren't on stage. I want to see musicians as real people, not idols, but have to admit sometimes I can be as star-struck as the next person (guess I'm a real person after all, as well.) ;)

Anyway, I worry a lot about overstaying my welcome, because I'm really bad at goodbyes and usually hate driving home. I either talk too much or have so many things I want to say, nothing coherent comes out. LOL It's hard when you feel like you have 5 minutes to talk to someone every 6 months (sometimes longer.) It's gotta be doubly hard on their end trying to keep track of all the fans they meet and not just wanting to go crash on the bus instead of visiting afterwards.

Anyway, there are lots of people that aren't artists that I certainly love. I love my husband. He has an uncanny ability to read something and put it into practice. I'm guessing he's a more visual/kinetic learner. I am more auditory/kinetic (big surprise there?) LOL He has a wonderful, but rather silly and strange sense of humor, and he puts up with my antics. I love my pastor who is such a stickler to the text in Scripture when he teaches, loves to help people learn how to study the word for themselves, has a strong sense of who he is, or so it seems to me, and a pretty amazing sense of humor. And his wife who is one of the most creative people I've ever met, and so much love and energy about her as well. I think every child in the church loves her, and vice versa. I think she also has that sense of wonder about things that just tickles me.

I really do love artists, though. And I think it is genuine. I mentioned to someone that I wonder if I was should somehow make a ministry of this and musing about how that would happen. She said, "Oh, so you are going to turn your addiction into a ministry." See, I like her, too. She made me laugh. LOL So... not sure where this will all lead me. Maybe, nowhere, maybe helping with youth because I like some of their music (but I might have to get used to screamo?) LOL, or a ministry directly to bands of some sort (I don't mean preaching to them, in case anyone is concerned that is what I mean here - it isn't.) In the meantime, I muddle along as best I can.

I'm not sure how much sense this makes to anyone, or if anyone even cares to wade through my ramblings. But somehow, I just wanted to jot it all down while it was on my mind.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


It's really quite a shame that more people did not show up to Kilby Court tonight to see Minipop in Salt Lake City. It's a shame because they really missed some top notch music. There was no opener so the entire show was just Minipop. Before the show they just talked with people and joked about knowing each person's name by the time the show was over. It was nice to have practically a private concert, but it did make me feel rather badly for the band. Their attitude, however, was wonderful and it made me appreciate things even more.

This was Minipop's first tour stop on their the way to New York, so if you happen to be in their path, please do yourself a huge favor and go. To check out their music go here: OR

I took a lot of photos, but the light was low, and so were the shutter speeds. I know I have at least one good photo of Tricia, but still have to go through them all and edit. Now, I'm off to see if I can figure out where I can put these photos as I edit them so that they can be shared.

Peace out,

P.S. If you were there and happened to find this blog... how about being a Minipop Salt Lake Street team with me? :) Next time let's pack the place! :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Never a Dull Moment

It was a very long but good weekend, and I am very grateful for all of it. I am, however, extremely tired. So, that is when I sit here and waste time at the computer instead of doing something meaningful like dishes or sleeping. I guess they will wait.

Saturday I took a trip up to Logan to see The Spill Canvas and Daphne Loves Derby. The weather was completely crazy for September. Usually it doesn't snow until after Halloween. Occasionally there is some freezing before then, but I don't think that I remember it snowing before Oct. 31 in the 8 years I've been here. It snowed. At my place, it snowed like mad, but not a bit of it stuck to the ground. It was surreal. A little more in the mountains however, things got a little bit heavy, although it only seemed to be sticking on the side of the roads, so my trip went smoothly, even with the snow. As I rounded one of the corners, I saw the most amazing set of deciduous trees in full fall color regalia. It was simply breathtaking. Anyway, every color of red, orange and yellows imagineable. I wanted so badly to just stop in the middle of the road and take photos. It was a tad wet outside for it, though. LOL So I continued on into Logan. Some funny things happened at the show. I could have been placed on the guest list, but I already had a ticket so I declined. Then at the last minute, I lost my ticket. I had it in my hand with the envelope, I got through their metal detecter (with keys, etc. in my pocket because I totally forgot about it - great detector. LOL) and noticed I had the envelope, but not ticket. Fortunately the guy behind me had a spare and didn't really want it to go to waste anyway, so he passed it on. (Thanks - if you by some miracle find me here!!) As it turned out, the ticket had actually landed in my canvas tote. I had a good chuckle over that one. The show was delayed because the first band to plug in had their amps blown due to a power surge. None of the bands were really anxious to plug in their amps after that. Idiot Pilot dropped out before that point in time and Play Radio Play, Daphne Loves Derby and The Spill Canvas played acoustic sets. I was concerned at first, but not at all disappointed in the outcome. They all sounded pretty good. PRP's first song was a tad rough as they'd never played acoustic before, but the with the bells, and the fact that the song was rather pretty to start with, it still was worth listening to and I loved it. I loved the rest of their set. Dan has a nice voice, I think. DLD and TSC played very well, and I decided that I really love TSC acoustic. I bought their cd and it really is good. I do think I like Battles the Best. I was a bit concerned that not everyone in DLD would play, but they all did. It was good as well.

Sunday morning I drove to Boise and arrived at a friend's at around 6:15 p.m. or so. Then I went to a church service called Engage Truth at Calvary Chapel in Boise. I really enjoyed the worship and teacing. Esterlyn provided the worship music and luke really has a stunning voice. I like it lots. He's also a sweet spirit, imo.

So, then I went to get gas at Chevron, and something to eat. I stopped at Wendy's (this was about 10:15 at night) and the drive up window was closed. SO I went to Shari's, sat at the counter and was basically ignored with two gals at the register. Then a guy came and seated some people who came in after me and disappeared. Then a couple came in and they were seated. I just decided to walk out and head back to my friend's place, arrived without incident and got ready for bed.

Monday, my friend and I went to the Olive Garden for lunch and got completely stuffed to the gills. It was delicious!! We had the all you can eat soup and salad. Then we headed to the park and the Anne Frank memorial there. I took a lot of pics, so we'll have to see if any turned out. Later we headed back to her place and I took pics of her dogs. Then her daughter came over. We all visited a bit and they watched Oprah. Soon it was time for me to head over to the Taco Bell Arena to see Casting Crowns, Leeland and John Waller. Lots of interesting things happened, but suffice it to say that I took lots of pics with my high zoom point and shoot, most of which will likely be too fuzzy, but I may have a few that are passable; and the concert was really good. I totally enjoyed it. I really do like Leeland quite a lot and "Tears of the Saint's" makes me quite teary-eyed when he sings it.

Afterwards, there was an autograph table for Leeland and one for Casting Crowns (sans Mark Hall & Chris who had to fly out to Atlanta, I believe.) I chatted until I'm sure they wanted to gag me. LOL

When I swapped out my sd card that was full for a new one, I noticed that it still had photos on it from Creation Northwest. I found one of Leeland watching David Crowder from the stage, and showed it to him. Basically I asked if he wanted to see a pic of a David Crowder fan and he looked at it and laughed. I took my time and left late because it was a long walk back to my car. This time I found a Burger King and ordered a Whopper Jr. and side salad. It hit the spot. Then I went back to my friend's place and got ready for bed. I went to bed about 12:30 a.m. By 6:30 a.m. I was already awakening.

My friend got up at about 6:30 a.m. and we chatted for hours until she was heading for the gym, and I headed for home.

I finally arrived home, and my husband and I had a nice dinner together.

So, here I sit.. typing up my memoirs, feeling rather sleeping and thinking I should do something. But for the moment, this will have to do.

God's blessings,


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Still need a title

This was inspired by someone I may have seen recently. ;) Silently and Elegantly don't exactly rhyme, but I'm calling it poetic license. LOL I even have a photo to go with this one.

The old bass rests elegantly
Standing silently
waiting for the master's touch

Tenderly fingers caress the strings
They began to sing
The melodies that make one cry

The low sweet tunes evoking tears
And deafening cheers
Reaching out into the inner soul

Until at last the audience is rapt
Too involved to clap
Intruding on a private moment shared

Never to be the same.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Work in Progress...

This needs a bit of fine tuning, but it's a start, I guess


Longing on the inside
A deep desire to feel
isolated and alone
reaching deep, reaching hard

Something is missing
A darkness yearning
trying to be seen
waiting for the light to reach it

Wanting to feel the warmth
breaking the cold spell
making human contact
ceasing this frigid distance

Bridge this gap that lies between
everything seems so sterile
Afraid of touching another
words won't fill this cavern

A hand brushes the arm
A tentative hug
relaxes into a warm embrace
shattering the cold emptiness within

Leftover Questions

On Sunday I had the privilige of seeing Todd Agnew on the Better Questions Tour. One of the things that Todd talked about was not just seeing the poor (others, really, the poor was a notable example) as them and not us, so to speak. This has been on my mind a lot. I've been poor before. Most likely I will be that way again, especially if anything happens to my dear spouse (a fact which I really hate, I would much rather think about grieving his loss than I would how in the world I will survive without his financial contributions.)

At the Mute Math concert I saw a lot of people who probably were wearing their houses on their backs. Sometimes I wish I knew the appropriate response. Giving money is not something I feel I should do, although I admit to giving a dollar to a guy who brought out an instrument and started to play recently. He really was good and I took his photo, so I felt he earned it no matter how it ended up being spent. But I want so much to do something. I made one guy really mad at me in SF for telling him I didn't have anything (I actually was at a stoplight and he told me where I was), when I had $3 sitting there. In all honesty, I just thought I had a few dollars in my wallet, in my purse and not at all accessible, but then I realized it was sitting out there.

Anyway, I don't want to lie to people about money, but I don't want to give it out indiscriminately, either. In fact, there was a rather inebriated fellow outside the venue after Mute Math's show that approached us. He was so intoxicated that when he spoke there was almost no volume. I don't think he realized this, although people would say, "what" and strain to hear. He also spoke Spanish, of which I speak very little (much to my sadness, I wish I was better at learning foreign languages.) Fortunately, two others were there to tell him "lo siento" and that they had no money (I could understand that much.) LOL I tried to think of what I would say, and thought that I did have money, but didn't want to lie. I think this creates more questions than answers for me sometimes. I really don't like to be dishonest, and I hate being patronized, so I hate to do that to others... but sometimes what can you do?

I was thinking about this in terms of loving. I'm not sure how I would want to be treated if I were drunk on the street. Quite possibly I'd just want another drink. I know I used to talk to people outside abortion clinics years ago in Sacramento. One guy said he used to play with a known band and now he was being stupid on the street, although he wasn't at least totally wasted at that moment. He seemed to have a few regrets about it... so I just asked him what he was going to do about it. He said, "about what?" and I replied, "About being stupid on the street." I think I'll always remember that conversation. There has to be ways to be honest without being brutal. I can't remember if he asked for money. He most likely did.

On another occasion, this guy stopped a friend and I and asked us for money because he was going to jail and he wanted a beer. (I believe alcohol was involved in the reason he was going to jail in the first place.) We had a funny and very candid banter with him about it. He left in good spirits, still trying to get at least a quarter, and not finding any resolution. I wish there was so easy an honesty in every instance. You have to at least appreciate honest drunks. :) (Wait, is that a pc term?)

Someone wise mentioned that we shouldn't give money to the homeless and that it was the worst thing we could do. This really brought to mind the time that a woman (not homeless, I think she was in board and care) would approach every Saturday morning and say she wanted money for coffee. Invariably someone would go over and buy her a coffee. One morning someone gave her money for coffee, and someone else apparently gave her more money than she needed for coffee, so instead of coffee, she bought alcohol, came back, turned on them, and got almost violent. They learned their lesson, and it reinforced things in my mind as well. At the time another wise man said that he kept coupon books for fast food rather than giving money, he would give those to people instead. I liked the idea, but with the "cards" it's a little more difficult to do; and one never knows where they will be or if that place will be nearby.

At any rate, this has been going through my mind a lot lately. How do you best love the unloveable? I don't feel like they are so different from me. Sometimes I'm not so loveable myself. All I know it is that sometimes it takes personal involvement, but even that can be tricky and I've had to be extricated from those situations on occasion as well.

So, what is a girl to do?

Anyway, just wondering how others handle such dilemmas.


P.S. On a happier note, the Mute Math concert was breathtaking. It really was. I am still in awe over their performance. I'll post something about that most likely this evening. Boy, am I chatty lately?

Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm an American Christian

Last night I had the great privilege and pleasure to see the Better Questions Tour with Todd Agnew. Todd never fails to stir the heart. I am just always amazed to see what God is doing with Todd. I've met Todd and he can be rather quiet and he's defnitely an introvert. Yet, I know he takes the time to talk with people and listen even though I know it isn't his favorite thing. I always watch with amazement when Todd speaks from the stage as there is no other way anyone could just nail the truth so profoundly, and with so much conviction and just real love without the spirit. It's truly a gift. On several occasions, Todd mentioned "American Christians" and sometimes the description is too close to home for me, especially as I snapped away with my Canon 20D. I need to keep being reminded, however. I want so badly to help and to love genuinely whereever I am, and I do have a difficult time balancing it all in my life. Todd talked about loving and honoring people not simply because they were poor "unlike us", but to honor them because we truly love them. He said that we cannot force someone to love another (God or another person) or to be in a relationship with them. He gave the analogy of trying to force people to love God to someone trying to force someone to love another person. You can tell them and try to convince them, but it won't cause them to love. I had to laugh because I did notice a lot of people do try to fix Todd up with someone on occasion, so I'm sure he's acquainted with that whole process. I think a lot of people have tried to be matchmakers - you know the sort of matchmaker that is a bit obnoxious and pushy. Sometimes we are matchmakers for God. It's not always a bad thing to introduce parties to one another. We just can't make the choices for them. Anyway, I'm tired, and rambling. :) Anyway, whether it shows externally or not, loving others is something I want to do. I want to not only "feel" love, but to be able to demonstrate it as I should. I welcome all prayers in that regard.

At any rate, the actual concert itself opened with Joy Whitlock. I had heard that Joy's sound was a bit reminiscent of Jennifer Knapp and that turned out to be a very accurate comparison. Of course, she has her own sound as well, but I have always loved Jennifer's music, and so naturally I loved Joy's set, although it seemed really short. She has a cd coming out, and I think you can get some of her music online. Something to look into today and to look forward to. There was also a real sense of peace about what I heard last night, and a strong message of redemption in Jennifer's life. Sometimes I need to hear that lots being such an imperfect Christian myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed Rush of Fools set. The music was top notch, and they had a lot of energy on stage. I had been listening to "Can't Get Away" on myspace so it was nice to hear a familiar song and to sing along as well. The lyrics to that song are rather an encouragement to me. To worship God, and to sing and to have a little fun in the process is always welcome and it is something that Rush of Fools definitely facilitated from the stage.

And Todd Agnew... what can I say except the turn out was incredible for a reason. The musical quality was outstanding. I have seen Todd at least three times before (the numbers get a little tricky since I saw him on the K-Love cruise), and I have always been impressed with his voice, but this time was absolutely the best I've heard him sing. Jonathan Chu was phenomenal on the violin as he always is. I love to watch him sing along in the background sans mike and his energy on stage. If he does not fully enjoy and love what he is doing, then he fakes it really well. (For the record, I think it's genuine.) LOL All of Todd's band does an wonderful job of support.

And it was wonderful to hear everything that Todd had to say. Even if it takes a little time for it to sink in, there is nothing like hearing the truth in love. I need to hear it, even if I'm a little slow getting to where I need to be sometimes.

Thanks to all who made yesterday possible. I know sometimes it's easy to go back to life as usual after an event like this, but I don't think I'll be quite the same.. at least that is my hope and prayer, although I can be a little slow at implementing change.

God's blessings,