Saturday, October 06, 2007

Still need a title

This was inspired by someone I may have seen recently. ;) Silently and Elegantly don't exactly rhyme, but I'm calling it poetic license. LOL I even have a photo to go with this one.

The old bass rests elegantly
Standing silently
waiting for the master's touch

Tenderly fingers caress the strings
They began to sing
The melodies that make one cry

The low sweet tunes evoking tears
And deafening cheers
Reaching out into the inner soul

Until at last the audience is rapt
Too involved to clap
Intruding on a private moment shared

Never to be the same.


Andrea said...

that was nice!!!

Kevin Decker said...

Hey! I know that bass! I know that Mesa Boogie amp as well, and I think I even recognize the fender P-bass siting on top of the shock mount ata case. Only when artist and instrument come together can timbre and frequency transcend the air. Science, Art and Math go together like spirit, soul and body! I will never know why a piece of wood continues to resonate better tone and richer warmth with each passing day. A new guitar looks shiny but an old beat up classic has a sound like no other!

I like the poem, and the pic!

"sigh" I really need to take more art photos, I have been blessed with a ton of commercial photo work, It has paid the bills but at the end of the day I really don't feel like picking up my camera.

You are still touring like a Rock Star!