Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm an American Christian

Last night I had the great privilege and pleasure to see the Better Questions Tour with Todd Agnew. Todd never fails to stir the heart. I am just always amazed to see what God is doing with Todd. I've met Todd and he can be rather quiet and he's defnitely an introvert. Yet, I know he takes the time to talk with people and listen even though I know it isn't his favorite thing. I always watch with amazement when Todd speaks from the stage as there is no other way anyone could just nail the truth so profoundly, and with so much conviction and just real love without the spirit. It's truly a gift. On several occasions, Todd mentioned "American Christians" and sometimes the description is too close to home for me, especially as I snapped away with my Canon 20D. I need to keep being reminded, however. I want so badly to help and to love genuinely whereever I am, and I do have a difficult time balancing it all in my life. Todd talked about loving and honoring people not simply because they were poor "unlike us", but to honor them because we truly love them. He said that we cannot force someone to love another (God or another person) or to be in a relationship with them. He gave the analogy of trying to force people to love God to someone trying to force someone to love another person. You can tell them and try to convince them, but it won't cause them to love. I had to laugh because I did notice a lot of people do try to fix Todd up with someone on occasion, so I'm sure he's acquainted with that whole process. I think a lot of people have tried to be matchmakers - you know the sort of matchmaker that is a bit obnoxious and pushy. Sometimes we are matchmakers for God. It's not always a bad thing to introduce parties to one another. We just can't make the choices for them. Anyway, I'm tired, and rambling. :) Anyway, whether it shows externally or not, loving others is something I want to do. I want to not only "feel" love, but to be able to demonstrate it as I should. I welcome all prayers in that regard.

At any rate, the actual concert itself opened with Joy Whitlock. I had heard that Joy's sound was a bit reminiscent of Jennifer Knapp and that turned out to be a very accurate comparison. Of course, she has her own sound as well, but I have always loved Jennifer's music, and so naturally I loved Joy's set, although it seemed really short. She has a cd coming out, and I think you can get some of her music online. Something to look into today and to look forward to. There was also a real sense of peace about what I heard last night, and a strong message of redemption in Jennifer's life. Sometimes I need to hear that lots being such an imperfect Christian myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed Rush of Fools set. The music was top notch, and they had a lot of energy on stage. I had been listening to "Can't Get Away" on myspace so it was nice to hear a familiar song and to sing along as well. The lyrics to that song are rather an encouragement to me. To worship God, and to sing and to have a little fun in the process is always welcome and it is something that Rush of Fools definitely facilitated from the stage.

And Todd Agnew... what can I say except the turn out was incredible for a reason. The musical quality was outstanding. I have seen Todd at least three times before (the numbers get a little tricky since I saw him on the K-Love cruise), and I have always been impressed with his voice, but this time was absolutely the best I've heard him sing. Jonathan Chu was phenomenal on the violin as he always is. I love to watch him sing along in the background sans mike and his energy on stage. If he does not fully enjoy and love what he is doing, then he fakes it really well. (For the record, I think it's genuine.) LOL All of Todd's band does an wonderful job of support.

And it was wonderful to hear everything that Todd had to say. Even if it takes a little time for it to sink in, there is nothing like hearing the truth in love. I need to hear it, even if I'm a little slow getting to where I need to be sometimes.

Thanks to all who made yesterday possible. I know sometimes it's easy to go back to life as usual after an event like this, but I don't think I'll be quite the same.. at least that is my hope and prayer, although I can be a little slow at implementing change.

God's blessings,


AJ said...

i've never heard of this artist before..i'll have to listen to his music sometime.

just so you DO demonstrate love every time you write words of love & encouragement on all the journals you read. You are like His voice of refreshment on every journal page! :)

Andrea said...

Ive heard of him but i dont think I've heard him. haha. All that sounds awsome and I totally agree with the idea of not being pushy about introducing God to ppl. I try to do it w/o being annoying.