Saturday, September 29, 2007

Potatoes anyone?

Well, tomorrow I am working hospitality/catering and I am bringing brownies and potato salad. I bought the ingredients earlier in the week (except for a few last minute items I picked up today.) Of course, one of those ingredients was potatoes. The plan was to get a 10 lb. bag. I kept smelling a sort of moldy smell with the 10 lb bags, and there weren't any 5 pounder's in sight, so for a buck more, I picked up a whopping 20 pounds. I made enough potato salad for a small army and kept some out for my husband to eat at home. It took me what seemed an eternity. I'm going to make some home-made potato soup. I bet I still have potatoes left over.

I will have to become the George Washington Carver of potatoes. LOL

Oh... and the paprika I have is centuries old. It tastes a little like cardboard. Guess I'll have to make a pit stop on the way out.

Tomorrow should be fun. I just have to stay awake.

Peace out,


Andrea said...

yummy! I love potatoes! I dont think I could be able to cook that much! ahhh

Melanie said...

I love potatoes as well. I also ended up making potato soup. LOL
I still have potato salad left over, and lots of potatoes. I love potatoes, but I don't like it much when they go bad. Mashed potatoes anyone? ;)

Andrea said...

me me! I love those! haha