Friday, September 07, 2007

Mae concert recap

The Mae concert in Salt Lake City has come and gone, but not without making a lasting mark!

I got to the venue about 3 p.m., waited for a friend and tried to decide if I was going to go to the instore or not. I saw Dave and he asked me if I was going, and I told him I was waiting for a friend and we'd try to decide. I also saw Zach briefly, and he asked me if it was going to rain.

My friend and I decided about 4 or so that we would leave to go to the instore and come back before the meet/autograph part. We got back to the venue and there were probably about 15 people or so in line. We were lucky in that a group of guys let my friend and I in front of them and I was able to get in front of the stage. Unfortunately, I probably didn't pick the best part of the front of the stage to stand. Really, I never saw Rob before or after the show, and the way things were set up, I was too short to see him, so I have no evidence that he was even there. JK I could hear him, but I really couldn't see him.

Just before the venue opened the doors, the wind really kicked up and there was lightening. You could hear crackle/pop on stage and it sounded rather ominous. The last time things popped, all of the power went out. There was no electricity!! After about 45 mins. or more, they finally had power run through the bus and Deer and the Headlights played an acoustic set to candlelight. There were glowsticks hung from the mikes. It was quite a sight! About halfway through their set the power came back on, but they had to play acoustic for the whole set or cut it shorter. They did an excellent job!!!

As Tall As Lions came out and set up. I think setup took a bit longer as things had to be a bit rearranged after the power outage. I was impressed with them as well. I was actually surprised at how long their set was, but I enjoyed it a lot. The bass player is really animated. LOL

Then it was time for the stage to be set for Mae. The lighting was really very nice for Mae's set. I am impressed with just how much better Mae's stage show has become. Each time I've seen them it just gets better. I enjoyed everything about the concert. There was a good mix of older and newer songs. The crowd was really into everything. Everyone sang at the end of Ocean, which is always memorable. Afterwards I was able to talk to Jacob for a bit, Dave briefly and Zach for a short while.
Scott said that Rob wasn't feeling well, so I was disappointed not to see him, but hope mostly that he's soon feeling better.

As for the instore, I am very glad I went. It was pretty amazing! At the end Dave said there'd be one more song and asked the crowed. I piped up with Ocean. Someone in the back echoed it. Then another person shouted, "Countdown" and there was a little "contest" to see which song would win. In the end, the performed both. Dave's vocals sounded really good.

I have pics I will upload soon. Not sure how good the instore pics are, but I know some did turn out o.k. Me, being the "good" photographer that I am, forgot to check the ISO and I think it was only on 200. I was wondering why I couldn't get enough light and the shutter speeds were so slow. LOL I didn't realize it until about halfway through Mae's set. Then when I changed it the camera wasn't working properly. Finally, I was able to get a few shots. I hope they turned out.

Anyway, it was a very different show, and a very memorable one. And, of course, the music was incredible!


NOTE: Just don't give the lead singer from As Tall As Lions too much to drink. There's no telling what would happen. LOL

Oh, I will add pics soon.


Rev. Anthony C. S. Flanigan said...

Thanks for the comment. It is nice to see an artist like yourself loving the Lord.

AJ said...

thank you for the summary...i felt like i was least in spirit. :) i'm glad you chose to go to the in-store..there is something magical & intimate about a small venue acoustic set. i'm truly a small venue acoustic type of girl, but it's rare to find especially after bands get more success. looking forward to your pics...whatever shutter speed they ended up on. :)