Saturday, September 22, 2007

My 100 things post

A little while back Mark Lee of Third Day posted his list of 100 Things People Might Not Know About Me.. or something to that effect. So, I thought it was cool and started my own list. I got to 73 and quit for a while. Today, Jon Schneck posted his list, so I felt a little motivated to finish mine. It is now completed.

Jon's list inspired one more memory so I suppose I could add one more thing to the list and make it 101 Things? LOL I think the first thing I learned how to spell was Mickey Mouse when I was two. My sister learned how to spell encyclopedia from Jimeny Cricket. So did I. I was 8 and it was a bonus word on my spelling test. I loved Jimeny Cricket for that one. Sometimes I still sing the song in my head when I type the word. LOL

Anyway, here's my list.

100 Things About Me

1. I love God, but cannot for the life of me figure out why He loves me.
2. I was married on the bicentennial - July 4, 1976 and I'm still married to the
same guy.
3. I have three grown children, and 2 live out of state.
4. I love concerts especially if I can take pictures and be in the front.
5. Some of my favorite bands are Third Day, Relient K, Mute Math, Mae, Copeland,
The Fold, Jars of Clay, Switchfoot, Melee, This Providence, Sherwood, or any band
with great harmonies -- today, but my top bands list changes daily.
6. I'm not good at picking favorites.
7. My desk is exceedingly messy. So is the room it sits in.
8. I am an extrovert, meaning I am energized by people and not drained by them,
although there are a few people that can drain even me.
9. I have two dogs that I inherited from my daughter, Daisy Mae and Rocky.
10. I plan to scrapbook all the concerts I've been to. I've scrapbooked about 6
now. I'm a little behind.
11. I procrastinate. I operate best in emergency status sometimes.
12. I wear bifocals and hate it.
13. I prefer to read non-fiction over fiction, but I've gotten more into fiction
again thanks to Mark Lee.
14. Some of my favorite movies are Shadowlands, Lord of the Rings, The Lion, the
Witch and the Wardrobe, Miracle at Moreaux, The Truman Show and The Majestic. Funny
thing is two of my favorite movies have Jim Carey, and I'm not that big a fan of
15. I like the heat better than the cold. I hate being cold.
16. I work seasonally as a data transcriber.
17. The very first concert I ever went to was The Who. My mom made my dad take me.
18. When I was in Jr. High I had magazine photos of the Monkees all over my wall.
19. I missed seeing Davy Jones at Morro Bay once because I ran ahead of everyone to
use the bathroom.
20. When I was 10 I tried to get my mom to let me buy a ticket and bus ticket to see
the Beatles at Candlestick Park. She said I had to have enough to pay for us both.
IT took me a long time to forgive her. LOL So, I found a poster for the event in
Las Vegas and bought it last October.
21. I've lived in Northern UT for 8 years now.
22. I was born at an Air Force Base Hospital
23. I have tickets at my desk for 8 concerts. They are one of the few things that
are organized.
24. I would much rather have a photograph with my favorite artist than an autograph.
I mostly get autographs to talk to people.
25. I love the church I attend and miss it when I'm away.
26. I own over 300 cd's. I can't even listen to them all.
27. I still have dvd's that I purchased months ago that I haven't watched. Radio is
one of them.
28. I have mild rosacea and my face always looks red in photos.
29. I am the oldest of 6.
30. I'm a TK, meaning that I am the daughter of two teachers.
31. I have 22 college units and 19 of them are in early childhood education. I
never graduated from college.
32. I have been arrested for civil disobedience 2 or 3 times.
33. I can't draw.
34. I love Jamba Juice
35. All you can eat soup or salad on Sunday at Olive Garden is the best!
36. I'm lactose intolerant.
37. My daughter is a cosmetologist and cuts my hair for me.
38. I spend too much time reading blogs and checking out myspace.
39. I sometimes fall asleep at my desk.
40 I like crossword puzzles.
41. I don't like root beer, fried eggs, hot dogs or bologna
42. I don't drink coffee
43. I saw The Who on their last tour from row 6. The ticket cost me $232. That is
the most I've ever spent on a concert ticket.
44. I did drive to Colorado once to see Clay Aiken and play hostess for a fan
preconcert party.
45. I used to get 50 cents a week for my allowance, and I nearly always spent it on
a 45 rpm record (single with flip side.)
46. When I was two years old my favorite song was "Wake Up Little Suzy" and I still
like the Everly Brothers.
47. I can type really fast, but I also make lots of mistakes.
48. I like long denim skirts
49. My least favorite chore is putting dishes away.
50. I love Bath and Body Works.
51. I'm not a good long distance driver.
52. I got my driver's license when I was 18
53. My first car was an MG (not a sports car) and it was about as big as a roller

54. I graduated high school within a day of the Roe vs. Wade decision
55. I am prolife
56. I've taken so many photos that my hard drive is almost full
57. My son just started taking helicopter lessons and I'm proud of him
58. I'm not a good disciplinarian
59. I have a strong interest in all things legal
60. I love the biology sciences, but find the physical sciences to be a challenge
61. I rarely get 8 hours of sleep, so I'm tired a lot
62. My favorite color is blue, especially corn silk blue
63. I like to collect concert set lists
64. I tend to lose things and I'm forgetful
65. I have my days and nights turned around. I usually go to bed from 4-6 a.m. give

or take an hour.
66. I hate clutter, but the more I hate it the more of it I seem to have.
67. I hardly ever watch tv
68. I don't have any piercings or tatoos
69. I never thought I'd get a chance to see New York, but I've been a few times. I

love to visit, but I don't think I'd actually want to live there.
70. I've only been out of the country (U.S.) one time and that was to Ensenada on

the K-Love cruise, Jan. 2006.
71. I was born on Good Friday.
72. I'm 5 feet tall exactly.
73. I don't want to pressure my kids, but it makes me sad that I have no

grandchildren to spoil. Yea, Dee skip this one. LOL
74. I used to own one of the very first Chatty Kathy model
75. When I was 10 I was through with dolls except I wanted a Charm 'n Chatty because

shes looked like me and you could change her sayings. She used to say, "I like

pickle ice cream" which was my favorite saying
76. I used to hate raisins because I choked on a stem on one once, and it took me

about 20 years to start loving them again.
77. My first job other than babysitting (which I did lots) was selling vegetables at

the flea market. My first steady job was a part-time maid in Reno.
78. When I was in kindergarden, I was "terrorized" by a old guy telling me he was
going to get me if I didn't put black shoe polish on my hair because I was a
redhead. He was probably joking, but I was never sure. My mom had to take me to
school for a while.
79. I am too argumentative sometimes
80. I value a good sense of humor, especially if someone can be funny without being
81. Of all the photos I've taken, I think my favorite is of a butterfly.
82. I am not good at good-byes.
83. I love peach sorbet, especially Dreyer's. I can eat a whole container in one
sitting quite easily.
84. I don't eat chocolate except on rare occasions because it makes heartburn worse.
85. I don't like to watch sports on tv, except the pretty ones like gymnastics or
ice skating
86. I did gymnastics in high school, but I wasn't all that good. My favorite was
balance beam.
87. I was on a swim team in high school, but the only thing I ever placed other than
last in was the butterfly. The gal I beat was my medley team mate who swam
88. I wish I could have gotten into synchronized swimming before I was a senior in
high school. I loved it.
89. One of my most memorable events in high school was teaching someone to swim.
90. I used to want to be a veterinarian or a nurse
91. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up
92. I love and hate change at the same time
93. I drive a Sebring convertible. I didn't want a convertible. My husband got it as a compromise vehicle since we couldn't afford a Corvette. He bought a 1990
corvette... I got the Sebring. :) I like it.
94. I have lots of family in Northern CA
95. I like giving gifts to people, especially if I can find something I think would
fit them
96. I used to be incredibly shy, and sometimes I still am
97. My next major frivolous purchase will probably be a Canon wide angle zoom with
98. My favorite book of the Bible is the book of Romans.
99. I absolutely love my church. I fit there.
100.I like having company, but rarely do.


Brittany said...


Read It All.. Again, Too Much To Comment On..


ellen said...

how funny it is!
You have a free cosmetologist!
Many freinds on have their own personal cosmetologist. They also suggest me to get one !
Are your daughter willing to be my helper!!!

Andrea said...

haha I so laughed whnen u said u want grandchildren to spoil. Gotta love grannys because of that! haha. I've been saying this a lot after I read everyones 100 things...I feel like I know you better. I really like reading ppls stuff. I like learning about ppl.