Saturday, September 15, 2007

Catching Up and Other Things

Well, I just thought I'd post a thread that's a little bit about everything to sort of play catch up. I'll start with the most recent events.

Tonight I went to In the Venue (aka Club Sound) to the Editors concert. Now one might thing that I actually went to the concert, but that is not exactly what happened. What I did do was stand outside at the concert and hand out postcards and tell people about Mute Math's show here on October 2. It was a really interesting evening. The show as supposed to start at 8:30 with doors opening at 8 p.m. I arrived about 6 p.m. and I was the only one there. After waiting a short bit, I decided to go across the street where there was a Mexican Independence Day celebration going on. There was a stage with Latin American music, a few gals scattered about wearing colorful costumes, some food vendor stands, bounce houses for kids, and tables and chairs. There was also a table to buy tickets for beer and/or soda. I decided to try one of the tacos for $1.50. Then at the stand next door, I purchased a fruit cup (watermelon, cantalope, cucumbers, pineapple) with a little lime. I'd never seen red pepper on fruit before, and wasn't sure I was brave enough to gry that one. Anyway, the food was good. I ate and headed back across the street.

One guy showed up shortly after I arrived back at the venue. I talked to him a while. Then as more people stopped in line I asked each if they had heard of Mute Math. If so, I gave them a card and told them they would be here on Oct. 2. If they hadn't heard them, I offered to let them listen on my cd player. Some took me up on it. Those who listened were impressed, as I knew they would be. Anyway, I stayed until the Editors were about finished with their second song. I talked to security, to the sound person, to the drummer (I think the drummer) from a band called Biffy Crylo and asked him about the band name. He had a very thick British accent, and he made me chuckle. Anyway, I headed for home, stopped at Smith's, had something to eat and sat down at the computer.

Wednesday night, I was at the same venue to see Sherwood, The Rocket Summer, Armor for Sleep and The Academy Is. Even though Sherwood and Bryce recognize me by now, I had no idea now to contact them for photo passes, so I was stuck with a point and shoot camera. I was a tad bummed about that since I'm rather spoiled of late. I was able to talk to Nate (of Sherwood) a good bit before the show and I always do enjoy talking with him. I gave Mikey a tee that I had come up with, and my daughter did the graphics for me. She's good at them, I definitely am not. After a long, hot wait in the sun, it was finally time for the show. Sherwood was up first and Nate's mike wasn't hooked up. He stopped the song, made sure it was taken care of and started the song over. Then they proceeded to play the entire set and pretty much had everyone jumping and clapping. Mikey was energetic and entertaining as he always is. He does 360+ spins, claps, dances, etc. as he plays the keyboards. He's so much fun to watch. Sherwood finished their set and The Rocket Summer began setting up for their show. Bryce (TRS) is pretty popular here, especially among teen girls. I always enjoy his show. I tried to take photos, and didn't get much as it's pretty hard to keep the camera steady when everyone around you is moving themselves, and consequently me with them. Armor for Sleep played a little longer set and then finally it was time for The Academy Is (TAI). I really enjoyed their set actually. William Beckett was all over the stage, and very interactive with the crowd. After the show I had photos taken with everyone in Sherwood except Nate and chatted some more. Then I had a pic taken with Bryce. TAI was MIA. ;) AS the crowd began to disperse, there were about 10-20 people who were waiting to see TAI in the back. I stayed around to talk to a few of them. Finally, there were only three of us left. I was mainly staying with the others, so I just said that they should talk to the guy on the cell when he got off the phone and just ask if they could autograph their things. As I started to drive off, I saw them talk to the guy and then run towards the gate. Later I found out that they did get to meet William. They waited two hours, so I know they were ecstatic. It was cool.


AJ said... are quite the adventurer!:) very cool. that keyboardist from sherwood is pure comedy! when my sister & i saw him perform for the first time at the grove in anaheim, we actually got an ab workout from laughing sooo hard with his animation! :) my sister said she wanted to hug him just to see if she could "catch" his contagious energy..loved his big gerber daisy on top of his piano. :)

Melanie said...

I don't know if it's contagious, but he is very "huggable" and fun, too. These two young ladies were trying to teach him a new dance. It was funny and cute. Seriously, Mikey is really nice.

lexidoodleellis said...

bryce is pretty much amazing..


and i remember the sherwood keyboard guy lol

Andrea said...

ahh I've been a little insecure about getting tix for that tour but after ur review im pretty pumped now! I recently got into the rocket summer I really want to see bryce.. he is stunning! haha
I also want to see the Academy Is. I bought 2 of their cds cuz Michael from Hillsong United is a memeber of that band too. I didnt like their new cd I like almost here much better.