Thursday, October 25, 2007

How not to prepare for a concert?

My latest concert excursion was to Boise, ID, about a 5 hour drive from my home to see David Crowder Band, Phil Wickham, and The Myriad at The Big Easy. I had been to The Big Easy once before last February to see Relient K. The Big Easy doesn't allow any cameras in the venue although I had a photo pass from Relient K to shoot, so I wrote to Phil's management and DCB's management ahead of time to try and get a pass. DCB o.k.'d me to shoot pics without flash with my camera, but I wasn't sure if it was going to be set up as a pass because he merely granted permission. I mentioned it to someone with one of the sponsors of the event and he said he'd see what he could do. I just resolved to print the e-mail and take it with me. I spent some time working on photos so I could clear my compact flash cards, and succeeded. I packed the cf cards so I wouldn't forget them. Everything was going well - that is, except for one small detail. I always pack my ticket the day before so that I don't leave it behind; and it's not unusual for me to check before I hit the freeway just to be sure. I had 4 hours of sleep two nights in a row. I got everything ready and all I was thinking of was getting some sleep for the drive. I never gave it a thought.

I meant to leave at 5 a.m. but realized that I wouldn't have had enough sleep, so I kept moving the time up in my mind. By the time I hit the sack, I had set the alarm for 7:10 a.m. After all, everything was ready to go.

7:10 rolled around and I drug myself out of bed. I've never been a morning person. I showered, got dressed, loaded the car, fed the dogs and headed and was relieved to finally be getting out the door. I figured I'd be to the venue somewhere near 2 p.m. The drive was going well and I planned to make a pit stop at Burley. Just before I got to the exit, I called my friend. We talked about tickets. I hung up the phone. I thought about my ticket... MY TICKET!!! I pictured it sitting on the desk, exactly where I left it! I tried not to panic, and actually did rather well. I called my friend back and she looked up the ticketing outlet, Ticketweb. I called. They said, "No problem" just give us the card no. you purchased your ticket with. I did and they had no record. I remembered ordering presale tickets through KTSY for a concert, but wasn't sure which one, so I called and talked to Travis. He was very sweet and said not to turn around that they would work something out. I got back on the road.

Suffice it to say that I did make it to Boise, and I made it pretty close to 2 p.m. as predicted. I parked in a nearby public garage, and walked a couple of blocks to the venue and saw the KTSY van. Shortly after I saw Jerry and told him what had happened. He took me inside and introduced me to the promoter and he said they could put me on the list to get in and that when I came back I should be on the list. He also checked on my camera and said it was o.k. I said I wasn't really planning to go anywhere else, and he went off to do other things. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to stay or wait outside. I stayed and talked to people a bit and felt a little awkward.. but I did talk a lot. Still, I was relieved and very grateful.

I looked for a friend that was supposed to be here and had no luck. That was kind of a bummer. :( Maybe I'll catch up to him later and find out what happened. Another awkward moment, because I kept asking for him to search.

When it was almost time for the doors to open, I thought I'd better make sure everything was squared away so I wouldn't get into any trouble. I wasn't on any lists. I told them that I talked to the promoter, and to KTSY. They just kept saying they couldn't let me in without being on the list and finally I think they went to look for someone to help. Then I asked about the photo pass and one of the gals kinda jumped on me a bit about the venue having a no camera policy. I knew that, but I know they will give out a pass at the band's request because they had already done that for me before and for someone else I know. She just kept reiterating that point. Finally, the promoter got my entry squared away and she went to get me a wristband for a photo pass. She also kept telling me how I wasn't allowed to photograph the crowd, and then said I couldn't have access to the stage (which was o.k. - I wasn't planning to do either.) Finally I waited at the front door, and the gal asked to talk to the promoter and I felt like she was saying something to him about it.. so I felt badly. :( I hate that sort of thing.

I waited at the front door for the doors to open and someone came by to check id's (there is a bar upstairs.) They passed by me, so I tried to get their attention and was told I couldn't go in yet sort of abruptly. It would be nice if people wouldn't assume you want to make their life hard and just give you the benefit of the doubt. I said, "I know, I just asked if you were checking id's." LOL Anyway, after that, they were pretty nice and we joked a little.

I remembered I had towels in the car, as there was to be a towel and sock collection at the show. It was only 12 minutes until the doors opened so I figured I'd just run out and grab them after the show. (I did, but they had already taken them so another nice couple offered to take them to the shelter for me. I am very grateful to them!!!) I figure there must be a reason, there usually is.

Finally, the doors opened, and I had my camera, my photo pass, and my no flash policy. Meanwhile someone behind me with a digital SLR took pics with flash and I could not believe how many people still had cameras snapping away. LOL I followed the rules. Do I get brownie points? LOL (JK)

Throughout the day, I prayed for God's timing. I tend to stress over time and prayed that God would check my attitude if anything went wrong. I prayed that a lot. Then I was able to pray for the bands and the people coming. At least for my side, I was really calm through most everything. I know it wasn't me. I would normally have been a total basket case.

The concert itself was amazing. I hated the lighting on the first band, for the most part, but it wasn't too unusual. The lighting for Phil was dark and yellow.. and didn't change much. I'm not sure what I have yet photo-wise. For the first two songs of the DCB, they were almost completely in the dark. I joked with someone that it really wasn't David and they didn't want us to know. LOL But then on song 3, the lights came up and the lighting was better. I don't expect the lighting to be a photographer's dream, but I do like to see the stage, so I was glad the lights came up. LOL I said one of those check my attitude prayers towards the end of the second song.

At any rate, the music was all top notch. The Myriad was astounding. I totally loved their set. I talked with a couple of guys behind me about their music before the show because I heard it on myspace and liked it. By the end of The Myriad's set, they were shouting "Yea" and saying how awesome they were. Phil took the stage next, and did a rather acoustic set, but his voice was simply breathtaking. When he sang in the upper ranges it gave me goosebumps. I completly loved a few of the songs. I don't recall the title's off-hand, but I think one of them is track 10 on the cd. It's hard not to praise God in the presence of such beauty.

And DCB -- they just rocked the place as alway. They played a fairly long set, with great music, David's usual sense of humor, and a wonderful blend of praise, participation and just fun. They performed all but about 2 songs from the new cd, Remedy, and quite a few old favorites including "I Saw the Light". It was a foot-stomping time. The last song featured Mark on the strings and it was really breath-taking.

I am not one bit sorry I made the drive.

Afterwards, I met most of the artists (just three of the DCB), had pictures taken, took photos of other people with artists and chatted everyone's ear off. I ended up at a place called Old Chicago, which is a pizza joint. I think it was the only place around not a dedicated bar that was definitely open. I walked over with Adam who I met at a bar I was going to get a soft drink at, but I didn't feel comfortable when I went in, the drink glasses didn't look too big and I wanted a huge drink (non-alcoholic).) Adam was just standing inside the door waiting for the traffic in the garage to die down. So he recommended Old Chicago and walked me over to the pizza place. He had water, I had soft drinks. Then Adam left and I went over and talked to the gals who were next to me at the show who were there as well. They were a lot of fun.

Then there was the parking lot adventure - one of the ladies and I trying to find the payment drop box the envelope from the garage said we should put our payments in, but I'm sure doesn't really exist. I will have to mail it tomorrow. LOL

Finally I made it to my friend's place and a nice warm bed for much needed rest. It's odd going to someone else's place in the middle of the night when no one's awake. I felt like a burglar. I had this huge fear that I was going to walk into the wrong house. LOL Wouldn't that have been a trip? It was a long day, and very unusual, but I muddled through.

Today I drove back home, but made it as far as my daughter's place. My husband was there to put in her dishwasher. I decided to take some pics of the mountains which are practically in her front yard. I also tried to take photos of her dogs. When you get down to their level, they'd rather be in your lap. LOL It was a gorgeous day. I finally headed for home ahead of my husband and forgot I didn't have a key to the house. I did manage to get inside just the same. (No, I'm not telling you how!) ROFL

Another adventure comes to an end.

Pics to follow shortly.

An award goes to whoever reads this. I"m not sure what sort of award, but there must be one. ;)

Peace out,



Andrea said...

haha its okay someda u can give me w/e award! haha. i dont know who they are..but sounds awesome. wow that was a big deal of obstacles. glad u made it! haha they prolly sneak in the cameras inside their bras. a chick on kteam told me that works often! LOL!

Melanie said...

Yea, it's really pretty easy to get point and shoots in most places. Someone to the left and a row or two back had a DSLR and was using flash, so I guess she had a photo pass too? The band manager asked me not to use flash, though, and I didn't.

I will have to make an annual award to send to people who read my novellas. LOL

Andrea said...

psh they r so not novelas. that if u r referring to sopapers. haha