Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 5 after surgery

This morning I am up, way earlier than I intended. Mollie the dog thought she couldn't wait an hour to go outside. So, I got up and put something on besides comfy pj's today. I still picked something soft, a teal velour pantsuit, as I am still definitely sore, but it is way better than day 1 to be sure. I am still not sure what to eat anymore, but I've been eating a lot of oatmeal because it just sounds good and it's easy.

My daughter has a doctor's appointment this morning, so I am going with her. She is picking me up in a bit. At least I'll be ready to go. I really need time to flat iron my hair, anyway, and it's heating up as I type. Yesterday morning I took a shower and went back to bed with damp hair, so my hair looks like something out of a horror movie. ;)

Anyway, I am very slowly getting better. The bruising around the incision is starting to lighten, and I can almost lay for a brief moment on my right side --
almost. Never take small things for granted. My body really is tired of being able only to rest only one side.

I made an appointment for my follow up on Jan. 27 in the afternoon.

I was invited to take photos for a local band opening up for Rookie of the Year on Jan. 23, but I don't think it would be a terribly great idea, especially since the venue has no barricade to hide behind. It's also my husband's birthday. I feel kinda badly since this is the second time I've had to turn them down mostly due to just bad timing. They really have a lot of potential, and are nice people.

I have a ticket to see Anberlin and Between the Trees a couple of hours from here on the 31st, and I am starting to question my sanity if I go. I figured I will wait until the 27th and then decide. I obviously will not be able to stay long in the front, if at all. I may contact the venue to see what the setup is like. I was there once last year, and the venue ended up not being ready, so they moved it elsewhere. I've never seen the inside. I would really like to see Between the Trees again. It's been a while.

Anyway, nothing much exciting to report: only that I am still alive, and slowly but surely recovering.

Peace out,

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