Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I guess I'm O.K.

Yesterday I set my alarm for 8 a.m. At 7:14 a.m., the dogs decided I'd had enough sleep. Who needs an alarm clock? LOL

I tried my best to wake up, let Daisy and Rocky out and then took Mollie outside to do her business and tried to run around with her a little, but it was just too cold to stay out very long. I was wearing a nightgown, jacket, snowboots and was wrapped in a blanket. I must have looked quite adorable to the early crowd driving down the street. I live on a main street, so I am hardly anonymous when I go out like this. I wonder what people think when they see me, and yes, they do know where I live. LOL

I had planned to try and make a woman's Bible study at 9:30 and was leaving just about in time to barely get there ontime. One of these days, I will remember that in the winter I have to allow time to scrape ice off my car. I got out the scraper and realized there really was no ice on the outside of my windows. It was all on the inside. Sunday I had a leak in my car somehow. My husband did me a favor the night before and warmed my car up. I think that just increased the humidity inside the car even more. So the ice froze inside my window. Let me tell you that scrapers do not work on the inside. At any rate, I finally cleared a spot and headed out to the study. It was in progress when I arrived, but I enjoyed the fellowship. The topic was probably pretty pertinent to me, as it dealt with being surrendered to Christ. IT's right to the heart of the matter.

I had a few nice conversations with some of the ladies at the church, one of whom was a nurse and she and I talked about my surgery and she assuaged a few concerns.

Afterwards I headed for the post office to check my box and to mail my husband's driver's license renewal. As I was preparing to write the check I noticed it said that it takes 8 weeks. I decided he should do this in person and just checked my P.O. Box instead. I had two packages waiting - a dvd and two books. It's Christmas in January. :) One of the books is "What to Expect When You're Expecting" for my youngest daughter who is now expecting (about 9 weeks now) and is due at the end of August.

I came home and had some lunch, checked my e-mail and facebook, etc., chatted for a short bit with my dear husband, and then headed for my post op appointment. When I arrived, I noticed that I'd forgotten my purse and was afraid I would not be seen without a copayment. As it turned out, you don't need a copayment for post op. Phew!!! Fortunately, I wasn't pulled over. :)

As I was waiting, I started reading "The Orphaned Anything's" book that I had just received. Before too long I was called in and saw the surgeon. He had me lie on the table, and then he looked at my incisions. He said the "bumps" were normal. I told him I wasn't really concerned about that. Then I mentioned the sharp pains that felt like I was ripping or tearing something. He said I probably was, and something about scar tissue and adhesions (scar tissue actually was what I was thinking) and that it happens, and it will usually be sore for a day or two and it wasn't to worry about. It's a good thing, because I woke up today, stretched really big and "tore" something else. Just when I think I'm better! For the most part things are better everyday, and yesterday the surgeon sent a note to my doc saying that I'm o.k.

So, I'm officially o.k.

If the surgeon really knew me, he might want to rescind that. ;)

Peace out,

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