Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I really didn't start out to make any resolutions this year, but I think I may make just a few. The first one is that I really want to get a handle on this messy computer room. Then I hope it will spread elsewhere. This is the worst room (ever) so if it is under control, I think good things will follow. LOL

Anyway, here is a new pic of my desk. I know it probably doesn't look like a lot of progress, but trust me, it is. The stack at the back of my desk is half of what it was. The "junk" next to my keyboard used to be mostly papers, now it's a few books some dvd's and a couple of papers. Still haven't figured out how I will sort and store all of my dvd's, but I think that will be tomorrow's project. I figure if I do something everyday, I will make progress. I already emptied a basket and threw away two trash bags full of trash, mostly paper.

Anyway, my second resolution is to finally find a good home for Mollie the dog.
Mollie is adorable. She's about 3 years old and is a black and white cocker/basset mix. I have to tell ya, she's a tad neurotic in that she tends to attach to a female in the household and barks/growls at others. For some reason I think it is just because she's a little fearful. For this reason, though, I am not too sure really small children in the home would be a good idea. I do think this is overcomeable if someone spends the time to work with her a little. She is house trained but she will sometimes go if she smells urine from another dog. Otherwise, she will jump up, bark and drive you crazy if she needs to go out. She likes to give me baths. She just cleaned my feet. (Yuck, the things dogs will do. LOL) She's been pretty much an indoor dog here, but she was outdoors during the day and inside at night when my daughter had her. The reason I have her is that my daughter had too many dogs, so the city cited her for it and she had to give Mollie up. I have two other dogs (I am only supposed to have 2) and Daisy, the chocolate lab, doesn't like competition, so they don't really get along - hence the reason why Mollie is usually indoors. Anyway, I already feel she is too attached here, so the sooner she finds a new home, the better. I took a few cell pics of Mollie, and I blogged about her a while back where there are some better pics. I think tomorrow, I'll try taking a few good pics of her with my better cameras. I really want to take some pics tomorrow anyway.

So, if you or anyone you know could make a good home for Mollie, please let me know. If you are not really close by, then don't totally rule it out, either, as if there is a way, (and I like you) it still might happen. With a lot of love and attention, I know Mollie will be a great dog for someone!!

And my resolutions for Monday are to finally get ahold of my doc,to get an appointment for Daisy's vaccinations, and make a trip to the post office. LOL
I think I need "daily resolutions." LOL

Peace out,

P.S. I still want to do a 2008 recap eventually, hopefully before 2009 ends.

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