Friday, November 21, 2008


I have been online enough, but since I started work, went to a ton of shows, and battled pertussis, I've lost track of some of the boards I've been on for a while. Eisley's board was one of the boards I hadn't visited in a while.

So last night I got back online and decided to check out some of the threads. I found out that Zane, their merch guy, was hit by a car(s) and ended up with a head injury. Zane is a very nice, and personable guy. I know I went to take a photo of him once and he said he wasn't that important. I disagreed. I also remember having a conversation with him about merch. A little later in the day someone wanted to see the merch before the show, and he accomodated them. Anyway, this is to say he's a good guy, and my hope and prayer is that he will recover fully and soon. I wouldn't mind at all if a few others joined me in that prayer.

Then the real kicker, also on the Eisley board, is that Randy, the drummer for The Myriad, has a form of bone cancer. This is the post from their website:

"Friends and family,

As some of you may have heard, our band mate Randy Miller had a large tumor removed from his left chest/shoulder area which has now been diagnosed as Chondrosarcoma, an extremely rare cancer of the bone. Unfortunately, during the meeting with the specialist at Stanford this week, he was informed that the tumor removed was just the tip of the iceberg. The tumor is much larger than they originally thought and it extends into his shoulder and arm. There is also a tumor in his left pelvic area and thigh and still another large tumor located on his right adrenal gland which is possibly another type of cancer altogether. Due to the aggressive nature of this cancer, Randy should begin chemotherapy immediately but is waiting to hear back from the state as to whether they will insure him. Until then, he cannot begin the treatment process. Please pray that this process is expedited.

There are immediate and ongoing financial needs for Randy and Kristyn and kids, Connor and Gillian. These needs can be met by donating to a “Mercy Fund” set up by a non profit organization called The Stirring and currently designated to Randy Miller. There are a few different ways you can send tax deductible donations to this fund. One is online at Located to the bottom right of the main page you will see “ONLINE GIVING”. If you click on this link you will be directed to a secure page where you can set up an online giving account. Once the account is set up you will see the “MERCY FUND” and be able to send secure donations to the family through this organization. Tax deductible donations can also be sent in the form of a check to:

The Stirring
RE: Randy Miller
3468 Bechelli Lane Suite E
Redding, CA 96002

Any financial support you can give in order to help the Miller’s through this difficult time is appreciated.

Thanks for your prayers,
The Myriad"

I have tears in my eyes as I post this. These guys mean a lot to me. They have been amazing to this old lady when I've seen them. Please, keep Randy and family, and all of them in your prayers and if you can help out - that would be wonderful.

I am just a bundle of good news. :(

God's blessings,

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