Friday, November 14, 2008

Lights.. no camera.. TSO

Even though no cameras were allowed, I have to say that I had the most amazing time tonight at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. There is nothing else that can even come close to comparing. The music is unbeatable, as is the stage lighting. Music, a story-line, and quite appropriate for all ages.

If you haven't seen (or heard of) Trans-Siberian Orchestra, someone once described it as Christmas music to shred guitars. Actually, it is much more than that! TSO is Christmas, classical and good rock all rolled into one, combined with electric violins, and vocals that range from classic to rock to blues. The first half of the show has a storyline, mixed with music that is somewhat thematic. Some of the vocals sound very rock/blues, while some are just classical vocals. There is a street bum in the storyline who does the most amazing job of his role, and sings beautifully to boot while staying in character. (Hear that Bart, you really are one of my favorite actors, and those really were tears in my eyes.) TSO on the west coast, at least, has two of the most amazing pianists around and they always do a little back and forth piano "dueling" at one point in the show.

Then there is the light show. Every year TSO adds to the light show. I was told that there were 15 trucks this time around and I definitely believe it. It wouldn't surprise me if that was understated, although I think the source was pretty accurate. There are lights, lights, and more lights - magenta, whites, blues, reds - flashing lights, laser lights, green, red and every color of the rainbow, screens, flames, fog(steam), pyrotechnics (aka fireworks) and just about every stage light imagineable. I can't imagine how they can possible add more and still have room for musicians. LOL I have decided that my dream is to someday photograph TSO's show. I think I have about as much chance of that as walking on the moon, but sometimes you have to dream big. LOL As for smaller goals, a much more modest goal is to remember to set my alarm for the presale next year so I can once again sit closer than row 29. I must say, though, even at Row 29, the view wasn't too bad, and I could still feel the heat from the flames.

After the show, there was the usual autograph table. This year Al was at the head of the table instead of the end. He had hurt himself (e.g. really messed up his knee) and had to play the show sitting. He was in a wheel chair. I got up to see him and said, "Hey, it's the stunt man" and it made him laugh, which was really cool. I thought he might think it lame, but he smiled instead. I will be praying for his knee, as he may have to have surgery when he gets home.

Then I went down the line. I told Angus that he looked like he was getting more comfortable on the riser or he was faking it better. Then he said really it was Anna Phoebe's fault (violinist last few years now on the East coast tour - she's pretty incredible, btw.) She told him not to move. LOL I was so tired, I nearly fell for it. But then I remembered that the first time I saw them I mentioned him being "white knuckled" and we talked about it until security told me I had to keep the line moving. (Hey, he was the one talking. LOL)

I felt kinda badly because it took me too long to place of few of the newer musicians with the West Coast tour, so I probably sounded really dorky, and just said how amazing the show was and the vocals were great. Then I saw Tommy Farese. I just love Tommy. His vocals were outstanding tonight, especially the first song he sang. He just nailed it - lots of heart and soul. I told him I missed him last year. He said, yea, I think I was sick, and I said that he was. I told him I said a prayer for him then. I said I hoped he was feeling better, and he said "not really" and I wanted to say more but felt like I'd better move before I got moved. LOL Anyway, now I feel sorta badly that I didn't give him some proper good well wishes. He probably knows, but it was a tad awkward when I left. Anyway, he's a good guy, and I always enjoy seeing him.

Afterwards, I looked for my car. I literally walked right past it because I thought it was further out, and the cold air was making my tired eyes water like crazy. Then I realized I was at A14, the numbers were going up, and I was at A3. So, I backtracked, found my car, headed for home, stopped and checked my P.O. Box, pulled into the driveway, petted Daisy & Rocky, went inside and greeted Mollie, had some nice warm oatmeal and raisin bread and sat down to type of my latest adventure.

If TSO is coming to your area, please do yourself a favor and go. It will be worth every penny!!!

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