Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I found out about Eric from one of Kevin Max's blogs a while back. He was unjustly imprisoned in Nicaragua for a murder he didn't commit (trust me, the evidence was pretty strongly in favor of his innocence.) I received an e-mail from Friends of Eric Volz that I wanted to pass this along:

And some good news that I received today:
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IMPORTANT ADVANCEMENT - Yesterday, at the last minute, three Opposition Party Supreme Court Justices broke their strike and entered the court room to preside over Eric's case. This moderates the balance of political influence on the 6 judge panel. The substitute Sandinista judges did not appear, so the final count was three judges from Ortega's Party and three judges from the political opposition. The presence of the judges from the opposition greatly improves Eric's chances of receiving an objective ruling. Eric is innocent of this crime! It is our hope that the Appellate Court verdict declaring Eric's innocence will be upheld by the Supreme Court.
The information we have received is that the judges will take 30 days to announce their decision. Three officers from the U.S. Embassy were in attendance for the hearing in an observational capacity.

Eric and his family would like nothing more than to put this case behind them. We pray for the objectivity of the judges and, ultimately, for justice to be honored in memory of Doris Jimenez.

Thank you for your continued support!

NEW important articles to read:

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Sometimes it's easy to forget what's going on in the rest of the world, and how fortunate we truly are here in America even with all of it's imperfections.

Peace out,

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