Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cell Phone Photo Sunday

I have been in the process of working on getting my very messy bedroom cleaned out a bit. I figured that if I could get that project completed, I would be in a better position to tackle the computer room, which at this point looks rather hopeless. LOL

At any rate, while I was engaged in the cleaning process, I started thinking about cell phone pics. I have no idea why I was thinking about cell phone photos. There probably is not a good and logical explanation. However, I was thinking about them just the same. Since I don't really have one theme for all of them, I thought I'd share a sampling (my equivalent of home movies?)

Well, I can't seem to get captions and photos to match, so I will just list the references at the bottom of the blog:

(still working on the attributions - may not be in order)
Marquee on Sept. 19 for The Rocket Summer concert.
What my husband looks like when he cleans my car window in Arizona, what a happy-go-lucky guy. ;) He's a serious window cleaner.
Sunset on September 20, 2008 (Somewhere between UT & AZ).
Clouds somewhere in AZ on the way home.
Me in the car on Sept. 28, 2008. I look dangerously mean one of them. You can probably guess which one. LOL
Zion National Park from the car on Sept. 28
Rockband 2 load in.
The Yellowcard concert was on a college campus near a big grassy area with trees.
There was a cemetery right next door to the venue where Yellowcard was playing.
Praying Mantis was waiting to see Yellowcard with me in Logan - Sept. 30.
Me, waiting for the plane to leave for Fort Meyers Florida with a long layover in Dallas.
Clouds from the plane. Thanks to Jacob and Brett for my obsession with cloud photos. :)
One of my airplanes.
Skylink, airport tram in Dallas.
The road and mountains from my car on the way to work.
The Ogden Mountains while I was waiting to see One Republic, et al.

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Jacob said...

Ah, it is an obsession haha! Thanks for the shout out :)