Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hush Sound, Spill Canvas, One Republic equals one great concert!!

I have had a ticket to see One Republic, Augustana, The Spill Canvas and The Hush Sound since the day they went on sale. I've been looking forward to it. IT was really nice that it was pretty close to home, and even closer to my workplace.

I did need to put in at least 4 hours of work, so instead of my usual swingshift, I worked 4 hours from 9:25 a.m. to 1:25 p.m. It went by relatively quickly, although with only 4 hours of sleep I was somewhat tired. I headed out to the venue to wait early since the show was general admission. I arrived at the venue around 2 p.m. and proceeded to look for the best place to line up. It took a while, but the first place I chose to wait ended up being the best. I went into the ticket office right after I got there, and the ticket window was still closed. There were quite a few people waiting for will call but I think many of them were waiting for an early meet and greet. As it turned out, the meet and greet must have incorporated at least part of sound check. The door to the building was left open and I could hear it quite well. One Republic played Stop and Stare and another song and I was excited about the evening. Still, I was the only one waiting in line. Around 3:15 or so I decided to play my Zune for a bit and wait for Lauralee to get to the venue, and I took them off again when I heard The Hush Sound. I wasn't positive it was them, since I wasn't really familiar with their music, but I knew it wasn't the Spill Canvas and Augustana had to cancel when the singer was injured 10 days ago. (They rejoin the tour today, I think, so we JUST missed them!) :( Anyway, it was a little after 4 before anyone joined me in line, and then Lauralee and friend showed up around 4:45. They were next in line. At a little after 5, a couple showed up and we chatted about the lack of a line so close to door times (6 p.m.) They expected to see a long line. I spotted Miss Corey somewhere around that time, and we chatted a bit and caught up with things. That was a nice surprise. :) It was nearly 6 by the time people really started to arrive. It was almost eerie. LOL At any rate, the doors did finally open, probably close to 6:15 and I managed to get to the front of the barricade without any major hassles or obstacles. I think that's a first! LOL Then I proceeded to chat with anyone and everyone and had a good, long conversation with one of the security guards.

Before long, The Hush Sound made their way to the stage and put on an awesome show.
At one point they had said that Utah was better than Colorado and started a Utah, Utah chant. It was funny. Afterwards, I asked for a set list and was able to get one. Lauralee got a set list as well, so that was pretty cool. I was thinking that if I only got one, I'd probably give it to her, but I really am kinda glad I didn't have to. LOL

The Hush Sounds set list:
Intro, Love You Better, We Intertwine, Molasses, Med Man, Wine Red, Hurricane, Not Your Concern, Honey

After the usual amount of time to set the stage, it was time for The Spill Canvas. There were a couple of gals next to me that were extreme Spill Canvas fans. I can't say I blame them. I've seen them off and on since 2005, and they just get better everytime I hear them. Nick is a fantastic vocalist and it's fun to watch them interact on stage. They definitely have their own style. They did a few older songs, and more than a few from their newer cd.

Nick said that their dressing room was the girl's locker room, and that Landon was wearing a shirt in honor of one of the players, so he took off his jacket and he had a Weber State tank top on.

I had hoped to hear Battles, but unfortunately, it wasn't on the set list. Afterwards, I managed to get Dan's attention and asked him for the set list. He came over to the stage, then said that he would save it for me. I thought, "how cool is that," and "Now how am I going to get it from him?" I finally figured that they were planning to meet people after their set so I texted Lauralee to find out if she could get it for me if she saw him. She left the barricade to go and meet with The Hush Sound as they are one of her favorite bands. She asked which one he was, so I texted back, but that was the end of it.

I did finally see Dan after the show (to skip ahead a little) and asked him if he really saved it for me, and he had. He pulled it out and handed it to me. He asked me about photos, and we talked briefly, but he had to leave. They will be in Pocatello, and I really wished I could practically make it. Next time, though, I will be there if it's at all possible.

Anyway, the set list for The Spill Canvas was:
Hush Hush, Staplegunned, Saved, Polygraph, Dutch, Connect, All Over You
I'm not really sure if that's all of the songs they played. I thought there were more, so I'll have to think about it. The set list has Dan's name on it. LOL

Then it was time for One Republic to set up. Until that point the crowd had been pretty energetic but not at all pushy, which was nice. During the break, things started to get a little tighter, and a lot pushier, although the people behind me did a fairly good job of holding their own, so I was doing pretty good for the most part. Finally One Republic took the stage to raucous applause. :) Brent came out first and did some things with the keyboards, then everyone else came on. Ryan came from the center back of the stage, so I could hear him before I could see him. I was pretty much right in front of him and the piano. It was a great set.

One of the songs I really wanted to hear was Mercy, and they opened with it. Ryan's voice was simply incredible all night long. IN addition to Mercy, they did Stop and Stare, Apologize, Say All I Need, Goodbye Apathy, to name a few. Brent was simply amazing on the cello - so pretty and it added a lot! For the encore, they came out and did a song from my "era", For What It's Worth. :) They did an amazing job of it, imho. I knew most of the words, too. ;)
Here's a live version from 1967 by the Buffalo Springfield. I got a kick out of the emcee since I was obsessed with him in Jr. High:

During the encore, this girl behind me threw up. From that point on the path behind me was rather clear. LOL At the last song these two girls, thinking they were getting a good deal, stood right where she threw up. Kinda gross. We tried to tell them, but they decided to stay.

After the show, I spotted Sam and went over to talk to him for a while. That's when I spotted The Spill Canvas. Then I talked to Sam for another minute and went up to see if the merch was still available and it was. Then I spotted a line and asked and told it was an autograph line. I bought a tee so I'd have something for One Republic to sign. I tried to buy a cap earlier, but they sold the last one off the display right in front of me. :( Anyway, I got back in line and someone asked for my wristband. I asked someone how to get a wristband and they said you had to buy the cd, so I spotted two guys with the cd's and wristband's, had a short debate with myself, and bought the cd.

I was the last one in line, which is usually good, but a couple of gals left, and wanted to be last, so they got behind me. Then someone got behind them. I thought it mildly amusing. We all wanted to be last. LOL I had a nice, but short conversation with Ryan about the first time I saw them at Jingle Ball in Stockton (with my mom who loves Apologize) and a little bit of a fun conversation with Drew and Brent. Then I talked security into letting me back just long enough to get a photo with Ryan. One of the gals walked right in front of the rest of the guy's, so you can only see Ryan in the pic. LOL She didn't realize it, though. Then I took a pic of her getting her tee shirt autographed and I walked out with her and her friend.

Then I scraped a little ice off my window (ugh, winter weather), got in the car and headed for Arby's and then home.

I was so exhausted, that I totally crashed on my keyboard. LOL But it was a great night of great music!

Peace out,


Melanie said...

Sorry about the hugeness of the photos. I uploaded them with the "small" setting. They are showing up full size. I tried taking the pics out and reuploading, but the same probelm. If you click on a photo, it's more manageable. Hopeing this is a temporary glitch.

Lauralee said...

I hadn't really listened to much of One Republic before (same with my friend) but we were both really impressed! We ended up just sitting in the seats for their set (haha were such cheaters). I got to have a nice chat with The Hush Sound, and they were excited to see me. As they were walking over to the table for the meet and greets (it was in a different area for them) Greta saw me and said hello and asked how I was doing. Bob also told me how happy he was I got a set list.