Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Stay Classy Tour

Friday night I left work knowing that I was headed for yet another concert on Saturday. I love Saturday shows because I don't have to worry about taking off work. I am not as fond of the fact that a good majority of people have the day off as well, so it's not unusual for people to show up pretty early in the day. Such things are rather unpredictable around here, though. Sometimes people begin to show up at 10 a.m., sometimes not until a 1/2 before the doors open. I figured that I needed sleep and hoped that 2 p.m. wouldn't be too late in the day. That mean that I needed to leave around 1 p.m. So, I tried to get some sleep, but it wasn't to be. Mollie, the dog, was sick, and I ended up having to take her out a lot, and clean up after her before I could leave. I barely made it out the door in time. LOL

The line up for the evening was The Graduate, Rookie of the Year, My American Heart, Play Radio Play, and Secondhand Serenade. It was the first time I'd ever been to that particular venue (the Murry Theater) and I had absolutely not trouble finding it at all, which was a good thing. I had no idea where to park, so I just parked really far out at a small strip mall across the street. It wasn't busy at all. Just as I was crossing the street, I saw the guys from Secondhand Serenade (didn't know who was who at the time, so they might have been from another band as well) head over for the Mexican Restaurant, Alfredo's. I didn't bug them. I just got a chuckle out of one of the guys having to be told not to run out in front of oncoming traffic. I think his name must have been Luke since someone yelled it out to him. ;)

I walked around to the front of the building and found my place in line, and then went back around to see if My American Heart was there yet so I could say "hello" to Jake (the drummer.) They hadn't arrived yet. I did talk to a couple of guys in Rookie of the Year, though. They were very nice. I asked which band they were with as am rarely 100% positive if I haven't seen someone before, and was pleased to find out that I had it right after all. I passed on "hellos" to them from Stephanie, chatted for a sec. and they got back into line. I probably drove those around me a little crazy with my usual chattiness.

After a little bit, Jon from Secondhand Serenade came out one of the doors, and a bunch of the girls went crazy. He headed for the corner and two girls broke from the line and ran after him. A few others in the front decided that since he was accomodating them, they'd head over and get a pic with him as well. They all kept him busy a while. I went across the street and got something from my car, and walked past him and decided not to ask for a photo at that time. I did ask him if he could tell Jake I said hello, though as I walked past and just before he went in. For a good 1/2 some girls in line were quite giddy. Ah... to be young. LOL I guess I never did understand that entirely. I love to meet artists (as most people can probably tell), but the screaming, weak in the knees giddiness has never really been my style, not even when I was much younger.

Anyway, after all that commotion, things were really not so exciting, just very hot. I forgot my hat and sunscreen, so I am definitely burnt, but not as bad as I probably could have been. Anyway, they finally split the line from will call/hard copy tickets, and I was the first person in the will call line. One of the stage guys (I think he also does some security) that I recognized commented that I was always first in line and gave me a big hug. That was kinda cool. I like hugs. LOL
And finally, I hear a very quiet, "You can go in now", and I got checked in and headed for the stage.. at the front of the stage to the left (facing the stage.) The gal next to me was shorter, so I had good visibility for the most part. It was definitely loud.

The first band up was a band from Seattle. They were less than stellar. I kinda liked the drums (lead singer played) but they weren't always 100% together. It was kinda fun to watch. Some people to the left of me booed. I can't make myself do that.

I am trying to recall the exact order, but I think Rookie of the Year played next. I liked their set a lot, except for a sprinkling of "F" bombs here and there, I really liked them. Someone said they didn't think it was Rookie of the Year, but I thought I recognized at least one of them, so I spent half the night confused as to who I was watching. So now the order of players is totally jumbled in my mind as are the pranks. Maybe the photos will help?

Oh, and did I happen to mention it was the last night of the tour? I'm not sure I've been to many "last night of the tour" shows, although I've seen video. That means it was prank night. It was definitely wild and crazy. For The Graduate's set, they brought out van seats and all of the bands came and sat down in the middle of the stage. For Play Radio Play, they brought the 4 trailer tires and set them on the stage. Then they closed the theater curtains at one point. Dan explained that he was pretty much instigating a lot of pranks on the tour, so he was pretty much expecting it. LOL during one set they dismantled the drummer's drumset and one of the guys in a drumset behind him picked up where he couldn't play. There were lots of moments where someone from one band would come out and sing and/or play another's part. Spiderman made an appearance or two, a good number of the people from backstage came out swinging tee's - I think they were wet. Jon of Secondhand Serenade came out with a few others dancing once or twice. And for Secondhand Serenade, they apparently posted Jon's cell number on an overhead screen. I am still wondering if it was really his number, but I overheard someone saying something about his voice mail being full, so maybe it was. If so, he'll likely have to change his number. I was laughing and thinking that if they need to get him an urgent message the joke may be on the jokesters. ;)

Anyway, there was never a dull moment, and with the exception of the first band, the music was good. I would have liked to have heard Play Radio Play vocals a bit more, but it was still good.

At the end of Secondhand Serenade's encore, the drummer threw his drumsticks into the crowd. I was waiting for a setlist one of the stage guys promised me, and not really into getting a drumstick. Next thing I know something smacks me upside the head, and it really hurt. I looked over at the girl next to me and she is holding a drumstick. I put two and two together. I touched the side of my head and there was a really large goose egg. I didn't really expect that. I was o.k. but kinda disoriented a little. I already had the setlist when the very nice stage guy came to make sure I got what he had promised me. I told him what happened and asked if there was ice somewhere. He told me to go back to the merch booth and someone would meet me there in 5 minutes. I really was back there, but couldn't figure out which one was their's at first, and I never did meet anyone. I said some hello to Dan (was supposed to get a pic, but I saw Jake and Dan left), so I talked to Jake a bit, got my pic with him, and then over to get pics with Rookie of the Year (I never got the drummer or keyboardist even though I talked to them. I was being shooed out.) I still was trying to find ice. Finally I told this guy trying to get me to leave that I was hit in the head and I needed ice. He brought me a cup of ice. I'm not sure how I was supposed to use it in that form. He finally brought me kitchen napkins, so I left and went into the lobby and sat down to put ice in the napkins. Again someone tried to shoo me out, so I tried to tell him what I was doing, but it was very uncomfortable. So finally, I got the ice in the napkins and just sat on the ground in front of the venue and put ice on my head. Sigh.... they are really good people (I'm glad I know that) but their first aid policy sucks big time. I really wanted to cry, then figured it was just me being overtired. I was o.k., but still somewhat disoriented and I didn't know if it was the hit on the head, being overly tired, thirsty and hungry, or a combination (although I suspected the latter.)
I did have a major headache. LOL

I finally felt like it had been long enough that I could possibly drive home, so I went across the street. I noticed that Alberto's was still open, and not just the drive up, so I went in and ordered. The gal at the counter was super sweet. :) We chatted a bit, and I chatted with some teens who had been to the show. When I was about halfway done eating I started feeling a little better. Two of the guys from Rookie of the year came in and ordered and I tried not to bother them. I said something to one of the guys, but he didn't hear me, so I figured it was just as well. The kids, however, got autographs. The guys were really nice and obliged, of course. Then the guys tried to get us to come see them when they came back in Oct/Nov and were joking a little, and I said when you come back, I can get a pic with you, and he said, "you want a pic now" so I went real quick to my car while the kids got a pic, and I got a pic with them outside Alberto's.

Then I finished my meal, drove home, looked at a few pics and uploaded a few that didn't need editing, and then tried to get some sleep.

It was a long night, but a great show.

Love, peace and remember to duck for errant drumsticks,



Anonymous said...

This is too funny! I wore that shirt last night too! :) Sounds like you had quite an eventful evening. I only saw 1 decent band, but got to hang out with The Wedding before and after their set. They will be back here on September 13th with This Beautiful Republic for a FREE show - I can't wait! :)

The pictures that you have up - Ryan is giving the sideways peace sign and the one after that is Pat. The one you had taken outside the venue is with Mike & Pat. Their drummer is Mick and he used to play with Jonezetta, the other guitar player that there is no picture of is Brandon, and the keyboard player is Vito (LOL). He's only been with them a couple months, they never had a keyboard player before.

Glad you liked Rookie - I need to tell them their mommy's wouldn't be proud of their language! :)


Lauralee said...

Sounds like a good time! (minus the being hit in the head part) I really was looking forward to the show. Found out today though the girl who had a "family emergency" just didn't want to work that night though, which sucks. oh well. I'm being shorted hours this pay period, so having a little extra money will help.

Oh yeah what did you think of the venue? Sounds like it probably wasn't the best for pictures if you had to use flash.

Melanie said...

I knew Mick looked familiar. He was sitting at the merch table, but I didn't get a pic. I was trying to get ice and they were trying to get me out of the venue. I knew Ryan's name, and figured out Mike, but I could have sworn Mike was calling Pat, Scott, so I was totally confused. LOL I found Vito's name online. He saw me taking his pic on stage. Then after I commented to him how he likes to hide onstage. A couple of people I wanted to get pics with and things happened.

And the venue was really dark most of the time for lighting. I got maybe 4 pics without flash. I didn't have a photo pass, so I had to use the point and shoot, or I may have been able to go a little more without it.

Anonymous said...

Scott is their merch guy

Melanie said...

Ah... o.k. I probably misheard. They were probably just talking about him. Thanks for the info. LOL

lexidoodleellis said...

i LOVEEEE playradioplay!!! i wanted to see them on this tour, but this was the first time ever ive simply forgotten about a show. you can imagine i felt stupid. ha.