Monday, August 11, 2008

Another story - Creation NW or bust

My plan for Creation NW was to arrive about 10:30 a.m. on July 23, set up my tent and get to the line at the gate as soon as possible. It's usually too hot to wait in my tent anyway. From the Motel 6 in Ontario, OR to The Gorge is approximately a 6 hour drive providing I don't stop or get lost. Both scenarios were unlikely. I did stop a few times, and I did get lost. I wasn't hopelessly lost, actually, I just wasn't clear on a turnoff or two. Fortunatley I passed one and just had to turn around. The other wasn't totally clear and for once I picked the right direction. LOL I probably only had about 5-1/2 to 6 hours of sleep, so by the time I arrived (which was closer to noon) I was ready for a break. It took a while to get my tent spot and to get set up, but I finally made my way to the gate to wait, wait and wait some more. I was pretty close to the front. A lot of people were hanging around in chairs by the gate and didn't seem to concerned about their position. I suppose if you aren't headed for the main stage it wasn't such a big concern. I was headed for the main stage. I took my place at the gate and waited to meet Bri. We had hoped to hang out for the whole Creation fest, but she ended up getting a job. The funny thing about jobs is that they rather expect you to show up. LOL Still, she was able to come and meet me there and to see one of her favorites - Hawk Nelson. We had a decent time visiting with one another and hanging out. Finally the time for the gate to open became nearer. I was at the front of the line. At Creation, everyone goes through security and the gates, and lines up in front of a line of security guys holding tape. The goal is to make the long trek down the hill towards the main stage without anyone running, pushing, shoving, etc. (nice goal - easier said than done.) I was at the coveted front... but I would still have to make a run for it once we reached the stage area. They always tell people not to run. I try, but people always to, and I always have to try and keep up. This year the crowd was pretty pushy going down the hill. I lost my water bottle, and I didn't dare stoop to pick it up. At last we made it down the hill, and the race for prime real estate for the night commenced. I found a decent spot on the barricade to the right. Bri and I were separated. Most of the rest of the night we ended up just texting one another here and there. Flyleaf was set to play first and they really were everything I had hoped and then some. I enjoyed their set immensely. For a real contrast, Leeland played next and as always was definitley worth hearing. Leeland and a wonderful voice and heart for worship. Hawk Nelson (who Bri come to see most) was a lot of fun as always. Once Hawk Nelson's set was over, Bri ended up leaving to meet up with them, and had a great time. I stayed in the crazy crowd. LOL I was really rather sad that we didn't get to actually say goodbye in person. Texting isn't the same. Finally Kutless played and put on an awesome concert. Night one ended, I picked up a little bit of trash along the way and I headed off for some much needed sleep.

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