Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another work in progress

I started this on the road out from the venue in Twin Falls. It was really dark, I felt really alone, and I wasn't sure if I was even going the right way. I think it was a somewhat metaphorical situation, so I started writing a verse, and then added another one later waiting at Creation. I think I was waiting for one of the main stage bands to set up or something. Then I added the last part at the hotel in Orlando, OR on the way home.

Anyway, nothing earthshattering...

The road is dark
I've lost my way
This street looks familiar
But they all look the same.

Where am I going?
Which turn should I take
Am I on the right path
Will it be a mistake?

This pit I've created
Void of all light
I'm stuck at the bottom
No hope in sight.

Can I climb out, is there any escape?

Anyway, hope to finish this eventually. Sometimes I'm good at starting these things. Finishing is tougher. LOL

I have a few ideas. Just wanted to write this down somewhere.

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