Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Bird and The Bee Sides

Long ago, in a time far away, I preordered a copy of The Bird and The Bee Sides. The purpose of preordering is two-fold: 1. Support the band; 2. Get the cd the day it comes out without worries that it won't be in the local store. So, I pre-ordered The Bird and the Bee Sides, Revelation by Third Day and Kutless' new cd.

Then I waited... and waited...

Finally it was the middle of July, and I went to to look at my account. It said it was processing. Then I saw a pop up (normally they are blocked) telling me that if I preordered that all cd's would ship the day of the last release date - not until well into August. Now I wanted to listen to The Bird & The Bee Sides (hereinafter referred to as TB&TBS - abbreviations are the American way, after all) on my trip to Creation NW, so I asked to have my order split. I was assured that was quite doable for a $2 fee. It didn't arrive in time, but I did receive an e-mail saying that it was shipping on July 22. At least I would have it for the trip up for the Boise Warped Tour.

I was wrong again.

What I failed to notice was that the shipment didn't mention WHICH cd, and the notice was for Revelation not TB&TBS. So on July 29, Revelation came. No TB&TBS in sight. I did get the invoice and $2 shipping fee for splitting the order, though.
So, once again I wrote to I threatened to cancel and buy it at Wal Mart. They apologized, said it was being shipped expedited at no extra charge and I was given a $5 coupon code. I just wanted my cd.

So, I waited some more. Finally, well into August, I get an e-mail saying my order shipped. So for less than a week, I have finally been able to listen to TB&TBS.

Today, I went to church, and as is my habit, I stopped at the P.O. Box to check my mail on the return trip. In my P.O. Box was a bubble envelope from The Effect Radio.
I had given them a small donation out of appreciation and because it was obvious they care about the music and artists there, and they were very hospitable to me when I went to see the Fold at the end of July. I opted to not receive any "gift" with my donation. So imagine my surprise to get a cd from them in the mail. I open it up wondering what they sent and you'll never guess what it was. Oh... you figured it out? TB&TBS. So now the woman who couldn't get one copy, now has two.

And I couldn't stop laughing hysterically the rest of the way home.

Have a blessed Sunday,

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nna said...

ha ha ha! that is great. I know your frustration with not getting the CD... although, I only had to wait a little more than a week. Oh well, now you can listen to it twice as much! :)