Monday, August 11, 2008

The hurrieder I go the behinder I get?

I've been going like crazy lately and I have so much that has happened that has just been amazing. I am really far behind trying to get all the photos gone through, edited and posted and I was trying to wait on blogging until they were up. Instead I decided just to go ahead and finish my own "minitour" blogs and add pics later.

So, this picks up after my trip to Twin Falls to see the Fold.

The trip to Boise went rather well. I listened to A Current Affair's cd and Ever Stays Red's ep on the drive up. I arrived at the venue fairly early and only a few people were there. I don't really recall who arrived when exactly. I just looked around and tried to figure out where the venue entrance would be and parked my car. Eventually I did figure it out. Then I just set about to kill an enormous amount of time. I really didn't have anywhere else I wanted to go. The venue wasn't in a part of town I was familiar with, so I wasn't too keen on the idea of getting lost. LOL I had plenty of snacks and drinks in the car, so I snacked, had a drink here and there, read, did crossword puzzles (I picked up a cw book at Barnes & Nobles in Twin Falls) and talked with anyone who would chat back to me. Eventually a lot of the volunteers began to arrive and I tried as best I could to help them gain entry. Sometimes I'm a good traffic director. I've gotten rather used to it since I oft times show up so early. LOL

I was able to Dan a little before the show. He said he would make sure I could get my camera in and didn't think it would be a problem. (I didn't expect it to be.) A little before the doors opened, I was let into the show, which was nice since I could use the bathroom that way ahead of time. ;) I talked to Zach for a little bit from Ever Stays Red, and just waited some more. Of course, the details are a little fuzzy since I waited so long to jot all of this down.

At any rate, the show finally did start and everyone played well. The Fold played, Hey Rebekah again, and Beside You Now and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Afterwards, I just hung about a bit and waited to get a pic with everyone. Dan was trying to get pics of me and a couple of other gals with the whole band, but it just didn't end up happening. Sometimes trying to get band guys together all at the same time can be rather like coralling children. LOL I waited around after the show quite a while to get a pic with Ever Stays Red, and watched everyone loading up. I offered to help, but I think they were just focused on what they were doing so I tried to stay out of the way. At one point, Ever Stays Red and The Fold started competing to see who could load out the fastest. It was pretty funny, actually. I'm still not sure who technically won. I think the Fold might have won by a hair, but does it count if they had to go back and redo a couple of things? LOL It was nearly a photo finish. ;) Anyway, afterwards, I asked about the pic, and they decided to do a group photo. Dan and Keith were already in the van, so they weren't with the group. Mike (the Fold's drummer) offered to take the photo so Aaron was the only one from The Fold in the pic. Mike had us all laughing. He would start to take the photo only to turn the camera on himself to take a silly close up of his face. He did this about 5 times. Then he finally took the photo and the result is posted in the "short version" of this trip below.

Then I got into my car and headed out to Ontario, OR to the Motel 6 there. It's a great hotel, really. It has wonderful service, a pool, and is clean and Motel 6 really reasonable prices. I would stay there again anytime. Anyway, I got there rather late, showered and went to sleep as quickly as I could as I had to head out really early for Creation NW. But that's another story. ...

Peace out,

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