Sunday, March 02, 2008

Taking a Risk

I started a little notepad "ideas" page last night and added a little bit today. I thought I'd be a little vulnerable and post what I have so far. It's really not anything serious yet. The first bit ended up being a little bit rhymy and maybe a tad cheesy, who knows. I will play with it for a while. LOL

It's raining outside and the torrent is carrying me
It's raining inside and these clouds are all I see
The clouds that envelope and surround this place
with memories only time will erase.

Rain, rain go away come again another day.
Children's rhymes are so cliche
But there's truth to them in a simple way.

Rain, rain you're all I see
You have such a hold on me
I'm longing for simplicity
It's time to let you go

I want to be an optimist today.
The glass isn't half empty, nor is it merely half full
Half is just a pit stop on the way to overflowing.
I wish I knew where this was going. ;) LOL


Andrea said...

aww that was really nice melanie! ;]

Andrea said...

haha thank you! yeah I am.. I still have little bumps and stuff but i know that with time but mostly with Gods help, I will overcome them.

YAY! Id love to meet you at creation! east right? I dont have my tix yet but i will get them eventually.

haha yeah thats what i thought!