Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grab the Popcorn

Video time! :)

Sing along with Melee!! :)

Getting Ready to Tour - The Myriad:

Switchfoot Podcast:


Andrea said...

I loved the switchfoot podcast they r amazing dudess!

AJ said...

yay for the Myriad! hope i can go see them again with Eisley..that would be a dynamic show. we'll have to see..all depends on the 'ol work sched...yucky poo! :)let me know how the mae show goes this time around..i'm totally bummed cuz i have to work..this paying bills thing sure gets in the way! :) take it easy dude.

Melanie said...

LOL... yea, it does rather get in the way, doesn't it? ;) I still need a little prayer on the Mae show. I bought a ticket before I was called to work (which sometimes helps) and I've put in for it off, but they aren't overly fond of granting Fridays off. I may have to resubmit it. I hope you get to see the Eisley concert. That will be one amazing show, I'm certain of it!!