Saturday, March 08, 2008

Start spreading the news....

Today was promote the bands day. On Wednesday, March 19, I am going to see Sherwood and We Shot the Moon, The Higher, Houston Calls and Allred. It should be a great show! I've never been to the venue before, also known as "The Circuit" so I have no idea what to expect there. I ran in to Allred's manager at the Angels and Airwaves concert and told him I'd put a few up at the local Graywhales, also known as, a small area chain of cd/games/video exchanges.

On April 4, I have a ticket to see Mae w/ the Honorary Title, Between the Trees and Far Less. I have been a big fan of Mae's since about 2005. The first time I saw them it was in May. I loved the sound of saying that I was going to see Mae in May.
I volunteered to promote the concert. As a result, I will be on the guest list, although I have a ticket already. I do this for love, ya know. I had hoped to have flyers to hand out at the Angels & Airwaves concert on March 4 and the Matchbox 20 concert on March 6, but some of the posters arrived just after I left for the show with another envelope of posters and stickers arriving the following day. In one of the envelopes were the instructions. I gave some thought as to timing and decided that Saturday would be my best shot at getting things up. So today, I printed venue, date, time, etc. and affixed them to the posters and set out on the road. IT was a very long, but very productive day.

First stop wasn't far. I just went up the street and around the corner to a small coffee shop I'd been wanting to check out called Bikini Coffee. It was actually a nice little shop and I was able to order a Peach Italian Soda without the cream and it was quite good. They I asked if I could put up concert posters and was given permission. I could barely reach enough to put them up, however. Yes, I am vertically challenged. I should just take a portable stool with me next time I try this. LOL

Then I headed out in ernest for Bountiful, Salt Lake City and Taylorsville.
In Bountiful I stopped at one of the Graywhales and it looked as though they knew
I was coming and cleared the way for my posters. That was so very kind of them. ;) I got permission to hang the posters, took a few pics, went over and looked at their new releases and headed off to the next site, although not before I left a few Mae stickers for their counter top.

I had seen another music/cd place called, Music to the Maxx, a few weeks earlier while meeting with friends at a restaurant in Bountiful, so I decided to check it out. I was so very glad I did! The young folks working there were extremely excited about Mae. I told them they were coming on April 4, and gave them information they could use to get their tickets. They said posters should be no problem and their manager loves that sort of thing. She wasn't available, but in the end, they put the posters up then and there so I could photograph them. LOL I also left them with stickers. I was now jazzed and ready to head out to stop number 3.

Stop No. 4 is a local/indie type cd shop in Salt Lake City known as Slowtrain. The young lady at the counter was extremely friendly and helpful. I asked about the posters and was granted permission to put them up, so of course, I put them up! LOL
I also left a few Mae stickers for the counter. While I was there I asked about Benton Paul's cd, as I had to miss his cd release party to see Mute Math, et al., and she listed it as being available through their store on March 18. I thanked her for all her help, took my photos and left for the next location.

I didn't really get enough Sherwood posters, so I stopped and made a few b&w 8-1/2x
11" copies and some small flyers made up to take along at Staples. The guy at the counter was really helpful, and I asked him if he ever went to concerts. He said as a matter of fact he did, so I told him about Mae on April 4. As it turns out he's a Mae fan, and he also commented on my Mae tee. I gave him a sticker and also left one of the Sherwood flyers with him. On the way out the door, I spotted a couple of interesting items in the clearance bin for 50 cents each and picked them up. After I paid for them, I gave the gal at the register a sticker, and also to a customer there and told them about the show.

I wasn't quite sure which direction to head next, but I ended up passing Wild Oats, so I turned around and went back. I stopped to see if they had any place for posters, but they really didn't. So, instead I gave stickers to a few people and told them about the show, made a quick purchase (soy sour cream substitute) and headed for Beans & Brews 906 S 500 E in Salt Lake City. There is another on S. State that I never managed to get to this time around. As it turns out, I found another Mae fan working the counter at Beans & Brews, so she was very excited to hear about the concert. I put up the posters, took a few pics, bought a muffin (ended up being 2 for 1 because it was after 4 p.m.) and headed for the next place on my list.

The Graywhale on 208 S 1300 E is rather close to the college. It looks almost as much like a house as a cd exchange, except for the large blue "Graywhale" on the exterier, and a cool looking sign with a dolphin out front. Parking on the street is limited, and I didn't see any. I had to fork over $2 to park behind the store.
I was able to get posters up there and take pics, although I had a bit of a time again being considerably shorter than the place they have designated for posters. I did manage, though. Again I left some stickers. (Is there a pattern here?)

My next plan was The Avalon and Bad Ass Coffee. I had thought it was one of the other places that closed at 7 p.m., but it turned out to be the coffee place, so I missed that one. On the way from Graywhale, I got turned around and went 31 long blocks out of the way, but I did finally arrive at the Avalon. I thought for sure it would be bustling with concert activity, but the place was pretty dead (seems rather unusual for a Saturday night.) I taped a poster up on their poster area (usually it looks like they use staples), and hoped that tape was o.k. I'm sure they won't mind the poster, just not sure they like the method I used to post it. Anyway, I took a photo of the poster, and then the theater with the area the poster was in, and one of the pics must not have really been taken at all. While I was posting I heard all these sirens going off, so my first thought was "uh oh, busted" but it obviously wasn't from the venue. LOL

I got back in my car and headed for my last stop of the night, Graywhale in Taylorsville. I was able to put up the posters, leave some stickers, purchase "The Maine's" ep for $4.99 and get the requisite photos.

By that time, it had been well over an hour that I had really needed a potty break badly, so I went over to Albertson's and used their facility. While I was there, I spotted a tea that I love and hadn't been able to find here for some time. I really love Bigelow's Decaf French Vanilla, and places at my end of town had pretty much stopped carrying the decaf version. I bought all three boxes at Albertson's. Then I ordered small #1 combo at Wendy's, ate my burger, and headed for home. It was a long but very productive night.

I only missed two locations on my list and if I have a chance I will catch them later. I still have some more local stops to make this week, but it should not be quite as much of an effort to get to them since they are closer to home.

So there you have it... the adventures of a wayward old lady acting like a teenager once again.

Love, peace and joyful poster hanging,


Andrea said...

woww lots of work and all!! haha

ahh 2 bad u cant go to creation east. I would love going to creation west but i dont know yet.

AJ said...

seems like you have found your calling...great job! :) is there seriously a place called "bad ass coffee?" that's comedy!