Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not just your "typical" day. Mute Math, Alanis Morisette, Matchbox 20

Wow, I just about had my whole adventure typed up and all of a sudden, it just vanished except one letter. I didn't do anything. :(

So, the shortened version is:

I worked until 3 a.m. (March 5th turning over into March 6), slept until about 10 a.m., was at work by 11 a.m., worked until 3 p.m., headed for the venue, but decided to stop at home. I got gas and headed out to the venue about 4:30 p.m. It took about an hour or so to get to the venue, and the trip went well. I spent time trying to find a way to get things to Mute Math, and was finally successful, although the doors had already been open a bit before it was mission accomplished.

I purchased a usb wrist band to get a copy of Matchbox 20's part of the concert. I got a ticket and was to pick it up after the show. It's a cool little invention, let me tell you.

I took my seat, chatted with the person in front of me and told them all about Mute Math. (He later got pretty excited when he recognized things I had described about their show had he loved them!) Then Mute Math took the stage and did the incredible as they always do, except the sound was phenomenal, and Paul sounded great! I took some pics -- not great pics, but I'm happy to have them!

Then I took a potty break and waited for Alanis. She was outstanding. I was really impressed with her voice, and her band was amazing. It was kinda fun to hear the whole arena singing Ironic, but I was a tad disappointed that she didn't sing more of it herself as well. The audience pretty much sang the first verse.

After Alanis set, I went up to see Mute Math and got to talk to them, get a couple of pics and a few hugs. I wanted hugs, but wasn't sure if they were into that sort of thing, but it just happened naturally. Paul seemed very happy to see me there, which made my day. I was able to hang about the table and chat and security didn't bother me about it, which was unusual. It was pretty cool.

I went down to watch Matchbox 20 in progress. I think they were about 3/4 through the first song when I reached my seat. They were actually quite good. There were a few slow spots, but overall not a bad concert. I had been told the first 20 minutes were the best part of the show, and I tend to agree, except there I did enjoy the encore and a few other highlights (like their cover of She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.) After the show, I got my wristband and dallied a bit talking to people including the gal who helped me find a way to get some things to the Mute Math guys. I thanked her lots. She talked about people who were lingerers. I told her I was probably one. She said she was thinking she should hand them trash bags, and I told her if she handed me one, I'd probably help. She said, "I know you would." LOL I liked her lots. LOL So, I went outside and chatted with another venue employee while I waited for traffic to die down. Then I headed for home.. a very happy camper.. er.. I mean concert goer. LOL

I can't wait for Mute Math to come back. I think they are going to be hanging about closer to home after the tour and be working on music, so that's pretty awesome as well.

Anyway, another great adventure comes to a close.


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Jen D. said...

Woot! I'm so happy you got to hang and chat with them. Knew the artists loved you. : )

Mind if I live vicariously through your hugs? I might not get any until the fall. At least I hope I can get another Darren hug... :)

We'll see.

Well, off to go buy Eisley CDs. Later, Melanie!