Saturday, March 29, 2008

5 million things...

I have about 5 million things I want to blog about. The problem is that I really should be sleeping. It's 2:48 a.m. I plan to get up bright and early and be to the venue by 10 a.m. (hahaha.. we'll see) to see The Starting Line, et al. The only bad thing about Saturday is some people do show up early.. unless I do, and then no one shows until 5 p.m. Funny how that works sometime.

I did want to thank anyone who kept me in thoughts and prayers over my quality at work. The very next day I got another "bad" one, and I was ready to quit. But just like before I stuck it out. I felt like crying, though, which always makes me feel stupid.

So this week, I have received at three others back -- all hundred percents. I'm sure I can muck that up next time, though. I'm entering a different document, and I was trying hard not to fall asleep the last half of the night.

Now, that I've bored you to tears with this blog tale of document data transcription (that's the government's fancy title for data entry), I think I'll head off to dreamland.

I wonder if I will dream of concerts. As I mentioned, tomorrow I see The Starting Line. April 4, I will have the unspeakable pleasure of seeing Mae, et al. and I am also enthusiastically looking forward to seeing Eisley with The Myriad and Vedera on May 8. I fully expect that I will be wowed! :) Oh.. and Paramore with Jimmy Eat World on the April 12, and the Newsboys, Rush of Fools on April 26, Superchick on May 5. I don't think I go to enough shows, do you?

Peace out and sweet dreams...


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Steph. said...

I feel like I'm living your concert schedule... haha. I had the pleasure of seeing the Starting Line tour last week, following Mae two days ago. They are two AMAZING shows. I have to say, I'm in admiration of you going to the Eisley and Vedera shows, two bands that I been aching to see again. Have fun!