Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lots to say, but nowhere to start...

There has been so very much going on lately, that I have no idea where to start. LOL

I'm back at work. This is a good thing, overall. I have to get out and live in the real world for a while, and the pay definitely doesn't hurt. Things have been a bit tight, but I'm still supporting my concert habit. Just when I think I'll cut back several of my favorites will come to town. I love it too much, I guess.

I'm very excited to see Mute Math this Thursday! I'm also excited to see Angels & Airwaves, The Color Fred and Meg and Dia on Tuesday, but I don't know them quite as well and we haven't met yet. LOL I've been listening to TCF's cd this week a little and I think I'll like Fred's set. The downside is no photo pass. I'll request one this weekend, if I can figure out who to ask. LOL But this Thursday, I get to see one of my very favorite bands open for Matchbox 20. Roy says they will be at the merch tables after Alanis' set, so I'm double excited to actually get to see them!!! I not only love their music, but I'm quite fond of them as well. I don't know if they'll understand why, but I did blog about that very issue once. And, I found out some really good/happy news for a certain someone in the band, so I'm way more excited than I probably should be. Again, the downside is the camera thing. I hope they at least allow point and shoots. I can usually photograph Mute Math, and I would so be excited to get to in some decent lighting for once, but it would have to go through Matchbox 20 this time. Anyone know how to contact them? I just want to take pics of Mute Math (not that I wouldn't love the opportunity to photograph the others, just MM is more important to me.)

This week I had to put in 46 hours so that I could go to the shows. I was sweating it for a bit as work is denying all leave until March 14. I finally got approval last night, so it's a huge relief!! I had to turn copies of my tickets and my receipts.

In addition to the 46 hours last Saturday I was up at 6 a.m. (after working until 1 a.m., getting home around 1:30 and staying up until 4 a.m. to prepare) to work at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert. It was a very long day, but one with some good memories. I really wish I could have met Steven, but I had the opportunity to meet his sons and I thought they were very nice indeed. There wasn't a lot of time to chat, but it was really a pleasure meeting them just the same. I worked in catering, so I helped set up and prepare food. I made a trash run once.

One thing I can say about this tour is that it cemented my impression of tour bus drivers. They continue to be some of the nicest people. I guess bands wouldn't want them around otherwise, I suppose. I talked to one of the bus drivers a bit during breakfast. We are both lactose intolerant and he was looking for something he could drink. We talked about Lactaid and Soy Milk, and he had a runner take him to the store a little later and came back with some Lactaid and said it was for me. LOL I thought that was really sweet! So, you know I had to have some with my lunch.

For the concert I purchased a reserved seat in the front row. Someone made an error and treated the seating in the VIP section as open for the first few rows. So, I had a little argument with the person in my seat to no avail. I spotted a seat between 2 couples dead center front row and finally gave up and sat there. I felt badly for the person that should have had that seat, though. Anyway, it was only the second time at that sort of venue for me, and overall things went well. Word has it that Steven and company were quite happy and want to come back, so that makes my day! He said they were treated like gold. That's how it should be.

After the show, I hung about outside the meet/greet for a few minutes, but only a few. I was sort of hoping to be able to go in but there was work to be done, so I was feeling I should help. It was good, though, because I got to talk to a few friends there, met Will Chapman and others. During the concert there was a collection to help offset expenses for an adopting family. I met them before the show and afterward they were in the catering area and I got them all drinks. I really enjoyed meeting them a lot and hope I can see them again sometime. They are a beautiful family. I managed to get some pics of them on the stage at the end of the show as well.

It was a very long day. I don't think I can remember being so very tired but it was worth it. So many good things happened. As usual, I have to struggle with my more selfish side of things sometimes which I always hate, but it's probably a good thing to work through this somehow.

As for the rest of my life, I have my days and nights totally swapped. I was up until after 7 a.m. and woke up around 3. It's 6:43 p.m. and I'm still at the computer in my nightgown. Don't get too excited, it's cutesy but that's all. ;? My feet are cold, but inertia has set in, so I've done nothing about it. The plan was to go to Olive Garden tonight with our gift card, but Ed has settled in for the day, so it's unlikely. As I thought about it, Sunday evening would be better as there are fewer crowds and Ed hates crowds. I love the OG, though. :) If I could eat there twice a day I'd be happy except I'd probably look more like a blimp than I already do.

Things are busy, but I just want to sit here a while. A nice warm shower sounds good. I think that's my next stop.

God's blessings,


Lauralee said...

Work is usually nice for a change and to have some money to actually enjoy things a bit more in life. I mean there is plenty of things to do without money, but it's sad how much money matters in this world.

Have fun at your concerts this week! I'm glad you were able to get the time off. That would be the pits if they didn't give you the time off after spending all that money.

Yeah there are so many concerts coming up. I honestly don't know when I'll see you again.

I was planning on going to Sherwood/We Shot The Moon, but than I found out Kevin Devine is coming. He doesn't like Salt Lake that much and it's rare for him to come here. I'm going to go and see him instead. I have a ticket for Sherwood so I'm debating if I should watch Kevin Devine than go to Sherwood.

Oh wait well I'll be at Mae on April 4th. My little sister wants to come to. I got her into Mae and she has been wanting to see them for awhile. She would have hated seeing them with MCS, and Mae's show at the avalon was on a school night last time. I plan on going,waiting in line for a bit, and than going back and getting my little sister from school hoping that people will let me keep my spot.

I'm so so glad that Melee isn't playing with Eisley because the night Eisley is here is the night I fly out of Salt Lake. I couldn't stand to barely miss them like that. Although if I weren't flying out I would go to this show to see Eisley. I'm also curious for The Myriad as I know you like them a lot.

Okay this comment was far to long.

AJ said...

have a blast at the Mute Math concert..they're opening for Matchbox 20? that sounds like a fun eclectic mix..hope to see some pics posted afterwards. :)

Andrea said...

wooww I went to bed at 8am like 3 nights ago.. and woke up at 3pm and was super late for work. I thought i was the only weirdo that does stuff like that. Im glad im not alone.. hehe