Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It was a beautiful day

It was a gorgeous day outside today. I wish I could have spent more time outside enjoying it, but the drive to work was the nicest I can remember in a while. Too bad things aren't all sunny here in other ways, but at least it's hard to feel too down when the sun has finally made an extended appearance in Northern UT. I was beginning to wonder if the temps in the 60's were a thing of the past. LOL
It's supposed to be like this for a couple more days and then drop to the mid forties or so. I'm very happy not to have to scrape the ice off my car so I can leave from work anymore!! (singing sunny with a high of 75.... well, make that 65. LOL)

Today, I was able to listen to my Zune on breaks. I purchased 2 new cd's over the last weekend (In Rainbows by Radiohead and The Photo Album by Death Cab for Cutie) and they both look like winners. The Photo Album may end up being my favorite DCFC cd although I really do like Plans. I think I'm in the minority as most people seem to love Transatlanticism better. I need to find where mine is so I can add it to my Zune. LOL The first thing I noticed with The Photo Album is how much the style and even vocals (to a small extent) reminded me of Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes. I think there was just a tiny bit of influence there. Anyway, I'm loving it so far. Speaking of Deathcab, they have a new single out. According to All Access, it's already #28 an the Alternative rock chart. That was quick! LOL It was also # 1 for new adds.

Well, I should feed the dogs and get ready to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream....


God's blessings,


AJ said...

two fabulous choices, melanie--Radiohead & Death Cab...nice! :)

Kristen said...

thanks for the kind words on my blog :)