Thursday, November 26, 2009

On this night

In case you aren't familiar with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the title of this blog comes from the Christmas Canon.

Christmas came early tonight in Salt Lake City. Trans-Siberian Orchestra was in town. I left for the show later than I would have liked. There was an afternoon show, however, so I was concerned that parking might be even more difficult if I arrived too early. Trying to time things right seemed tricky. The timing worked out great, as it turned out, and I arrived about 1/2 before doors. It wasn't too long to wait, even if it was a tad chilly out.

Once inside, I purchased the program and headed for the merch table to purchase Night Castles." I still had to wait a little bit for the doors to the arena itself to open. Once the door opened, I made my way down the long flight of stairs to the floor, was able to get my wristband on, and find my seat pretty easily - Floor 1, Row 8, Seat 3. I was pretty far to the right, but since Al Petrelli usually spends a good deal of time on the right side of the stage, Jane was practically in front of me, and there is a platform on the right near the balcony. So I had decent seat after all. I even got really lucky and no one 6 foot tall sat in front of me!!! :) I made conversation with those around me, as I always do. Most of those sitting around me had not seen the show before. :)
The lights this time around were as big and bright as ever. Laser lights, stage smoke, steam, flames, and even fireworks. This is what the lights looked like when they were off, before the show (pardon the really bad cell pics...)

Nothing like fireworks indoors:

I absolutley loved every minute of the show. Anthony Gaynor's voice as narrator for the Christmas Eve story line is a joy to listen to as he almost sings some of the words. Bart was completely awesome as the bum this year as he always is. The singing was top notch as always, as the show goes from classical to totally rocking and pretty much everything in between. Jeffrey Scott rocked it with his bluesy, gritty voice. Tommy Farese was moving as always as the "father" in the story line, and I think this was the best year ever for his vocals as well. This year there still was no Anna Phoebe, who went to the East Coast tour last year, but there were two really amazing violinists. I will get their names down soon, but they were good and fun to watch as well.

After the show ended, I made my way to the autograph table and stood in line. I think I was pretty much in the middle. We waited quite a while, and I finally went up and checked at about 11:36 and the table was still empty. Finally we heard the cheers and knew they had arrived. Al Petrelli was at the head of the table (usually he is at the end.) I was able to talk to him briefly. I sort of got in trouble talking to Bart and Tommy this time around. I can't help it.. you get 1 minute a year to say everything. LOL I told Bart that he almost makes me cry every year. He said, "almost" how could he get a tear. I said he actually did last year, but I pretty much know what to expect now. His vocals this year were the best ever, and his singing was amazing. I totally love Bart. At the autograph table (which they do ever year), Bart was sitting next to Tommy Farese, whom I really just adore. I know if Al, Bart, Tommy, Angus and a few of the others every leave that will def. get a tear from me.

At the end of the table I grabbed my autographed program (more of a book of pics than an actual program, really) and security told me which way to go. I asked if I could take a photo, and the guy said, "just one" so I tried to get Bart & Tommy. Someone walked in front as I was taking it, so I waited to get an acutal photo. Just as I was about to snap it, the lights went out, so I tried again and Bart gave me the thumbs up. It really didn't work out so well in the dark, but this is the result:

Tommy was joking about the fact that the lights were turned out and said they should tell ghost stories. I had to leave at that point as I couldn't really find a good justification for staying (other than I wanted to hear if Tommy actually did come up with a good ghost story.) LOL I headed for the car and finally for home.

I can't wait for next year. Some people say that the Christmas season should begin after Thanksgiving. For me.. it begins with TSO. It's fun that they are so close together for me this year!

Rumor has it there may be a spring tour. I can't wait to see what is in store.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!

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