Saturday, November 07, 2009

Denver or Bust, Part 2

October 16 was THE big day. It was Relient K day. It was Ethan Luck's birthday, it was see Brito day, meet Megan day and the "my sister was going to see my favorite band day." I was kind of excited, and a tad nervous about making things all work out together. I always stress over stupid stuff that God has all under control before I even think of making the trip. LOL

My original plan was to get to the venue about 10 a.m. Brittany and Megan had planned to be there around 10:30. I was up long enough before 10. My sister fixed yummy pancakes for breakfast. I took a shower. My sister helped dress me.. sort of. She gave me a pair of pants that shrunk and she couldn't wear as a result, and a cute shirt to match. Then she found a shiny belt and necklace that went with it.

We spent a long time trying to figure out how to transport Ethan's cake.... nothing was working. I finally just took the cake and hoped and prayed I'd find somewhere cool to store it until I could give it to Ethan. I had throat coat tea for all of the bands (I should own stock in the company. lol) and a small silly gift for Thiessen (lead singer of Relient K for those who are not fans.)

By the time we got out the door and arrived at the venue it was shortly after noon. It was o.k., though. I was the only one there. LOL My sister was to drop me off, and come back later for the show. She was concerned about it not being the nicest part of town. I told her that venues are only rarely in the nicest part of town. I assured her I wouldn't be alone all that long as I knew Brittany and Megan were coming.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside. I couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Not too long after I arrived, a guy from the venue showed up, so I asked him if they had somewhere cool to store the cake. He invited me in and we checked this tiny fridge in a small side room, but took one look and we both said, "no". LOL So he said there was a refrigerator in the dressing room, and that he would put it in there and try to "hide" it until after the show and I could come back and have cake with them. I tried to downplay that, since I didn't want to invite myself into the dressing room. LOL I tried to explain I was just a fan, and not sure if they would want me there. Anyhow, he finally took the cake to the dressing room, and I just hoped it would work. (As an aside, I talked to Ethan who said he knew about the cake, and would have some, but Jon Schneck said he thought it was gone, so now I don't know if Ethan even had any of his own cake. I don't know if he knew it was vegan, until I talkd to him, either. I did give Ethan the candle, though. LOL)

Anyway, I think Brittany and Megan arrived around 12:30ish. We all chatted for a bit. The bus was across the street next to a hotel. I don't remember the sequence and time frame all that well, but the bus did finally pull up to the venue for unloading. I saw John Warne and his lovely wife Sarah, so we finally met. I almost met her in Boise at the hotel, but just missed her. Unfortunately it was a fairly short conversation because the bus was pretty noisy, and they wanted to go out, of course! :) I saw Thiessen and he was really sick and not feeling well at all. I gave him the silly gift and throat coat tea. WE talked for a sec or two, and he went into the venue. This is where I really lose all sense of what happened when. Still, all of the individual moments are etched in my mind... some favorite things:

Megan's friends offering to buy me something from Wendy's and bringing it back for me gratis. My treat next time. That was sweet.

Seeing Copeland pull up and start to unload. Aaron was on the bus with RK, but I talked briefly to the other guys in passing.

I saw Aaron and gave him the throat coat tea and explained to him why I always bring it - he's the one that started my "trend." I said something about Matty being sick and he told me that he probably gave it to him.

Having everyone "hold my spot" while I walked to Starbucks to get Ethan a Starbucks card for his birthday. I wanted to get him a Vespa tee or other Vespa store item, but you couldn't order them online and the only time I could go was Monday when they were closed. My sister didn't seem too interested in visiting the store in Denver, and it would have been tough to do anyway, so I decided to walk to Starbucks. I need to figure out how far it was... it seemed like quite a hike! On the way this guy behind me starts making comments about me wearing a shiny "belt on my @**, and why was I, etc. I sooooo wanted to make a snide comment back, but decided to ignore him and walk faster. LOL Just as I asked someone if they knew how far away Starbucks was, I was directed and it was practically in front of me. LOL So, I went in, had them make me a Vanilla Rooibos latte with soy milk and make it iced (it's supposed to be a hot drink.) Then I talked to the gal for a minute while the tea finished steeping and bought the gift card. Then I made the long trek back. I think the walk back didn't seem quite so far - probably because I felt less uncertain and less lost.

Looking up and seeing April! I was so not expecting to see April, so that was a VERY nice surprise. :)

Talking with April and Jon Schneck about a burger place. I really thought Jon had decided not to go with us since he kind of disappeared, and we walked down there and ordered. Jon showed up later, and we left before he got his order so as not to bug him. Later he said he was looking for us and wondered where we went. Kind of a comedy of errors? LOL He and April both had the same thing and gave it two thumbs up. (The new siskel and ebert of hamburger joints?)

The box office opening up early and being able to get my photo pass BEFORE doors opened. That was awesome!! Very organized and no hitches. I loved it.

The concert, of course!!! I have to say that the concert was pretty amazing. Barcelona had the strings with them for the concert and they added a lot. They already have pretty amazing vocals, which is a huge plus, and I enjoyed their set immensely.

My sister and her husband decided to go out for something to eat/drink before the show (and they accidentally went to a gay bar first.. kinda funny) so they missed Barcelona's set, unfortunately. Copeland was amazing as usual. Aaron sounded really good. I texted my sister (she was up at the top, I was at the barricade next to Brito) and asked her what she thought and she said they were awesome. :)

And even though Matty was sick (and rumor was he really wanted to cancel out), Relient K put on a first rate concert. My sister was impressed. :)

Giving Ethan his birthday candle (it was supposed to go on the cake) and getting a pic with Ethan.

Introducing my sister to Jon Schneck, and to Aaron Marsh and talking to Aaron about Florida.

Oh, and taking a photo of a display for Relient K's new cd, at a record store on the corner, and having them tell me to let the bands know that they could get a discount. LOL I think they thought I was with the band. It was kinda funny.

Okay, I could go on forever. I had a great time. Thanks to all who were a part. Thanks especially to Brittany, Megan and friends for holding the fort and letting me goof off a little. I felt kinda bad that I relied on you so much for that.

Finally, after I am sure I kept my sister's husband, Randy, up way past his bedtime; and before they had to hog tie me and throw me in the vehicle (JK, or am I?) we all got into the car and headed back to my sister's place. I was pretty tired, but it was a great day!!!

Thanks again to anyone and everyone who made it so special!!!!!!!

P.S. Still adding pics... stay tuned. :)


D. DeCecco said...

Haha, what a great concert. It wasn't as pushy as their one @ the Murray in June :] i bought Ethan an Iron Man birthday card, but i left it in Green River on accident.

Melanie said...

Very true.. the one in Murray was definitely pushy! Hoopes said there was moshing in the middle, but I didn't see it. Breathing was a luxury. LOL Denver was much better. :)