Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas?

You know, it's really tough to come up with catchy blog titles. I remember in school and the emphasis in Creative Writing on finding a title to grab the reader's attention. I'm not sure I ever mastered that one.

I never really finished blogging about my October, but it was one very full month!
In addition to the Snow Patrol concert, and my trips Vegas and Colorado, I started back to work, started watching my granddaughter when her mom was at work, went to see Eisley (with Say Anything, Bayside, Moneen, et al.),

worked during the day in hospitality and catering for Remedy Drive, and that same evening saw Mae in concert and collected a carful of things for The Road Home (homeless shelter and services) and took photos for a Harvest Party at my church, October was insane, but good. November has still been very full, but gratefully a little slower.

Tomorrow I will have the great pleasure of seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra from
Row 8, Floor 1 at the Energy Solutions arena (which used to be called The Delta Center for any former SLC residents that haven't kept up. LOL) I'm not a huge fan of this venue, and not so crazy about floor 1, but I'll def. take row 8! LOL This will be the 4th year of me seeing them and it is always a highlight of my year. Unfortunately, they don't allow any photography, so not fantastic pics will follow, but that's o.k. After the show, they always do a meet/greet or as the line by the table autograph sessions are sometimes dubbed, a "greet and leave." LOL I still always manage to get a few words in. LOL

Thursday, I will be at my church for a Thanksgiving meal. I am bringing a turkey. In a stroke of fantastic and fortuitous timing, I was able to get a 24.62 lb. turkey for only $.40 a lb. at Wal Mart.

There was a limit of 2, at the time, so I picked up a smaller second turkey for around Christmas time. I won't be home on Christmas day, so I may have to fix it just a little late. :) I will be in Arizona, visiting my daughter, and her baby (which is due on Dec. 5.) So it will be a warmer Christmas this year.

For those who keep up with me and my crazy concert schedule (all one or two? maybe...) I will be at the Winter Wonder Slam in Boise, on Dec. 8 to see Relient K, primarily; I have a ticket to see Brand New/Manchester Orchestra in Jan., and a ticket for Jack's Mannequin in Feb. I am trying to behave myself and slow down, but it's tough! LOL I do really want to see Dashboard's acoustic show on Dec. 4, but not sure if I will go now. I had a ticket for the same show (non-acoustic) in November, but they cancelled and automatically refunded which I didn't totally understand, but now I'm not sure if I want to tackle it. I know John Allred has a show coming up, so if I have to choose, I may just catch his who instead. I have to see how the timing works out this time around.

I am off work now probably until next season which for me will most likely start somewhere between the end of January and the middle of February. The last two years, I have been called back the middle of February. Things seem less predictable every year, however, so I have no idea what to expect.

In the meantime, I am trying, albeit very slowly, to accomplish a few things. I've been going through my clothes and getting rid of things that are just too big for me to wear now. I have quite a growing pile. Hopefully between Thanksgiving and Christmas I can catch up on a little rest and get a lot more accomplished.

My granddaughter is growing like crazy now, and it's fun to see. She smiles more, and has even laughed for me (or was that at me.) ;) Today I took some snapshots of her smiling for her grandpa.

We also watched Star Trek. I liked it. The ending was different, so I'm not quite sure what to think of it yet.

I hope everyone has a very blessed Thanksgiving, and a truly Merry Christmas this year.

Peace out,

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