Monday, November 02, 2009

Finishing what I started.. or not.

I started to complete the rest of my mid-October journals, but so far I haven't felt completely motivated to finish. But I started on my trip to Colorado, and will eventually finish it... eventually. It was just sooo awesome, it will take a few days more.

In the meantime, I am back at work, although I almost missed Wed. It would have just fried me to miss Wednesday due to sick leave when I wanted to be at the Mat Kearny concert, so I was determined to go in even if I did smash my little finger in the door. I ended up icing it and being 1/2 hr. late. It's still a little black and blue. It only bothers me if I touch it a certain way, or if it gets a little achy and I rub it and then it really does hurt. Otherwise, it seems fine. The lead at work said it looked broken, but I think she was just seeing the Heberden's (sp)nodules on my little finger.

I think Friday or Saturday I received an e-mail saying that the Dashboard Confessional/New Found Glory concert I had a ticket for on the 11th was cancelled, so I called today about a refund. I guess if you buy online it's automatic, but could take up to a week. I figure it will pay for the Winter Wonder Slam show on Dec. 8 that I bought a ticket to on impulse. I'm a sucker for a Relient K concert, what can I say?

Saturday night, I went to my church's Alternative Night and took photos. It was a lot of fun.

Yesterday, I delivered all of the items I collected at the Mae concert on the 21st from Mae fans (and from my awesome church which helped!) to The Road Home. I sorted everything and labeled it, which was much appreciated. IN all there were two very large bins full of Christmas bag items, clothing, blankets, coats, etc. I am so glad to have finally finished that project. I'd do it again, and I have learned a few do's and don'ts. Mainly I don't think I'd want to try it again when I'll be out of town the week before. LOL My car was definitely packed full.

The most amazing thing happened last night. I saw a small pile of mail that I had only partially gone through and there was an unopened envelope stuck under the pile that was hand addressed, had a nondescript P.O. Box return address and was postmarked on the 16th from Salt Lake City. I may have glanced at it and thought it was an advertisement as I get those sometimes. As it turned out it was a short note from Sara telling me that she had found the Snow Patrol set list while cleaning the production room and so she mailed it to me. It totally made my night. I think that was so very thoughtful. Just the thoughtfulness of it makes me smile. :) I was so bummed when my copy turned up missing, so I am happy to have this one now. Thanks Sara!!!!!

This morning I watched my adorable granddaughter, Avalyn. She is finally getting bigger, but she still is pretty tiny for her age. I wonder how much she weighs now? I honestly don't know. She is starting to smile a bit now. That's fun. :)

Time to get a few things accomplished and get ready for work. Do I have to go? ;)
I shouldn't complain. I am grateful to have a job.

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