Monday, November 16, 2009

My Two in One Attempt...

Saturday was an interesting day. I had a ticket to see We Shot the Moon (doors at 5 p.m.) and Sherwood (doors at 6:30 p.m.) and I knew it would be cutting things close. I was told early shows at Kilby Court usually ended by 8 p.m. and Dan said that Sherwood usually plays around 9 p.m. for headliners, so I figured I could make it. The shows were only a few blocks from each other.

Nothing about Saturday really went as planned. I had planned to sleep until 1 p.m., but my husband woke me up at 11 a.m. because my daughter needed a bill paid by noon.
I knew it was supposed to be cold, but it was snowing. I planned to leave at 3 p.m., but instead I left at 4.

I thought this could work, but before I left I saw that We Shot the Moon's van and trailer had rolled. I found out they all walked away from it, and I asked Jason (via facebook) if they were still playing and he said Jonathan would be playing an acoustic set. So I headed down the road.

I got to Kilby around 4:30. I usually get there early enough to use one of the few spaces right by the venue, but I think I just missed that opportunity, so I parked on the street and headed back. There was a small group of young people there already but they never got in front of me in line... they could have as they were there first. It was literally freezing cold out, so I was glad when they let us in 10 minutes early even before set up.

The show pretty much started out on time, so I was hopeful, but there were a lot of artists. The show was pretty much acoustic all around, which was actually kind of nice. Tyler played first. I don't know his last name. I think I've seen him before, though. He seemed kind of nervous.

The second guy was a 15 year old (Adam something or other?) and he was really pretty good. I kept thinking he was going to be completely amazing by the time he was 20.

Then a band played called Between the Avenues (I think, not totally clear as I was super tired.) The first song and a half was a tad rough vocally, but after that they were awesome -- especially when the two guys harmonized. I don't know if I've seen them before or not, but three out of the 4 were quite familiar, so I'm pretty sure that I have.

Then Aaron of Larusso played an acoustic set. I always love hearing him live.

Another local guy by the name of Mason Jones played. He was a lot of fun. He mentioned audience involvement, so I started clapping during one of his songs, but no one else was. IT was really odd, so he just went over to me and was saying, "Yea, that's what I'm talking about." I was having a hard time not laughing, but it was a little awkward. FINALLY, everyone else started clapping and having a good time...tough crowd. LOL

Then it was finally time for Jonathan to set up. The gal behind me said, "It looks like you might not make it to Sherwood, so I asked the time and it was 8:15 p.m.) I was disappointed, but still hopeful.

I decided to go to my car and get some things I had for Jonathan, et al., so I asked the gals behind me to watch my things and hold my place and they graciously did.
I bought A Silver Lining as I wanted to purchase a hard copy at the show, and ran to the car. I got back just after Jonathan started the first song.

Jonathan was definitely grateful to be there alive and playing. I think he was shaken up but at the same time seemed almost eerily calm. He said he wanted to hug everyone. (And yes, I took him up on it after the show.) There was a good crowd there, but it wasn't overly tight. Jonathan just played acoustic with the keys (no guitar at all) so his repertoire was limited. But he played quite a few requests, and then played a few Waking Ashland songs. Several of us requested The Bright Side, and he wasn't sure he could pull the whole song off, but he did it beautifully. People sang along to almost every song. It was pretty awesome. Anyway, the show ended at about 4 minutes before 9, and I had some things to give Jonathan, so I probably was headed out by a few minutes or so after 9.

I figured I'd miss about half Sherwood's set. It literally took me a few minutes to arrive at Studio 600, but probably 15-20 to find a place to park and get into the venue.

When I arrived I saw Sam (promoter) at the door, and he said, hurry they are playing the last song. So I wormed my way up to almost the front, said "hi" to the rest of the band standing next to me, and took two pics of Nate. Then it was over. I hoped for an encore, but if there was one, that was it. I heard the last half of the last song! Sam got on stage and made an announcement, so I took a few pics of him doing that.

LOL Then I went over to the merch table and talked to people. I bought a Sherwood hoodie because it was so cute, I was freezing and I'm into warm clothes at the moment! Then I talked to Dan for a while, and went back over to get change at the merch table for a twenty and left the hoodie there.. at least that is where I last remembered holding it and I did set it down. I talked to Mikey really briefly, and to Nate briefly and he told me they'd probably be back in the spring. Then I started talking with Corey and followed her around a bit. I wanted a photo with all they guys, but they needed to hurry and load out, so I waited. Then Corey walked with me to my car because I had something for her, and some hot chocolate for the guys. Then I drove back. They were all on the bus already except for Joe, so I just had a pic taken with Joe. Oh, and I put in a song request for springtime. LOL I'll see if it works!! ;) At least I got to say hello to everyone, so it was still kinda worth it all.

I went back to my car and realized I really didn't have the hoodie anymore, so I went to the venue where there was some sort of dance party, and they let me look. I didn't really expect to find it. I got back into my car and texted Corey.. who texted Lindsay, so they are going to send it to me.. isn't that awesome! I was much relieved!!!

Anyway, so I made the trip home. I was super tired, but got on the computer and worked on pics and made it to bed about quarter to 4 in the morning.

So.. I'm beat, time for some hot tea and a little sleep.

Hoping for some sweet dreams...
Peace out

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