Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thinking and Over Thinking.. Pt. 2

By the time I arrived home from Graywhale, it was already near or past midnight. I didn't exactly check my watch (or it's equivalent, which in my case would be my cell phone.) I got on the computer for a short bit, did a load of dishes, and threw a load of laundry in to wash, got the dogs ready to sleep, got my clothes ready for the next day, and all the other mundane, small tasks I needed to do before sleeping. Before long it was nearly 4 a.m. and I figured I'd better sleep soon, or I would be sleep driving.

I fell asleep rather easily, but woke up at 9:30 a.m. I tried to go back to sleep for a little bit to no avail. I finally just got up and started my day. I rather took my time getting ready. I figured I was in for a long day. It was nearly 11:30 by the time I left the house, and I had to make a pit stop at the post office to give them a package misdelivered to my P.O. Box the day before. I checked my box and found Mae's Destination Beautiful anniversary edition waiting for me.

Then I headed out for the Salt Air Pavilion. By 12:30 p.m. I was already there. There were a few workers about, and just a few cars in the lot. The gate to the lot was closed, so I parked in a small area outside the gates and waited a bit.

Then I decided to use a restroom up the road a bit and come back. So I took care of business and filled up my gas tank. I arrived back at the venue by 1:30 p.m. I walked down to find out what time the lot would open and was told 4:30 p.m. So I hung around the venue, watched the radio guy lay out and inflate "Smitty, the corporate rat" and watched Smitty deflate, watched him inflate again... then I heard the generator sputter and Smitty took another "nap". Finally, they generator was turned off and the blower was plugged in and Smitty was back on the job. It kept me mildly entertained. Finally about 3:30 or so, a few others arrived and people trickled un until a little closer to door time and the crowd started to build. Finally 6:30 arrived and we were able to go in. I was front and pretty close to center, barely to the right of center. Tuyen was standing next to me, and her cousin, Diane next to her. There was a lot of chit-chat with others, until finally the show started.

The first band to play was a local band called, The Market. They were really pretty good. At the end, the lead singer wadded up a set list and tossed it falling sort of clearing the barricade. No one else seemed too interested in it, but I figured it must be a set list, so I was able to get security to hand it too me. It was, as I had predicted, a set list.

Next to play was the band, The Brobecks. I saw them quite a long time ago at a small place called, Solid Ground Cafe, but they have had personnel changes since then. I really liked them quite a bit. The band was very solid with good vocal harmonies.

Then it was time for Anberlin to play, and the crowd started getting really tight and very, very pushy. Ping came out to set up the stage and Tuyen and I shouted our hellos to him and he did a quick wave and went about his business.

Christian came out and sound checked his guitar, etc. and another guy came out to check out the drums. The gals next to me commented on him being a former drummer for The Almost.

Then it was time for the rest of the band to take the stage and the crowd went pretty crazy. Then this tall, blonde kid pushed his way up between Tuyen and her cousin and I tried to get security to make him back off. I thought he was going to, but then he didn't do anything. As a result he and a couple of other guys pushed in and pinned my arm against a vertical bar on the barricade, and really tweaked me in a few places around my neck and left shoulder (front and back.) It was quite painful. I really couldn't clap the rest of the night. It is still pretty painful, but I can at least move a little and type now. I got kicked more than I can ever remember being kicked as the security guard that was in front of me at the first of the show couldn't seem to lift people over me all the way. It did take away from the show a bit. I couldn't get much in the way of a photo under the circumstances, so only a handful turned out, but at least I was able to take the camera in this time and make the attempt. LOL

Anberlin proceeded to put on an amazing show. At the end of their set there was a very loud call for an unrequited encore. A number of people left the area, including Tuyen who didn't like all the pushing much. I can't say I blame here. I decided to stay for at least part of Hoobastank's set. I did want to hear The Reason Tuyen and I saw Ping and hollered at him again. He had promised me a set list (said he would save his copy and I saw it in his back pocket) and Tuyen a guitar pick. He was true to his word. He handed the set list, and to Tuyen and it fell, and then a guitar pick of Christians, and it fell short also. Others were trying to get it so I said to security he handed them to her and he promised them to her the night before. Then he took Christian's set list off the floor and handed it to me.

Security added more people for Hoobastank's set but overall, things loosened up quite a bit. The lead singer for Hoobastank used quite a lot of vulgarity, but the music was good, if you could overlook some the crass language. They did put on a good show and give it their all. About 4 or 5 songs into the set, the lead singer for Hoobastank decided that he wanted more action, so he said the security guys looked bored and he asked for people to crowd surf. I got kicked in the head a song or two later, and my nose smashed into the barricade. I wear glasses, so it made it really quite painful. I cried a little because it hurt. I was asked if I was o.k. and I said not really, so then I was asked if I wanted to leave, and I really didn't. But then everyone kept asking me, so I just decided to leave. I was afraid to leave because if I were lifted out I know it would be a killer on my previous injury. Sometimes I hate to be right. So I stood to the side for about half a song which wasn't a bad view, but then I went back to look for friends and found them. Then I decided to get some ice and ended up talking to a paramedic. About the time I went to the back again, Hoobastank played the Reason (which was awesome live, btw.) One more song after that, and an encore and the show had ended.

We waited to see Anberlin, thanked Ping, etc. I had my Anberlin set list autographed. Deon decided to add punctuation to the set and had me laughing.
Then I told Stephen I had the Dr. Pepper and he said awesome! (I tried to get it to them before the show because they had flown in, but I guess my message didn't get to them at all, but then security guy said their bus had broken down and they were sharing with Hoobastank, which turned out not to be the case.) I still didn't know what I was going to do with all the Dr. Pepper. LOL Then I struck up a conversation with Conner of The Brobecks. I really enjoyed our conversation quite a lot, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully in Feb., work permitting. I did ask him if he liked Dr. Pepper, and he said that he in fact did. I told him about it and said he could have whatever Anberlin couldn't use.

So, we finally left and I had help taking the Dr. Pepper (Nicole and friends) to the bus to see if they wanted it. That's when I found out it was just Hoobastank's bus. So, we had a short 30 sec. conversation with them. I told one of the guitarists that he reminded me of Angus Clark of TSO, and he said awesome. I said he didn't look just like him, but his smile looked like Angus. He said something about was he good looking, and I said yea, he's cute, and he rather liked that. LOL Then we went back in to find Stephen to find he was showering and it would be a while. So we talked to the manager who took the Dr. Pepper upstairs. He said they had to fly out so they couldn't really take it with them, so I said that whatever they couldn't use or didn't want they could give to The Brobecks (he said they were still there.)

Then we all headed to our cars and headed for home. Then I realized that it hurt like mad to look behind me to change lanes. Mostly it is lifting my arms up that hurt the worst, turning my head, or carrying anything with any real weight to it. I took 2 asprin and an hour later it had barely done anything. I almost fell asleep at my desk and felt really nauseous, so I laid down and that really hurt. So I went to hunt for a muscle relaxer I had for my car accident in May. I took a Flexeril, waited for it to kick in and went to bed. It wasn't the world's best sleep, but at least I had some rest. It really did help. I am still pretty sore, and all this typing is not helping, but I'm grateful that the small bump on my nose leveled out and it is not black and blue, and I am at least doing better.

This made me think (and perhaps overthink) about what I am doing there. I wonder if I should go to anymore shows, and I think how sad it is that things are so out of hand at some of them. Then I wonder if my focus is right and my mind started spiraling everywhere at once (the overthinking part) and wondering if God trying to tell me something. Then I think about the friends and people I'd miss if I just quite going and that sends me another direction. Still, some concert photo doors have opened, and I wonder what they mean? Should I ignore that or go with it? Anyway, still trying to figure out how to balance my unbalanced life. Pray for me. I only have one unused concert ticket purchased currently, and it is to see Anberlin with Between the Trees in Pocatello at the end of January. God have mercy on me! LOL

If you've stuck with my saga this long, you are to be commended. :) Thanks! :)

Love, peace and survival,

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