Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cheese and Whine

Tonight I went to see the X96 Nightmare before Christmas show. It kinda was like a Nightmare and Christmas. The show was the Christmas. All the bands were great. Unfortunately, I about got killed during Anberlin's set and about got my nose broken during Hoobastank's set.

Fortunately, Anberlin's acoustic set the night before was much calmer (and pretty amazing.) I will do a complete blog on things as soon as everything I do doesn't hurt anymore.

And yes, I AM whining.

Peace out and Merry Christmas.


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Lauralee said...

Which is another reason I didn't want to go. I figured the crowd would be pretty rough, mainly because of the cost. Although every time I've seen Anberlin the crowd had been pretty bad.

I'm sorry about your nose and almost dying. That really is horrible.