Thursday, December 18, 2008

The only thing worse than a sick kid... not pretty to read about...

is a sick dog. Now I don't mean that in the sense that the child who is sick
is of less concern. Quite the contrary, I would be much more concerned about a
sick child. I guess I am discriminitory that way - I give preference to humans
over their pets. However, when a child is sick it just seems so much easier to
deal with. Babies don't travel far from their beds, and older children can to some
extent find the bathroom, or bedpan most of the time. Not so with dogs. The closest they come is the back door.

So, I've been going to bed around 6 a.m. or later, ocasionally working on photos
and taking catnaps on my keyboard. Today I was all set to hit the sack at 5:15 and congratulating myself. So I was getting ready to crate the dogs for bedtime, and noticed a less than pleasant aroma. It's obvious one of the dogs is quite ill.

I'm concerned about Parvo (and I think the dog I have that had Parvo as a puppy is the sick one) although she isn't fading fast, she isn't getting sick really often, and she doesn't seem excessively thirsty, but it almost seems like it in other ways. Her vaccinations expired about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and I was planning to take her in this week for them. I will feel like dog owner of the year if she this was preventable. Anyway, I think she will be o.k. until morning or at least I hope so.

In the meantime, I cleaned up the mess and I have to wind down now before I can go to sleep. It is 6:25 a.m.

Say a prayer for me and Daisy. I think we both need it.

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