Friday, December 05, 2008

Amazing Day, Amazing Night

I have been looking forward to seeing Jonathan Jones for a while now, and the fact that they furloughed me on Tuesday made it all that much easier to plan to see him on December 4. The last three times Jonathan was here, he managed to come when I was going to be out of town. Jonathan came when I was going to Creation Northwest in Washington, when I had hotel reservations and ticket for Warped Tour in ID (and he was 10 minutes from my place) and when I was going to be in Phoenix in September.
It was as if he was checking my calendar and scheduling all of the dates I would be gone. So, it was with much anticipatiion that I headed out yesterday to see Jonathan Jones, John Allred and Spiral Diary.

I arrived early, as usual. I knew I could easily arrive later at that particular venue, but if I leave later in the day, I run into traffic, and I really didn't want to end up trying to find the place after dark at all! so, I managed to get to the venue a little after 3 p.m. The show was at 7. So, I hung around in my car to keep warm, took a few photos of the marquee, walked to a gas station a LONG way down the road and got something to drink and did the ladies room thing (man was that a yucky bathroom) and walked back. Then I had a good laugh at myself as I'd forgotten that there was a Maverick on the corner the opposite direction and pretty much in plain view. Yes, I am a dork!

Then I just went back to my car, ocasionally getting out to see if there was anything going on. A little after 4 o'clock, John Allred and company showed up at the venue and I said my hellos. I went back to my car for 10 or 15 minutes (it was deceptively cold outside) and checked again just as Shane came out and invited me inside the venue. I think he thought I'd been standing there all along. SO I just watched people around me, for a bit, and tried to stay out of the way. John and I had a long conversation (well long for the circumstances - before a show) and I enjoyed talking to him quite a bit.

Finally the others started arriving. Sam, the promoter, arrived, and Corey came in with Jonathan Jones. At some point, Sam asked me if I would take pics and I of course I said, "sure" and he asked me if I needed an area set aside or anything. I said my hellos to Jonathan and gave him a gift (not sure how thrilled he was with the gift, but I know he appreciated the thought), and I gave Corey some poinsettias. She really loved them. :) Then Corey and I set out on a short trek to find something to eat. I purchased a mexican pastry from a deli next door although it wasn't much of a deli, and Corey bought a donut. They had mexican pastries and donuts, a very small cart with some mexican food items, but not much else. We had hoped for salads and/or sandwiches. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant next door. The menu was primarily in Spanish. I don't know much Spanish, but fortunately I know a lot of food items. We didn't see it at first, but there was English underneath some of the menu items. LOL Anyway, they made the burritos to our specifications (we both had beans, rice, guacamole-not pasty stuff, but big avacado chunks-and they left the cheese off mine) and they were huge! Then we went back to the venue to eat. I can't believe I ate the whole thing! I must have been hungry. I should have taken a photo, though. Anyway, while we were just about finished eating they started moving chairs around to where we were sitting, so we finally had to move out of the way.

After dinner, I waited in the front of the line until I could hand my ticket to someone, and people came in slowly. It was all very casual, and in fact was probably one of the most mellow, laid-back concerts I can recall in a long time.
You could really tell the crowd was into the music, but it was really timid. I see that once in a while and in some ways it's really nice, but it is also a bit awkward at times for the artist, I think.

At any rate, Spiral Diary played first and I really loved his set. I have seen Dave once before opening for John Allred, and liked him then as well. I meant to get his cd after the show (it didn't end up happening as he left before I made it over there.)

Then there was a really long break, and Jonathan Jones came out on stage. I think some, if not most people, were expecting him to be the headliner, so I was kind of puzzled. That being said, Jonathan came out and did a great set, although it seemed far too short!! My friend, Lauralee, got me the setlist which was really amazingly awesome of her and REALLY thoughtful. (I owe you Lauralee.) I had almost forgotten as I had been so into getting photos and the music that I wasn't my usual self about getting a set list as I collect them. The only thing wrong with Jonathan's set was that it was just way too short and it left me wanting more. :)

After Jonathan finished his set the stage was set up for John Allred. (John has been touring with Jonathan.) John is a popular local artist here, and he deserves to be. He has great vocals, great music, and a delightful stage presence. Most of the crowd was definitely familiar with him last night, and it was quite obvious. I really enjoyed John's set quite a lot last night.

At the end of the night, it was rather awkward as people applauded. IT was as if they wanted and expected John to do an encore, but people didn't get into calling for one. A few of us were and finally after an awkward silence, people started to cheer, so he came back out with just an acoustic guitar. He sat down on the edge of the stage and had everyone sit down. Then he took requests for a couple of songs and had people sing along. It really was a very intimate set-up and an joy to be a part of. And this time I remembered the set list. :)

After the show ended, I chatted with Corey and Lauralee for a long time. I almost missed the chance to get Jonathan's cd as he was packing up. But I did get two copies, one for me and one for a friend in Ohio, and I gave him a hug from her, too. :) Then I just hung around John's table and bought his Christmas cd, and Corey took a pic of me with John, and I took a photo of the two of them. It turned out cute.

Finally Corey and I walked out together, and we talked in the lot a little longer in the lot. It was really too cold, though, and she excused herself and we went our separate ways.

I had a really great time with some great people. Thanks all! :)

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Now...


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