Thursday, October 02, 2008

Yellowcard Unplugged

Well, fortunately Yellowcard wasn't completely unplugged as it might have been difficult for the crowd at Dee Glen Smith Spectrum to hear all of the wonderful vocals. ;) However, the show on Tuesday was incredible to say the least.

It was later than planned, by the time I left for Logan, UT. I wanted to leave a bit earlier and get to the venue by 9 or 10 a.m. After all, I reasoned, Yellowcard is pretty well-known. I was afraid people would be camping out for the general admission floor space. As it turned out, I arrived to the venue a little before ten and spent a good half hour or more trying to find a place to park before 5 if you aren't a student. Dee Glen Smith Spectrum is on the University of Utah campus. I mainly regret two things: 1. Not bringing my SLR and 2. Not stopping with my SLR to record all of the beautiful fall colors in the canyon. 1 would not have been possible without 2. LOL I guess I would have had pics, just not the same quality.

Finally, I found a parking terrace (with a little help for a kind employee of an adjacent lot I could park in for $4 an hour without a permit - kinda pricey) I could park in for $7.50 per day (or free if I left after 9:30 p.m.) It was a little bit of a walk, but not too bad.

Then I proceeded to wait, and read, and wait some more. I kept hoping someone would show up so I could chat, take potty breaks, etc. After about an hour, I realized that I'd left my point and shoot camera in the car. If you know me, you know that won't do, so I convinced myself to hike back to the car and use the restroom while I was at it. IT didn't take that long, and I went back to my spot by the doors and waited, and read some more, and waited, took a few pics of the surrounding area, etc.

Every now and then I would walk around the building and wonder if I was at the right door, or someone would come along and ask where the ticket office was. I saw no one.
Again I needed a potty break, and I was alone, so I went to the ticket office in the building and was able to go. I was surprised at how open everything seemed. So, I asked a few questions at the ticket office and went back to my waiting spot.

At 2:30 p.m. I heard drums - yes drums! I went to the side of the building to the right of the doors and could hear perfectly. Jason Reeves was doing a sound check and played a few songs. It did sound very good indeed. Then it was quiet once again. Not too long after a couple of girls came by to check out the doors. Their mom had driven them all the way from Reno to see Yellowcard. They had a mission - front and center for the show. We shared a common goal. LOL They had been waiting inside the building since 11 a.m., about 1/2 after I had arrived. At about 4 o'clock or therabouts, Yellowcard began to do soundcheck and rehearse. They probably played 4 or 5 songs, which I could hear perfectly. It was getting closer.

At about 5, I met the promoter and asked him about cameras. He said he was o.k. with it and the band was, but he didn't know about the venue. He said he didn't know so mine was o.k. he didn't know about anyone elses that came after me. LOL

By the time 5:30 rolled around, the line was getting rather lengthy. At about 5 mins. to 6, security decided to inform us that we couldn't bring in any bags. Now, my car was not close, and I waited all day to be in the front and I have to walk blocks to put things away? I was not a happy camper. Fortunatly, Nancy, the mother of one of the girls from Reno, put my bags in her car, which I REALLY appreciated!!! 6 o'clock came and went and the crowd got a bit antsy. At last the doors finally did open, and we made the made dash for the stairs, down the stairs and in front of the barricade. I was nearly center.

After the usual wait for showtime to come and go, John Allred took the stage. John Allred is a local and very talented artist. His set was really good, and it was clear that many in the audience did know him. John did a medley of different cover songs, including Bubbly and Ocean Avenue (Colbie Callait - Jason performed onstage with her and of course, Yellowcard.) He also did a number of his original songs, ending with Parades, which was a big hit with the audience, or so it seemed. :)

After Allred, Jason Reeves came on stage. He had a keyboardist and drummer onstage with him. Jason was quite engaging and very good. I really liked his set as well. At one point a couple of gals next to me were yelling for Jason to sing "Gasoline" and he didn't have time for the whole song, so he did a little part of it for them. I thought that aws pretty cool.

After Jason's set it took a bit for the stage to be readied for Yellowcard, but finally things were ready, and Yellowcard took the stage and never turned loose. :)
Some of the songs they played were Rough Landing Holly, Only One, Lights and Sounds, and, yes, Ocean Avenue. Yellowcard did a wonderful job engaging the crowd, encourging audience participation, and even a sing along with background vocals. The crowd was pretty crunched, but also very enthusiastic. They chanted one more song for the longest time. Usually you can tell by the lights (or a set list if you can read it from where you are) if they band is finished, but the lights weren't giving us much of a signal. Finally, it was clear that they weren't doing an encore. However, Sean came down to the barricades and started doing autographs, and getting photos. After a little longer, Ryan Mendez (guitarist) came out and talked, gave autographs and posed for pics as well. Then just a short while later Ryan Keys came out and did the same.

I tried to get the set list and had my eye on it, but then I was so tired I zoned out for a minute and another guy got it. I saw another one under a guitar case, and asked Sean for it. He said it was gone. I looked up and a stage guy was taking it to some security gals backstage. I forgot to ask the guy if I could get a pic like I usually do.

Anyway, after the show, I went to the merch tables and bought a couple of cd's. I said a brief "hello" to John Allred, but couldn't wait for a pic as the people with my belongings in their car were heading for the elevator. I didn't want to make them wait, so I tried to hurry. As it was, they were waiting downstairs. We went outside and saw Sean (he told them he'd be down there) and we talked to him. I missed my photo op with Sean at the barricade, but I did get my photo with him outside, and my new friends as well.

Then Nancy, Rachel, and Gabby headed to their hotel, and I headed for the parking garage. Man, did my feet hurt!! Then I walked up the stairs because I figured I'd find my car easier. I was wrong. I got totally turned around. I could have just walked straight down the street I was already on. As it was I got turned around and ended up walking a long way past where I needed to be in the wrong direction and had to walk back again. I did finally find the garage and my car and headed for Burger King (at least I remembered how to get out of there ok) and then for the hour and 15 min. drive home. I was tired, but it had been a fun night.

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