Monday, October 06, 2008

Do You Really Care?

"Do you really wanna know me, do you care what's inside
Can you ever really show me there's no secrets I must hide
If I bare my soul, can you accept it all
My darkest corner's safe behind a wall
Do you really wanna know me at all...."

Alannah Myles

I hope this doesn't seem harsh, it isn't meant to be, but I easily tire of forwards...even good ones sometimes because there is no personal contact. I just received one today, and the message was actually not too bad. This one at least had a generic comment which is better than most which are simply forwarded without comment - sometimes in groups. Still, there was no real personal communication. Nothing about what was happening in this person's life, no "How are you today", just a generic note sent en masse to "friends".

This is why I rarely send forwards and if I do, and send them out in multiples even more rarely (if at all, I can't even recall if I ever have sent out "unoriginal" multiple mailings.) This is why if I ever forward anything to you, it will most likely ask how you are doing, what you are up to, or comment on the fact that I am thinking about you. Instead of just hitting the "forward" button next time, why not interact a little. You're friends will most likely appreciate it. Besides, if you make yourself leave a personal note for every forward, you won't send out 50 at a time. LOL

Love, peace, personal interaction, and a freer e-mail box...

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Andrea said...

I totally know what you mean!\I never ever forward things anymore unless its really important.