Friday, October 24, 2008

Pertussis? It's not just for kids anymore. ;)

Well, I was sick yesterday and took off work, so I called the doc again. I couldn't get an appointment until this morning. Yesterday afternoon was a little better, so I almost cancelled. I'm glad I didn't because the cough was back full force.

Anyway, what I found out was that my oxygen was better than last time (was 92, now 97) and the doc commented on my cough. I've been sick for more than 3 weeks now. Two weeks ago I was treated for bronchitis with Zithromax. On the 17th, I had a relapse, and was pretty sick over the weekend. The coughing isn't getting better. So, the doc tells me he thinks I had pertussis and that the Zithromax should have taken care of the infection, but the cough lingers due to toxins. So now I have an inhaler. I am more than tired. So, hopefully this will take care of it and I won't be coughing all through my sister's wedding on Nov. 1. That would not be good. LOL

So, now I'm back to trying to figure out if I should go to work. I'm definitely more than tired and I have very little energy. And I'm still coughing. They can't seem to pull up my leave balances. I used to have 90 hours of sick leave until the car accident in May, and now this. :(

C'est la vie. Such is life. And yes, that was in fact redundant.

On the brighter side of things, I thought I had preordered Copeland's new cd, "You Are My Sunshine" and then thought maybe I was mistaken when it didn't arrive. I stopped at my P.O. Box on the way home, and it was waiting for me along with a book I had ordered. So, it was a little like Christmas. :)

Hope this post finds everyone else well. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

Peace out,


Lauralee said...

Whoa the same thing happened to me. I just went back and got an inhaler today. Well I went to the doctors yesterday, but couldn't afford the inhaler, because the way my insurance is set up. (those things cost and arm and a leg) so they gave me another sample inhaler.

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