Sunday, July 08, 2007

Warped Tour 2007

Reposted from my myspace yesterday:

Technically I got off work last night at 1 a.m., although it took me a bit to actually get out the door. I was already tired, but I had miles to go before I slept. I went to Wal Mart. I came home. I got on the computer for a bit and caught up with e-mail, etc., and I got ready for bed and for my Saturday. It was 4 a.m. when I finally hit the pillow - not literally of course. I'm not a pillow abuser. LOL My alarm was set for 8:12 a.m. It was close enough.
Today Warped Tour happened in Salt Lake City. I intended to make it to the venue, also known as the Salt Lake Fairgrouds, at 9 a.m., and made it about 9:15 a.m. At least it was close. The line was already getting a bit long, but at least wasn't completely out of the Fairgrounds parking when I arrived. The first thing I saw, other than the line, were people with signs that said, "Free Hugs." I remember seeing this on YouTube, so of course, I hugged them all. The gals all gave rather tentative hugs, but the last guy (who was obviously into this whole thing) gave me a long, bear hug. I said, "Whoa, you don't mess around, you mean business." LOL Then it was just a long wait as they slowly processed everyone and sent us to a "holding pen" as I like to call it. Bascially, it's a large area covered with asphalt and bleachers. Then we waited until 11 a.m. as the temps began to climb. 11 a.m. did finally arrive, believe it or not, and we were let into the gate. Nearly everyone made a beeline for the schedule board (or large balloon, or whatever that thing is called), including me. I made a list of the bands I intended to see for the day. The first was Anberlin at 12:30, so I decided just to watch Play Radio Play since it was at the same stage. Somewhere along the way, I saw Brittany from work, and we were together for the first few bands. We kept losing and finding each other during the day.
Since I am extraordinarily exhausted, I will skip much of what happened and just go straight to the bands I saw during the day. After Anberlin, I wandered around with Brittany until we lost each other,and then went to see Circa Survive then Coheed & Cambria.. Afterwards I made a pit stop at one of the "smoothie" stands and had a Wildberry Smoothie. It was pretty good, but did I get a "brain freeze." Next, I found Brittany again at the Hurley Stage where we watched Meg and Dia. The were pretty good actually, and cute. :) I made my way over to the Lucky stage to see Yellowcard... 4 minutes into their set. New Found Glory played after Yellowcard, and I had decided I'd like to see them. Overall, they were pretty good, and used the stage well. I got a kick out of the fact that they sang Kiss Me. It was the only song they did I knew all the words to. LOL After a pit stop for some Gatorade, I found my way to the 13 Stage where Killswitch Engage was playing. Nice guitar work, but a little on the screamy side for me and a little vulgar at times, but Paramore was up next and if I had any hope of being anywhere near the front, I would have to get there while Killswitch was playing. I was able to move a little forward, but still was mor to the side than I had hoped for Paramore, but overall, it was a good place to be. Paramore pretty much rocked the place, and just get better every time I see them. Today was no exception. They did a lot of songs from the new cd, and they played Emergency. It was a great set. And finally, I stayed at the same stage once again to watch Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. There was a gal there with her daughter who was probably a little shorter than I am -- which means she was definitely short. She had a long sleeved shirt on, and I thought she must be dying from heat. She was able to move up front next to me. She seemed to enjoy Red Jumpsuit's set quite a bit. I know her daughter did. :)
It was time to leave the place, so I stopped to take a few pics of the "trash" as I find it so unbelieveable, and headed for my car. I was glad I was parked close to the exit because my feet were killling me....
And, I noticed that I don't smell so wonderful either. :)
So, I'm really tired, really sore, but content just the same.

Peace out,

Note: I should have more pics up here soon:
But keep checking. It may take a bit. The pics are with my Canon S3 IS since I couldn't take the 20D into Warped Tour.

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Kevin Decker said...

Is that Hayley from Paramore? Cool Shot! What camera/lens are you shooting with?